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It's been quite a day and my X-Carve has gotten one heck of a workout! I spent the day with the wonderful Mo, from @inventables and I learned so much. I can't wait to share it all with you. Especially a certain project that had us totally geeking out and will knock your socks off! #xcarve #cnc #newprojects #ohthepossibilities

Guess it's getting too chilly for the #dogpark up north, but the #horseholster 💚 has come in handy for other activities outside of #horsebackriding! 🐶📳 #notjustforriding #ohthepossibilities #doggytime #labsofinstagram #chocolatelab #rugiedugie thehorseholster.com

Summer is officially over 😭 BUT I do start school tomorrow at Baldwin Wallace University!!! Super excited for what's ahead 😁 Thank you to everyone who has helped me get here. Special shout out to @tinaraymonddrms, I literally couldn't have done it without you 💕I'll do my best to make y'all proud ^_^ <3 !! #YJ4L #fromcalitoohio #musicmajor #ohthepossibilities

500 pack of mini erasers?! @mfreshh2o found these at Five Below!! #ohthepossibilities

a beautiful range of colors from a natural dye bath using different combinations of avocado stones and skins and my garden's first cosmo this season 🥑🌼🙌🏼 clipping and drying out lavender to turn these pretties into sachets and maybe even some reusable beeswax wraps 🌿 #ohthepossibilities #🤓

Throwin it back to Sturgis, and using it as motivation for Halloween this year... #sexylibrarian #sturgis #ohthepossibilities

🍂Fond of this picture as it was my last one taken in my French ivory castle this summer. I am still processing my two weeks in the South of France -by myself- teaching yoga, frolicking the dreamy streets, sightings, markets and museum. Going back home to Nova Scotia that day, life seemed uncertain somehow. But doesn’t it always? Things we control and things we do not. But, oh the possibilities!!! All of them awaits. 🙏🏻 Quand rien n’est certain, tout est possible” -Margaret Drabble •••• “When nothing is certain, everything is possible” @mcommemuses pour ce proverbe, j’ai hâte de plonger dans ton livre. #mcommemuses #estellethomsonart #tinkerbelletravels #ohthepossibilities


One of my first jobs was as a customer service associate @homedepot. I heard amazing stories about this young 20 year old company, about people getting in early and practically becoming millionaires overnight. I always wanted to be one of those peeps, thinking money would solve all my problems. #momoneymoproblems 💸💸
Fast forward to today and here I am in that same situation. I'm with a company that I'm absolutely crazy passionate about and in just a few days we are embarking on an international launch. 👀#headedtotheUK 🇬🇧
Here are the facts that I want you to know. 📌I hated working for someone who didn't always have my best interest at heart. 📌I was sick of being nervous about asking for time off for my family needs. 📌I was sick and tired of having someone else dictate when and how my future would be determined. #thatsnotmylegacy 😡
Here's also what you need to know: 📌It is my passion to help others realize their dreams. 📌I have proven myself as a promoter of leaders. 📌 I'm here to show you that this is absolutely possible. 💭
This month alone I've received weekly paychecks, bonuses, and an awarded vacation, just by sharing my passion. You are not an exception to the rule. You are not meant to stand idly by while everyone else gets to realize their dreams. ❤️ There are no spammy sales
❤️ There are no spammy messages ❤️ There are no "Hey girl, this works!" ❤️ Best of all, there's no experience needed. Only the want and the desire to want something beyond your current situation. Don't miss your opportunity. Don't give yourself the opportunity to look back and say "I wish I would've." Now is the time to say HELL YEAH THIS IS MY TIME! LOOK OUT WORLD 🌎HERE I COME!! Contact me now and let's get started! .
#internationallaunch #ukbound🇬🇧 #acrossthepond #yourlifeiswaitingforyou #yourlifeiswaiting #beachbody #coach #workfromhomemom #howtoworkfromhome #howtomakemoneyonline #howtostartmyownbusiness #entrepreneurmindset #level10success #readysetlaunch2017 #yourlegacy #ohthepossibilities

Female Epic Baker line Special #spykerexotics #raiseup from #bbreptiles doing very well and getting up to size fast. #ohthepossibilities #geneticsrfun #livingart #reptile time to go all out and keep hash tagging. #ballpythonsofinstagram #ballsout #ballpythons #pythonroyal #pythonregius #perfectpets #livingthedream #artinscales #allelic #BEL #blueeyedlucy #special #bakerline
Thanks again @bbreptiles u da man.

I absolutely LOVE hearing these stories!! It’s amazing what is possible with this company!! Lacey’s words: “Today I signed the papers for our free Lexus, (yes, that still sounds crazy😱). The woman in financing asked, “What’s your gross income?” .... I responded the number and she said, “No sorry, not your husband’s dental practice income, YOUR skincare business’ gross revenue?” .... I responded with a smile, “That IS my gross income from my little skincare biz.” ....
She looked up a bit in shock, put down her pen, and said, “Tell me about this.”
#openmind #ohthepossibilities #tellmemore #changingskin #changinglives

After collecting & admiring some stellar potters I've decided to try it out myself!! October 25th I start class!! I'm extremely excited to open this chapter in my life and hope this leads me closer to complete happiness.Oh the possibilities!! You're never too old to chase dreams, get out there & chase! 🤘🐼🤘 #potter #mugaddict #dreams #chaseit #enjoy #smile #ohthepossibilities #life #adventure #newchapter #thankyou

Paint chips and coffee. So much progress was made this weekend at the new house. 12 days until moving day!

{oh the possibilities} i frequently drive past this property on my way to soccer mum duties. i think it's a gem. my other half thinks it's a dump. i look at it and smile cos i can see the endless possibilities and potential that lies within it. and i can imagine the beautiful memories that are hidden within its walls. so the kids and i have a game that whenever we drive past it we yell out the colour that we'd paint it. i'd paint it white. white walls. natural timber floorboards. high ceilings. sheer curtains. natural light. complete with a tropical oasis garden. knowing my luck with plants i may have to make that a cactus garden. its kind of like life though right. something that may be seemingly dead or past it's hay day still has the potential for another spark of magic with a bit of tlc and love. happy monday X

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