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PELE NEGRA. Aquele underboob que vc respeita. Mt obrigada, vanessa. Amei construir essa arte. Arte original. #tattoopelenegra #ohmtattoo #galaxytattoo #dftattoo

Sweet Sue toughed it out and reached Nirvana. Or maybe Panera. Who knows. All healed up and ready to rumble #omtattoo #ohmtattoo #ganeshtattoo #lotustattoo #sidetattoo #ribtattoo #flowertattoo #calligraphytattoo #yoga #yogatattoo

Day 6: 80 Day Obsession Journey

74 days left to go - whaaaat?! When I started this workout this morning, my muscles felt tight and weary and to be honest I felt fairly wimpy and was kinda hoping it would end miraculously early. 🙏
I can't work out if I'm smiling or grimacing in this image!  I so struggled with that move on the pic, so maybe I was happy to kind of do it!
I really needed to put my courage on today to get through this. It was definitely mindset which made me keep on going.

What's your self-talk when things get tough?  Do you beat yourself up before you've even given yourself a chance or do you try to do it, pat yourself on the back for giving it a go and know that you're building strong foundations for the next time?

Remember, MINDSET wins or loses this game.  Our bodies are so much stronger than we give them credit for.💪💪💪 So be kind with yourself.  Stop the negative internal chatter and give yourself a big, loving, heart hug. ❤️ Tomorrow is rest day - yippee!
Have a great weekend! ❤️✨💦🍋🙏

• Ohm tattoo for Valerie • the other circle is from a teacup massage not performed by me 🧐 • #ohmtattoo #dotworktattoo #blackworkerssubmission #blackwork #amsterdam #amsterdamtattoo #nztattoo #mokum #ohm #sacred #sacredtattoo

Significado del Simbolo del Om

OM es una sílaba con mucho poder que proviene del hinduismo es una de las mantras más sagrados en el Dharma hindú que significa unidad con lo supremo, la combinación de lo espiritual con lo físico. Este representa el divino Braham, que es la divinidad impersonal, y al universo entero. Asimismo significa un acercamiento con los supremo, es decir la combinación de los espiritual con lo físico. Su sonido es el primero del todo poderoso, del que emergen todos los demás sonidos, sea el lenguaje o la música.
Los hinduistas creen que el mantra del Om es esencial para combatir los errores en los sacrificios de todo tipo. Su meditación satisface a una liberación espiritual. Asimismo su representación gráfica está basada en la tipografía hindú, el cual se obtiene de estados del ser, por ejemplo se encuentra el estado del sueño donde deseos y recuerdos, estado de ilusión que transciende al mundo sensorial y el estado trascendental que se trata de la representación del origen y final del todo, todo ello para la liberación.
La curva que está en la parte superior es el estado despertar, estado consciente, donde trabajan los sentidos con el intelecto, y la curva de la parte inferior larga es para el estado de sueño, cuando estamos durmiendo. La percepción sensorial, la mente y el YO están desactivados y así podemos relajar para estar en contacto con lo sublime. La curva que parece a la letra {s} en el centro, representa dormir profundamente y sin estar soñando. Deseos, recuerdos y impresiones están activos en este estado. Mientras la media luna (Turiya), representa el cuarto estado (Maya), donde se trasciende el mundo sensorial. Y por último, el punto encima de la media luna, (Bindu), simboliza el estado trascendental. El origen y el final de Todo, en este estado es cuando el espíritu individual del hombre atraviesa el velo, descansa en lo trascendental y se libera.

#tattoos #meaningoftattoos #ohm #ohmtattoo

Visita ultra express por los maullines !
#tattoo #sickmindtattoo #ink #inkedmen #inkedgirls #ohmtattoo

Day 4: 80 Day Obsession Journey

Today was AAA (Arms, Abs and Ar**!) I LOVE this workout. Nearly as much as I love BOOTY day.  I woke up with my usual zing having gone to bed feeling happy with myself that I'd pushed myself through Cardio Core yesterday. 😄
And because I'd pushed myself yesterday, I had that confidence to get me through today well. I KNEW I could do it.  You know, it's not our bodies that are the problem.  It's our MINDS!!! We can do so much more when we put our minds to the job. 💪✨💪 Our bodies can do masses more than we think they can, or that we ALLOW them to do.

Give it a go.  Next time you press play, just TRY.  Tell yourself you're going to do it.  Don't let yourself give up.  If you need a breather, take a short one, then dive right back in. You'll be amazed by what you can achieve. ✨✨✨ And what you achieve on the mat flows over into your every day life.  You wanna shine brightly in every aspect of your life?  Join me on my journey.  I'll be doing this with you, every step of the way. 👣
What you'll get: - Soaring confidence
- Mental strength
- Clarity and focus
- Healthy body and mind
- Daily vibrancy
- Improved sleep
- Endless energy

Give it a go!  Comment below to learn more 📱✏️❤️😀

Day 3: 80 Day Obsession Journey

When I saw yesterday that the workout was cardio core, my heart sank. I really struggle with cardio.  It makes me huff and puff super hard and I'd woken up feeling really tired and missing my usual morning enthusiasm. 😰
But! I DID IT.  I figured that pressing play and giving it my best shot, even if I was pretty useless at it, was way better than giving up before I'd even started.  So that's what I did.  I pressed play and said a silent prayer that it wouldn't be as bad as I was dreading.

And it wasn't! I'd built it up in my head to be this big, scary, unattainable workout.  I was the problem. It was my THINKING that was the issue, not my capabilities.
Yes I relied on the modifier for some of the moves and yes I bowed out for a breather for a second or two with some of the harder moves, but I DID IT!!! And I did it better than I thought I would have.

Moral of this story?  I finished this workout feeling totally AMAZEBALLS!!! If I'd just given up and not tried, I would have felt disappointed and angry at myself for not trying. Worse still, I'd have gone to bed knowing that I'd let myself down.  And that's not what my life is about.  I've committed to getting this 80 Day journey done, so come hell or high water, I'm going to be doing it. Because I owe it to myself.  And I know it'll make me so darned proud to have stayed the course and got the t-shirt at the end of it. (BTW, the t-shirts are AWESOME!) But you've gotta earn it 😜
So, my beautiful peeps, are you going to join me too?  I'm running a second phase group starting February 12th.  Cut off date for enrollment is February 5th to get the prep done and equipment sorted.

If you've read this far just leave me a short comment below and I'll give you some more info.  Come on!!!! Join up and be amazed by what your body can do.  Your mind will thank you for it, that I can promise! ❤️💪✨🙏

This peaceful ankle/foot tattoo was made by @jakeowenfraser on @hi_im_casss recently. Isn’t it just stunning?! 📫 123 Grey Street, St. Kilda 📞 - (03) 9537 3151
✉️ - greystreettattoo@gmail.com

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