Happy Earth Day!
This is an amazing and beautiful place we live, but Mother Earth is sick and in dire need of our help. Decisions in what we buy, consume and how we live affect the health of this marvel. Make those decisions consciously. Straws, plastic bags, bottled water, styrofoam to-go containers...just say no. Easy life changes that can make an impact. We collectively can truly make a difference.

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Without going into too much detail - I will say that the past 8 days have been very tough for multiple reasons. Everyone is their own type of “friend” to their friends - so this is not against that. However, to feel comfortable & secure enough to be able to say “hey, I’m not doing so well right now” AND get this kind of response - is #invaluable. We often feel as if we will burden our friends with our troubles or that our friends might not even care (for whatever reason). The kind of trust needed to be confident enough to KNOW that you can reach out in a weaker/more vulnerable moment (rather than be reached out to) & get a positive & genuine response is one on the prime components that fuel the transition of friends turning into family. #InMyThoughts #Thankful #ThereIsAlwaysLight #OffMySoapbox

Does it look like i was left off bad and boujee? 🤔

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Congratulations to my beautiful back @h3llo_gorj3ss and my brother Christopher on their union. I was so happy to share the day with you both. Love y’all😘😘

People always want a quick fix. Trust me, I get it! But healthy, long term weight loss isn’t fast. It’s slow, painful, frustrating, and a lot of times you have more downs then ups. But I truly believe that this process is how you learn how your body reacts, what foods to eat, how much a portion is, how protein builds muscles, carbs give you energy and fats balances your hormones. So the next time someone says to you, drink this, eat that, cut out this food group, or wear this special device. Walk away as fast as you can. Ask yourself, logically, does it makes sense? Because what happens when you start eating the food group you eliminated? Or stop drinking that special tea or shake or whatever, you gain all that weight back and you jacked your metabolism up. So don’t rush the process. Learn about calories in, and calories out. Learn what your NEAT is. Learn what your body is capable of by getting active. Knowledge is power and you can’t learn if you skip the struggle. #embracethestruggle #todayspsa #noshortcuts #noquickfix #stopbuyingintothecrazy #weightloss #fatloss #educateyourself #betterinthelongrun #offmysoapbox #macrocounting #commonsense #keepyourcrazyoverthere

I’ve been super into podcasts lately and I just have to recommend this one for all of us that are parents or aunts/uncles, grandparents, caregivers, etc. We have to do better and be better to raise this next generation. #thatsall #offmysoapbox ✌🏼

Nothing is more damaging than consistent inconsistency. #success takes #effort #sacrifice and #desire. You can give up but you’ll always fall just short of what God has for you without these ingredients. Whether it be your career, personal goals, or relationships. One foot in, one foot out keeps you stuck in a cycle. #offmysoapbox

If I talk to you, make time for you or give you something and you aren’t grateful. Then I feel unappreciated. I don’t do what I do with the kindness of my heart for anyone. So feel special if I spent my time, engery or my hard earn money on you. Also I ask for is the same in return. #EndOfRant #OffMySoapBox #TooGenerousOfMyTimeEffortAndEngery

2. Seize your moments...
3. Never let your guards down...
4. I've been apart of building like 10+ startup businesses over the past 5-6 years not necessarily focused on getting rich but to understand the process of balancing the hearts desires and passions to be an entrepreneur with the process it takes to be successful at that mission of creating great business that truly helps better our communities and serves the people...
5. Anybody can do it if your find your purpose and couple it with your passions and go at real people's problems... We ✊🏾✊🏾 need more black business owners that understand what it takes, I felt I couldn't help that process with out doing it so we're here now. Black Owned Businesses don't mean segregation they just mean we need to learn to get paid for building institutes of true service... ...✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾...🖕🏾 Starbucks, if I drunk coffee I would be starting the regime to create our own Black Owned Coffee shop-gathering spot that served all people. Starbucks business model isn't that ground breaking and easy to replicate... #OffMySoapBox yall #lovelife and be blessed and a blessing today...

Starting over in a new town has come with it's fair share of learning curves. I moved here only knowing a handful of people, not by choice but by circumstance. Maybe it's that this isn't my home, but the culture here... only a 30 minute drive from my beloved hometown... is completely different. There's gossip, lies, rumours, fakeness (is that a word?), disloyalty and general unkindness here and it's something I am not used to, at all. Maybe it's because I don't have my people here, I'm not sure. But it's disheartening. Not only because I am raising my children here, but because it's women at the centre of all of this. I didn't really intend for my post to go in this direction, but I felt compelled to share. Unkindness makes you ugly. Just remember that. #offmysoapbox #realtalk #spreadkindness #thatshitdontcostathing

