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It's your special day and am short of words because there are so many things to say about you and I dunno where to start from..Sisters at heart,patners in crime😛..you honestly pocess some really weird characters and dats why I love you..I randomly remember memories about you and can't stop smiling..I love you more daily,I wish you could see yourself the way I see you and I wish you could love yourself the way I love you..above all,I wish your life is everything you deserve because in my opinion,you deserve the world!🌏..Wen I read our convos, I think if anyone heard us, we would be put in a mental hospital😂..Far too many of us loose sight in finding a bestfriend, someone who knows you more than anyone,someone who never judges you,someone who never let's out your secret,someone who just fits in right where your heart is,someone whom you love without no reasons or explainations but I found you long ago only waiting for your special day to let it out...the funniest part is that we started living together without knowing eachother but right from that moment, We clicked..awesome right? We'll be best friends forever cos you already know too much😄😆.. I love you so much and I'll keep calling you Mairooh weda you like it or not!😄 My forever friend, My day 1 sweetie...Happy birthday my strawberry vanilla chocolate pumpkin gummybear bunny😆😆, I wish you more than life can offer,Also wish you make it to a hundred and two cos I can't think of what life would be without you..... age with Grace and start searching for husband😂😛😜.. #She'sOfficiallyNot_ATeenager #October18 #OfficiallyMyBestFriend #BffGoals @_kingkwanye_ @_kingkwanye_ @_kingkwanye_

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