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Create your own path, choose it, follow it, and never give up. I have talked to my agent several times over the past couple days, my coach, and someone who means a lot to me.
If you don't remember why you do what you do from time to time, the people you surround yourself with, whether they are your best friend, your significant other, or your coach, they will never let you lose sight.
19 days till myself and my supporter travels to make big things happen. Stay tuned. Not competing but you will see us somewhere. Do what you love. Believe.
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Kyrie just sent his Agent into a frenzy @kyrieirving @xtraordinarysports 🏀🏀🏀

Beach time 😎
Excuse me for the background, i know im a messy 😜

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That's not right, Steph😭

E hoje foi dia de lembrar os velhos tempos! Foi nessa gym aí da foto ☝🏼 que eu iniciei minha paixão pela musculação! Na época era ano 2000 eu acho! Sim já tem 17 anos que eu treino, (já dá até para calcular minha idade assim, né!? Mas vamos mudar o assunto 😹) Voltando...rs! Lembro que na época eu era magrinha , pesava 47kg com 1,71 de altura! Magra que só por Deus!! E lembro que falei para o instrutor na época, moço eu quero ficar sarada, sei que é difícil mas eu vou fazer tudo que você me falar , minha meta é ficar com o corpo da feiticeira do H ( quem lembra!? Hahaha eu queria logo o corpo dela, Joana prado) rs! Foi engraçado...! Mas depois de alguns anos de dedicação e alimentação correta para o meu objetivo eu já estava bem satisfeita com todos os resultados! E com o passar do tempo vamos aprendendo a lidar cada vez mais com o seu corpo. Por isso digo, não desista daquilo que você quer! Você é seu maior desafio, supere-se sempre!!! Obrigada @max.academia por toda a receptividade foi mto bom treinar com vocês hoje!! O look lindo é da @dkfitnessgirls ,apaixonada por esse shorts!❤️😍 Um boa noite especial para todos vocês!! Fui! ✌🏽🙏🏻😘#bodybuilder #bodybuilding #ripped#wellness#workout #vestem#elasvestem#offseason

Some #MotivationMonday for you guys!..⬇️...
I find it so funny and pointless when people try to be loved and admired by everyone. And as soon as they don't fit someone else's standards anymore they start feeling bad about themselves, discouraged and "not good enough". I was one of those people too!.. But just recently I changed my whole perspective on this. Some "fitness minded" people say that I got fat/chubby when they see me now after my last competition and since they strive for as low bf% as possible... On the other side there are people who tell me I'm too muscular already (#lol🤦🏻‍♀️ #SayThatOneMoreTimeAndIllPunchYou moment) and that I should stop lifting heavy and rather go run on the treadmill... There are also people who, believe me or not, say that I'm too skinny, and I seriously give props to those cause I have no idea what's their definition of skinny is then😂😂... And finally there are people who act like they just don't care about you but dislike you for no reason... Yesterday my brother told me something that I really started to think about and the thing was, every single persons eyes see each individual differently! Just as we like/hate different food flavours, we are attracted to different scents, and enjoy different things in life, you also see a person totally differently than perhaps someone else does! No one will ever suit everyone's expectations, so don't try to "fit in"... Do your own thing, be who YOU wanna be, how YOU wanna look and just admire yourself for the person you have become!! 💪🏽💛


Fuera de temporada y en plena temporada de competición, nada mejor para mis dos primeras comidas del día que está combinación: Collagen90+Power PRO+Avena👍
Colágeno hidrolizado, proteínas del más alto valor biológico en una justa combinación y de máxima pureza, carbohidratos complejos cargados de fibras vitaminas y minerales 🔝🔝 Siempre eligiendo y seleccionando productos de la mejor calidad y mayor confiabilidad comprobada😉

A cuatro semanas para el máximo campeonato de la Argentina. Cto. Argentino FAM-IFBB 🏆☝ #pwr_suplementos #pwr #pwrteam #shape #nutrition #fitnessstyle #bodybuildind #dietfood #offseason #precontest

Who will be the better centre in their career(Karl Anthony towns, Nikola Jokic) ?
Leave your opinion below.

Kotio etujalkajumpan jälkeen. Sain eilen uudet ohjelmat lapaan elokuun välidieettiä varten. Perusidea on 10 x 10 🙄😃😋 kirjottelen siitä lisää blogiin kunhan ehdin. Innoissani hävitin vanhat ohjelmat vahingossa ja tänään rääkkäsin itseäni ihan omasta päästäni. Tykkään tehdä treeniä nimenomaan ohjelmalla, koska nykyään kiskon itselleni aina treenin liian lyhyillä sarjapalautuksilla jaliian pitkään 🙄 sitte en jaksa enää loppupäivänä edes puhua ja ranka ottaa nokkiinsa.. #sixdeuce_finland #sixdeuce #nutriworksathlete #nutriworks #nutriworksurheilija #womensphysique #legday #offseason

Trying so hard in my #offseason to improve on the areas that I feel need the most work. My back is at the top of my list. So far I feel I'm off to a great start. I have plenty of time to #grow When I was a little girl my father was a prime example of how working hard at something everyday will give you the results you want or desire. It may not happen over night but damn it, it WILL happen. My mother was the support system in our family and showed me how to gracefully get through the hard times without losing sight of your goals. I'm blessed to have a solid family foundation and parents that have instilled great morals and values in me. #militarybrat #figurecompetitor #fitlife #gaintrain #muscles #back #family #relentless #dedication #drive #determination #goals #workatiteveryday #neversettle #nevergiveup #pushyourself

Voetbalspecifieke loop-, coördinatie-, techniek- en krachttraining afgewerkt met Rico Deekman! Hard gewerkt topper! 💪⚽️ @rico_rsdb #pt #tewerve #personaltrainer #performancetraining #fitnessmotivation #offseason #fitdutchies #football #fitterbetterstronger

@nrgfuel BCAA + glutamine + carbs for my intra-workout drink everyday 💪🏽Laryngitis ain't fun, so trying to not talk so much....proving difficult for a chatter like me, never shut up 💁🏼

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