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It's been a gorgeous Saturday here in Kansas 🍁☀️🍂 - we've raked, jumped in leaves, hiked, played & walked the dog. I hope wherever you are you've been able to get outside as well!! 😎
Working on that #gazeshift - so hard!! Anyone have any tips?
Also - here's more #oginstayoga for @betse.y.oga & @cmficke - see that hole in my heel? Old leggings! ✅
Wearing: like six different brands in this post 😄
#yogaeverydamnday #outdooryogis #inversionsmakeyouhot #tuckhandstand #handstandaday #handyhoochies #outdooryoga

How I know I didn't eat too much at thanksgiving - I could still press last night. Round two today!! 😋
Was hoping to make it to the fight the bloat class today at @orangeskyyoga but gonna take my kids to see Santa & get outside- the high here is 75 today!!😎☀️
Hope everyone is having a great thanksgiving weekend!!!

Hey y’all! 👋 I got a lot of comments and DMs about my last post. And it still has me thinking. 🤔 To all of you that commented or saw my post and didn’t comment (but feel it too), or sent me a DM...thank you! Y’all have inspired me to #makeinstagreatagain 😂 I really miss the old days of Insta yoga- 15 second videos. No music. Struggles. So many struggles. 🤣 Laughs. Bad lighting. Friends. Just SHOWING UP. And most importantly- not caring about likes or followers. What are followers anyway? Random strangers who you will NEVER meet or even know they exist? Weird accounts that may not even be real? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t get me wrong- I have people who I interact with on here and I love that, but I definitely don’t interact with ten thousand people. And I have a full time job, soooo...Insta isn’t my livelihood. And I don’t have the time or passion to make it a full time job. It’s supposed to be fun- a hobby. 🙃 Not a place to make you feel bad or less than. I made this funky pincha video a couple of weeks ago. And I never posted it. I do that all the time. I look at pics and vids and think, “I look gross in that pic. I’m bloated. People will think I’m fat (or pregnant- Oh, please don’t think that! 😬) That transition was shaky. That was the worst handstand.” Uhhhh...news flash. That’s what I really look like. 🤣 Why do I expect to be something that I’m not? Or why do I want to project on social media to be something that I’m not? I’m 35. Mom. Teacher. Not really in the coolest category right now according to likes and follows. 😆 Putting all of these feelings out there doesn’t embarrass me. It actually feels quite liberating. Saying all of this out loud and announcing it on social media is giving me life right now. 🤪 I’m sick of always over analyzing myself and my videos or pics because I’m worried about what others will think. This is me. I’m so imperfect it’s not even funny. And I wouldn’t change it at all. Who’s with me? Bring back the realness. I want to see bad lighting. Ugly handstands in your pajama pants. Bloopers. Struggles. Laughs. And fun! And since I’m not offering an Alo discount code, y’all can unfollow me now...kidding.😬 #oginstayoga

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