Summer topknots ☀️ w/ @kate__mrass & #tyfrenchpresets 😍

Cut and color for Kylee today.

Taking this babe back to Blonde.
This is after our first full head of foils. You can see in the before pictures the old tint band through he middle that we have to lighten through which will unfortunately expose a bit of unwanted warmth until we have lightened through it. Lots of Olaplex was used during the foiling process. I think that in the next 2 sessions we will have the perfect blonde happening here! I cannot want until the next session to see how it ends up! 👊🏻
Rome wasn’t built in a day neither was the perfect blonde hair. So if your trying to get blonde or even just lighter...just be patient and treat your hair with Olaplex inbetween your sessions and you will have the hair of your dreams. ✨

When it’s too hot to wear your hair down but a regular pony won’t cut it ☀️

That face you make in the shower when bad things happen to good people. 😫😂 This is the worst... Anyone else have this happen to them today? 🚿🛀🏼 Be sure to make the most of 30% off our HAIRCARE ON HOLIDAY packs this weekend.
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#humpdaystruggles #ohhellohair #showerproblems

I love doing color melts
They are just so satisfying 😍😍😍


M E R M A I D 💜 V I B E S
Swipe for the before | Hair by @beautybyjuly

I’ve loved every stage of Jenette’s journey to lighter hair. ✨ @hairmeroar

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