Sevens years ago!! 🛫Miss these days.. flying in an air trainer at lunch time #airforce #rnzaf #nz #ohakea 💛

Gonna be back at RNZAF Base Ohakea again tomorrow for the running ups of the SNCO final parade, should be good to see some friends I haven't seen for ages 😂

PS: If you any good memes DM me!
#nzcf #cadets #SNCO #nz #ohakea

One of those back booty shots, I am still in awe on how clean this thing still is for a 22 year old car!

Doesn’t she just look stunning? She’s done 273,000km but she is still going strong! I take my hat off to the current owner for looking after her.

It was a great reunion, a car I sold around 2011, never got to photography it but second chances do happen in life.

Flight sergeant drill assessment on SNCO!
#nzcf #cadets #drill #flightsergeant #ohakea

Could not be happier for this one in completing wings course and I was so stoked I was there for your last flight!❤️Over 1000 applicants each year, which is then narrowed down to 100 and then down to 10-12.. It is probably the hardest course in NZ (Most cut throat!) and has been stressful for all 7 that ended up graduating ! Pretty much each flight determined whether they stayed on course or were to be cut.. The flying these guys have done in the Texan T6C Beechcraft is actually unbelievable and I wish everyone could see the video footage ! But unfortunately it is not able to be made public ..(hopefully it can be eventually!). I loved every minute celebrating with each of the graduates ! The dining in was such a cool experience , and the parade was awesome to see since it was my first one, and the cocktail party .. what a good time that was ! 🎉🎉🎉 I love all the friends I have made down in Ohakea 🙌 and what an adventure to come , Cam is now at 42 Squadron learning to fly the king air 🛩 (Im so glad you ended up where you wanted to!!) And what an exciting journey ahead for you , whether you go to flying the Hercules or Orion in the next few years ✈️👨‍✈️ #airforce #pilot #flying #wingscourse #graduation #nzdefenceforce #amazing #parade #boyfriend #love #travel #nzairforce #ohakea

For the love of flight.
Prints available from my webstore (link in profile).
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RNZAF 2017 air tattoo at Ohakea, Dad stole the camera to take this one (I'm not that good)

#ohakea #airtattoo

10 Years 4Aviation blast from the past. New Zealand 2017.

Spitfire @ Ohakea NZ on Anzac day.

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