There's no de-bait - @tascajota in Lagos was well worth the one gill-ometer trek. 🐠
Dine at a tasca - a traditional Portuguese restaurant that serves homestyle food and is usually found in the old neighborhoods away from the touristy parts of town.✅
Order a cataplana - a Portuguese copper vessel traditionally used for meat and seafood stew, similar to the North African tagine.✅ Shrimply divine.

Chilling on lunch,watching the Royal Wedding in the breakroom. Blah. #ohshrimp #shicken

Oh shrimp - it's National Shrimp Day! Hey now. You're a prawn star. 🦐🍤

😘#Repost @ohshrimpcocktail with @get_repost
Last night was brought to you by @mucinex_us DM and @redbull.

They always warned us them energy drinks will make your hair fall out.
Thanks to @lumosphoto2013 for the pic, and @miss_rue_morgue for the help putting an extra layer of skin on my skull. 💖#shrimpcocktail #ohshrimp #ostrich #burlesque #burlesquedancer #midwestnerdlesque

This @cunninghamscafe salad is shrimply divine. 🍤🥗👌

Nothing better than a giant dancing shrimp🍤 #ohshrimp #bubbagumpshrimpco #shrimp #universalorlando #forrestgump #citywalk

One does not shrimply walk into @thefoodmarket on their 30th birthday without ordering the spicy, cheesy, herby, creamy, winey, garlicky shrimp. 🦐🍤 @chadgauss is krillin' it 💯🔥
PRO TIP: order extra bread to soak up the sauce.

Shrimp🦐, pineapple 🍍, 떡볶이, grill change. Repeat. 😄
Yesterday was Christine's last day at work 😢 congrats on your new job, miss you already~.
#gen #coworkers #dinner #ayce #shrimp #pineapple #떡볶이 #shrimplife #ohshrimp

👀👀👀 the first three ingredients.
@harristeeter is all about keeping it shrimple. 🍤🍤🍤 #MyBmore

Oh shrimp! Allow me to prawntificate on how I can get some more @ekibenbaltimore in my life? Sharing is caring --don't be shellfish. Can I get an amen, @arlisappetite? #MyBmore

What did the scallop say when he gained mussels?
Oh shrimp! This scampi happening. #HeyNowYoureAPrawnStar

Old Bay seafood scampi zoodles w/ white wine & garlic

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