This week has been so emotionally draining. I missed 4 days of work to help my family. Missing 4 days in the classroom (right after Spring Break) is never something a teacher wants to do, but it was necessary. And you know what? Teaching cannot be more important than my own family. Teaching cannot come before the needs of my family, friends and even myself. Teaching is a job that is all encompassing. We bring our work home, we spend THOUSANDS of dollars of our own money on supplies, on lab materials, on creating a safe, loving & welcoming environment, we go in on weekend, holidays, breaks because we want to be the best professional for our 30-230 clients. But there are times that we need to take. a. break. To be there for the people that matter. Even if it may be at the cost of 4 days of learning. #offmysoapbox #thanksforlettingmerant

It gets old hearing the word “obsessed” by people who aren’t apart of this fitness world. It’s almost like they are trying to subtly insult you. I’m not insulted if you think I’m obsessive about my health and my body, I’m insulted by the judgement from people who aren’t even apart of my fitness world. You have no idea how much I thrive in the gym, or how I’ve been able to get off of multiple pills for not only health related issues but for depression and anxiety as well. How working out and getting my nutrition correct is paramount for me to be the best person I can be. How my self confidence has skyrocketed, how I feel stronger in my forties then I ever did in my twenties. How I wake up early every morning without an alarm clock, because I sleep so much better now. So before you judge me on what I’m doing, take a look at yourself first. I am not interested in your unsolicited advice or your judgements. I’m doing this for me. I am not obsessive, I’m dedicated. #endrant #notobsessive #dedicated #progress #buildabetterbodyandahealthiermind #judgementfreezone #dontfollowmeifwhatidobothersyou #movingon #offmysoapbox

This is my vibe lately. I didn't set societal rules so why feel like they are perfectly designed for me. If it feels right - no matter how unorthodox - I'm saying yes. Why think SO much about everything. Follow your hunch. If you make the wrong decision, make the decision right (and heck ya- there are no wrong decisions). If I ask myself, what 'should' I do? I immediately know I'm asking the wrong question. I'm not a rebel. I'm a heart-led soul. And so are you. Don't ask for my permission. But if you were, I'm over here giving you a high five and a HELL YA. #offmysoapbox #beuniquelyradical #intuitivesoullover 👍💕

I'm not wanting to get up on my soapbox too much, BUT.... seriously friends! It's time to consider your health and well-being. We live in a culture where our food is so lacking in key nutrients. We live so fast-paced. We forget to take time with our health, and then deal with the repercussions. Proactive health.
I believe with my whole heart that essential oils are a part of that big picture of health. Our diet, exercise, mental health, etc. are all other aspects as well. Invest now, so you don't pay later! Our $150 starter kit paid for itself over and over again when we first began incorporating doTERRA into our lives. Our doctor bills decreased dramatically because I had tools in our home to manage life's little emergencies! I had pure and non-toxic cleaning products to help keep our household healthier. I had beautiful smells to fill our home with.... the healthy way!
We have never looked back. I'm thankful for the change that doTERRA has inspired our family to make with our health! #doterra #wellness #yourhealthmatters #invest #holistic #boymom #girlmom #pdxmama #health #fit #cleaneating #nontoxic #potent #proaxtivehealth #doterrafamily #offmysoapbox #tinychangesbigresults #onestepatatime #willyoujoinme #organic #diffuser #oils #giftsoftheearth #wellnesspyramid #healthykids #healthyparents #mamabear #happywife #starterkit #familyessentials

This was supposed to be avocado salad but my avocado wasn’t ripe. So I decided to use what I have and this was just as good. 🥗Being a vegetarian doesn’t have to be hard. 🥗Use what you have. 🥗Get creative. 🥗Test out different flavors together. 🥗Make it fun. 🥗This is your health after all. I was asked the question “what is you being a vegetarian doing for you? We all have to die of something! “ -That mentality and thinking is full of fear and scarcity and I call BS 💩 on it.
I turned the question around on them and said. “ what is that meat doing for you? How does it make you feel on the inside after digesting it?” 🥦When I eat 🌱, I feel full and energetic. The “itis” never hits.
This bowl was almost full to the top of #tomatoes, #onions and #snap #peas. I’m good!
I don’t feel heavy at all.
Can you say that after you eat your meat 🥩🍗 ?
I made a video last night about my experience watching the @_eatingyoualive
eating you alive documentary. What I learned was that I can no longer be OK and passive to what is ultimately killing us from the inside out.
We talk about drug addiction, alcohol addiction but we never talk about food addiction. 🍩🍪🍭🍵🍿🎂🍧🍡🍢🥠🍟🍔🌭🍕🥪🥙🌮🥚🥞🍳🥓🥩🥩🥖🍞🥐🍤🍦
Food addiction is real! And it is sneaky!
It will have you believing that you need that type of food. That you need that bread 🍞 or you need that pasta 🍝 or you need that 🥩 . If you have ever said to yourself “I have to eat this way”,I would encourage you to do some deep emotional work with me because there is nothing in this world that should have power over you like this .
I decided years ago that I would not stand by and give money to organizations, companies and government entities that would treat it’s people and it’s products inhumanely. I received a fresh dose of the continued treatment of animals in the livestock industry last night. I also encourage you to do your research on the practices of the farming industry and livestock industry because I truly believe that if you are a compassionate human being, you could not stand for what is happening in these industries.
I’m ✅. #offmysoapbox love and light.

