This campaign couldn’t help but catch my attention. #psa #toofunny #ohuganda

Sunrise breakfast in Idi Amin’s old house on the banks of Lake Victoria. I could get used to this life #lakevictoria #sunrise #paradise #housesitting #ohuganda

I love this man so stinkin much. He fights so well for us & for our family. After all the craziness he's running around crazy kampala trying his best to get around the even crazier systems to get birth certs and passports and all sorts of other documents so we can bring them home with us for the wedding. Getting things like that done here are extremely frustrating & yet he's taking it all in his stride & keeping me steady hahaha he loves us so well & he loves his God even more. We're navigating an adoption, so many legal documents, a new house, a wedding, 3 visas- he has been our rock. What a man. 😍 what a crazy life. #godkeepmesaneplease #thankfulformrmatovu #godknewineededhim #ohuganda

I’m writing this as I am stuck on the side of the road with a completely flat tire waiting for help to come. On my left I have a group of kids staring at me & talking back & forth in a language I can’t understand... most likely about how silly I must look. & on my right there are a group of pigs eating grass that I am staring at & singing worship songs to because that seems like the best thing to do in this moment.
The crazy thing is that my heart’s anthem lately has been, “Lord, what does it look like to live in a constant state of worship?”
What does that look like on a daily basis & how can we pursue that when the going gets tough? Little did I know that a few days later I would be stuck on the side of the road in Uganda, in a town I don’t know, in what I believe to be God’s great humor as if to say, “here is a great chance to practice.”

God totally has a sense of humor.

You see, I think living in a state of constant worship has the power to completely change the trajectory of our lives. Being in a constant state of worship takes our eyes and hearts off the fleeting patterns of this world & sets them to focus on the consistency of the eternal.
I don’t know much, but I think God delights in our efforts of living in a constant state of worship & our small moments of offering...even if that means singing worship songs to a group of pigs. 🐷🐽 #ohuganda

Ik noem het maar mooi omdat er in de Dikke van Dale geen woord staat voor iets zien en altijd willen blijven kijken.. #ohUganda 🖤💛❤️

There are few places in the world where thieves can advertise their services and also give their phone number.
A few years ago my license plates were stolen in the middle of the night. The thieves left their phone number and a note to call them to get them back. Basically they were holding my plates as ransom. Thankfully stupid is as stupid does and the plates were found nearby in the trash.
All I know is if yaka can be hacked to get more electricity then I wasn't wrong before when I noticed I was losing power for no reason.
#ohuganda #umeme #uganda #kampala #welcomehome #toobadisawthisafterbuyingpower

It really isn’t brunch without random men blowing us kisses and waving from their cars. 😂 #OhUganda

Found a couple of begbugs on our couch... we now have no living room furniture... #ohuganda #hardingsinUg #crisscrossapplesauce #wedontplay #diebedbugsdie

The top speed of life in Uganda is slower than this little (big) guy. #hardingsinUg #africaprobs #ohUganda

After being stuck in Kampala for a week plus some, all I want is to be back by the lake in the hot sun with a cold drink in my hand. Only three more days and a nine hour bus ride away #wheresthewater #thestruggle #pcug #peacecorpslife #howiseepc #bunyonyi #takemeback #notacitygirl #throwback #ohuganda #southwestisbest

we made it...didn't drop you but raised you higher..#mycountry

#Tbt sasa ndio hii hehehe some 8 years ago in Kampala Uganda...@Regrann from @njambikiburio - When you hear people confess that they have come from far,do not believe them until you see photos like these.Thats me and my friend-turned-brother @pichazawanga on a random #ChamkaKeys afternoon.
@pichazawanga chukua Mic sasa utoe ushuhuda - #regrann

It's always nice to have visitors but this was a little unexpected. You know your cooking smells good when even the chickens are trying to get into your kitchen #ohuganda #peacecorps #peacecorpslife #pcug #chicken #nosyneighbors #cooking

Only been home two weeks and already getting hot feet. Lets go somewhere new “I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher
#wanderlust #travel #maps #takemeanywhere #peacecorpslife #peacecorps #pcug #ohuganda

Queen of Katwe is on Netflix! 🎉 Do yourself a huge favor and watch it. #ohUganda

They played me with this prehistoric boot. Yes, I parked right in front of a No Parking sign, but I had more important things at hand. Removed quickfast cause I flash a smile and then daggers. #ohUganda

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