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Its not you.. its your vibration ✌


Cards # 3

XXI the World | Courage | Buffalo

You may have been struggling recently, or things just have not been as they could be, even though you work as hard as you can, and apply your best efforts in all you do.

For one, stop feeling sorry for yourself and fix your gaze on the available resources around you at your disposal. Secondly, the Universe has not forgotten about you, and things are going to start improving faster than you think.

Restore your faith in the natural abundance of life, and know that we all get what we need, as long as your intentions are clear and you don’t let your worries consume you.

Life is very cyclic in the way it turns, just as the Wheel of Fortune card in Tarot relates to the World, as we go up, we must also sometimes come down, but we must have faith that the wheel, or World, will not spinning, and we will soon be on top again. What your rewards will be, will be determined upon your climb, and you have given it your all, so stop being so worried about your fate.

You may be starting on a new project or some new venture that may require a bit of an investment from you, and you might be worried that you cannot afford it. I feel these cards chose to show up together to reveal the answer that you should take up this opportunity, but have faith in the natural world of Abundance, and set forth the best intentions for the future of your investment. Whatever your goal is – you will achieve it and the feeling of satisfaction of doing so will be far worth more than any monetary value – even though there is a high chance that will also be abundant as well.

Cards # 2

Ace of Cups | Spiritual Understanding | Bear

Are you ready for a download? Well, you haven’t a choice because one is coming your way. Be receptive, and allow yourself the space to express the passions you suddenly become inspired with. You do know what ‘inspired’ means, right? In Spirit. Yes, that’s right, when you are inspired spirit is channeling through you. And that my friends, is how you download. You grasp onto that feeling of excitement you get when something new comes your way, and you pick it apart, learn everything about it, and allow it to elevate you.

You might suddenly feel artistic, wanting to write a poem, a song, paint a picture… basically there’s a picture in your head, and you can feel it, and have the urge to get it out to the World.

Likewise, the answers you seek are within you, and so you shouldn’t go looking outside yourself for them, but go within and consult your higher self. Meditation is always a great way to clear your mind and allow the Higher Self to speak over the ego.

When you align yourself to this creative flow you feel, and allow it to consume you, then what you seek becomes more attainable. Also, above all, be brave this week and ask for what you want, regardless if you feel you’ll get it or not. Asking casts out the intention to align what you seek onto your path, it may not happen in how you expect, but it will be a lot better than you had anticipated.

This is what it's all about #strongkid #powerlifter #futureproathlete #odin

Cards # 1

XVIII the Moon | Moon Cycles | Moth

Now let me tell you something, the angels and higher guides have been active today. Not only have I been seeing 4’s everywhere, but having these cards fly right out of the deck and land on one another was truly magical to witness. I love it when the energies want to come out loud and clear.

The energy in these cards basically say that you are currently very intune with the universal energies that govern us all, primarily the Moon, and so it would be wise to keep track of the Moon Cycles so you can better understand the reasoning behind some of the feelings you get, and to also empower your intentions or the reality of your needs and desires being met.

You may feel rather creative and have an urge to express yourself, just as the Moon only comes out at night and governs what lies in the darkness, it would also be wise for you to keep what you are doing in secret, or to keep it to yourself and allow it to be somewhat of a sacred space that only you have access to.

There is a wave of confusion, or rather many are lacking focus and are more prone to feel anxiety more than “creativity”, but that is because you are experiencing a creative block, or do not have an outlet for this energy to be released. Having that “sacred space” will help you get back in touch with your imagination, which will one bring you back to balance after letting your mind “go”, and two, you will find the solutions you need with more ease because you are not so attached to the problem.

Also, I feel these cards speak a lot of ritual magic. For those who are wanting to work on manifesting something, such as a new job or some blessing they need in their life, then this is the time to get your thoughts in order and create a ritual or conduct a prayer that helps you release your intentions loud and clear to the Universe. Keeping track of the moon cycles will help with this, as from experience, the moon has been a very powerful aid in my own rituals.

Mildly obsessed with these two. #Odin&;Loki

So glad I had the opportunity to spend time with this little guy over the weekend! #Odin #puppers #pupsofinstagram #buddies #newfriends #brosforlife @rees5423 @keatonswob

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