Time to briefly address those who feel the need to accuse this 47 year-old of not eating...or dare I say, starving herself. For over 2 years, I've heard the comments, received friendly messages of concern...and have even read snide comments on social media. The backhanded comments/compliments, I've been told we're done out of concern. I've ignored them and took the high road, for 2+ years. But now I'll speak up. It's become tiresome. Here's the deal...I work out 5 days a week. Not the "bust my arse" type of workout, but more so what makes me feel good. That can be hiking, elliptical or whatever. As for food...if any of these individuals remotely knew about my family and/or family history, they'd understand why I've CHOSEN to make healthy food choices. I'm particular about what I eat. There's no shame in that. The combination of nutrition and activity makes all the difference. Listen...my baby brother died of Glioblastoma brain cancer at 36. My father passed away due to Lou Gehrig's Disease, just past 60. And my son?... (19, and running on a track and field scholarship at the time) was diagnosed with Pediatric Lymphoma. And even I had precancerous cells spotted in the last year! My family has been plagued with diagnoses that I'd never wish upon my worst enemy. Therefore....before posting your "nastygram," or making assumptions, please think...in the end...be kind. Those comments DO sting. I'm a firm believer that what you put in your body is imperative! Food is great! It's the best! Our society revolves around it! Heck...those who know me also know my weakness is SUGAR! But I try to keep it in ✔️. I don't exactly cheat myself either! Nonetheless, I do what I can to make good choices. Great tasting food options can also be healthy! Funny what a little activity and conscious choices can do. The combination can transform your body and mind. I have always felt it important to lead by example. I'm lucky to have raised 2 dynamic children who embrace nutrition and activity. I hope they always do! And finally, I'd never question anyone else's choices in life. In any area, it's not my place to do so. Therefore, before you question mine... please think. And...be kind.

Everyday in our house is 💙Autism Awareness Day.
Everyday we do our best to raise awareness to everyone living with disability. Not just those with autism.
The purpose being to increase not only awareness to those with differences, but increase empathy, understanding, compassion, and kindness.
Autism is no blessing. I don’t know many parents who would say it is. The challenges we face w Z are minor compared to those on the extreme end of the spectrum.
Teach each other about differences. For the love of humanity, teach your children to be kind to everyone, different or disabled or not.
Model compassion for others and empathy. Be aware of your own behavior and words, not just in open spaces but in your home when no ones watching.
How do you respond to television shows? Do you condone and participate in “teasing” your own children in your home? I’m not telling you how to parent, just asking you to take a minute to see what you are teaching them without trying.
So it’s great today to support autism, but support people of all races, backgrounds, religions, and differences everyday.
We’ve all seen the damage words can do. It’s not about gun rights, walk outs, marches, and politics. It’s about bringing it back to the home and teaching our selves and our children to value people, value each other, and value life.
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We might control the cool, but they control the cloud. If we plan on surviving in America our relationship with places like this has to change. #datacenter #siliconsultan

Just a friendly reminder to visit your dermatologist 👩‍⚕️ for a skin cancer body scan! I go yearly and have had close to 20 moles removed over the last decade. Several have been “abnormal” and a few had to be recut to get all the cells. Yesterday I had 3 removed, and will have another one biopsied in 2 weeks. It’s uncomfortable having someone stare so closely at every inch of you, but worth it of course! .
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PSA: Let’s be real folks. Guns successfully used in self defense, this is extremely rare. No one needs an assault weapon, unless they are planning an assault. After the March, if you have kids, especially if you have sons, invest time with your own kids at least. It doesn’t matter how old they are, 14 or 40. Be involved in their lives. Know who their friends are. Help them have hope for their future. Find out what their convictions are, where their loyalties lie 🤔Happy and healthy(physically and mentally) people do not go around killing others. Having a badge should not be a license to kill. Just in case you have never committed a crime, been the victim of a gun crime, lost a loved one to gun violence, and you don’t have kids and think gun violence doesn’t affect you, you’re wrong. Gun violence costs the US economy $229 Billion a year. Half of this cost is paid by taxpayers via healthcare costs. Sensible gun laws saves money and lives. If you are human, you must care about at least one of these. 🙏🏾💕✨#offmysoapbox #carryon #marchforourlives #thengoparent #gowork #teachthemyoung #advocateforyourself #spreadlovenothate

It sucks that to eat well you pay and arm & a leg. There's no meat, alcohol, or cheese on this counter. Yes it's all organic and gluten free, but just this small clutter of stuff was $225. And this is why we don't go out. All our $ goes to school & eating well. #adulting #firstworldproblems #theregoesmymoney #offmysoapbox

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