BTS @odeyarush for FILA X UO▪️ #castbyme #production #LA

Odeya Rush/21yo: F-342K/Actress #odeyarush

"Odeya's World" #odeyarush

Nominada a 5 premios Oscar en 2018: - Mejor película
- Mejor guión original
- Mejor actriz (Saoirse Ronan)
- Mejor actriz de reparto (Laurie Metcalf)

Lady Bird narra el paso a la vida adulta, la separación de una hija de su madre en busca de una vida fuera de la sombra materna, con un tono que oscila entre la comedia y el drama, muy cercano al mumblecore no tanto en forma, pero sí en contenido. Greta Gerwig ha conseguido con esta pequeña película indie y feminista, hacer frente a grandes directores (hombres, claro) como Guillermo del Toro, Nolan o Paul Thomas Anderson, un ejemplo de cómo a a pesar de las barreras económica y de reconocimiento a las que se enfrentan las mujeres en Hollywood (y en cualquier otra industria cinematográfica), cabe un atisbo de esperanza. Cada vez se están financiando más películas y series dirigidas por mujeres, hay más mujeres productoras y se han empezado a ver más mujeres protagonistas en papeles fuera del 'encasillamiento' que han sufrido durante prácticamente toda la historia del cine. Series como The Handmaids Tale, Jessica Jones, Big Little Lies o películas como Wonder Woman, Figuras Ocultas, Carol o Lady Bird renuevan el medio audiovisual al mostrar una perspectiva hasta entonces reprimida. Sin embargo aún queda mucho por hacer.

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That LA light by @nickdorey ft. @odeyarush 🖤 casting & production for @filauk & @urbanoutfitterseu▪️ #LA #casting #production

5/24 🎬 ザ・ボディガード








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Casting beautiful actress & star of Lady Bird @odeyarush for FILA x UO shot in LA by @nickdorey▪️ #castbyme #production #odeyarush

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Dear Dictator is a #2017 Indie Comedy, in this movie political turmoil and a rebel army who force a British-Caribbean dictator to flee his island nation, he seeks refuge with a rebellious teenage girl in suburban America, she has been his pen pal for a couple months prior much to the dismay of her mom and teacher. He ends up teaching her how to start a revolution and overthrow the "mean girls" in her high school, while alsp showing her mom her true value.
So everyone knows i love indie comedies but honestly i have no idea why i watched this movie. I just did, so its to late now.
The writing for this movie is sloppy, its cheesy, it has plot holes and a bunch of it makes no sense, like why would a ruthless dictator be such a fun loving guy just goofin it up with some girl and her mom?
Anyways it does actually have a lot of heart behind it, some decent character development and a few funny moments.
The directing is meh, its done by Joe Syracuse and Lisa Addario two people who are the definition of mediocre comedy directors. Just get this pacing and tone down for this film and its instantly a better movie.
The cast actually surprised me with their performances, at least comedy side and Michael Caine was actually pretty solid overall, the rest of the cast has Odeya Rush(who was also really good), Katie Holmes, Seth Green, Jason Biggs and Adrian Voo.
Fun Facts: Robert DeNiro, Alfred Molina and Anthony Hopkins were all at some point linked to Caine's role and Maisie Williams was originally set to star prior to backing out with scheduling issues. In the lates 2000s this was actually a pretty "popular" script that almost got put into production a few times.
In the end this is not a good movie, i cant stand here and lie to your face, but its not really a bad one either. Its kind of enjoyable in its own quirky way, but even with that i cant recommend this.

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