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Nuestra organización S.P.E.C.I.E.S. trabaja en la conservación de varias especies de carnívoros alrededor del mundo, además del jaguarete en el Gran Chaco Americano. En este #MiércolesDelJaguarete te presentamos al ocelote.

Nombre científico: Leopardus pardalis

Nombre Común: Gato Onza, Manigordo, Ocelote, Tigrillo

Categoría de amenaza según la UICN: Preocupación menor

El ocelote es una especie de felino de tamaño mediano, con una longitud de cabeza y cuerpo de 70 - 90 cm, cola relativamente corta (30-40 cm, un 45% de la longitud de cabeza y cuerpo) y un peso alrededor de los 11 kg. En Mesoamérica, es el tercer felino más grande después del jaguar y del puma, y el más grande de los pequeños felinos manchados, mayor que el gato montés y el tigrillo.

Tiene grandes orejas redondeadas y gran sentido del oído, unos ojos grandes y expresivos. Las extremidades anteriores tienen cinco dedos y las posteriores, cuatro; las zarpas están provistas de almohadillas, que permiten al animal caminar sin hacer ruido, uñas largas, afiladas y completamente retráctiles.

Posee un pelaje corto con un diseño hermoso, una combinación de rayas y rosetas oscuras sobre fondo amarillento, distinto en cada ejemplar.

Su dieta incluye mayormente pequeños mamíferos, aves y reptiles, pero ocasionalmente presas un poco más grandes como agutíes, armadillos, pacas, monos, etc.

Si bien el ocelote tiene una amplia distribución, desde el norte de Argentina hasta el sudoeste de los Estados Unidos, siendo las especies de felinos más comunes en la mayoría de los hábitats tropicales y subtropicales del Neotrópico, la especie se ve afectada por la pérdida y fragmentación del hábitat, las intensas actividades de tala, las colisiones de vehículos y la caza furtiva

Podés informarte más sobre el proyecto que ejecuta SPECIES denominado Trinidad Ocelot Proyect, en su fanpage en Facebook: @trinidadocelotproject

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🐾This is a throwback photo of the time I spent living in a jungle town in Bolivia volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary. •

🐾Every day I would trek up into the forest to work with this Ocelot called Milly. •

🐾Her mum was poached and she was found wrapped in her mums fur with her little brother who unfortunately didn’t survive. As a hand reared cat she loved sucking my thumb! •

🐾This was one of the most fulfilling and challenging years of my life. •

🐾The jungle I know awoke something deep within me that has led me to this animal journey I find myself on today. •

🐾As sad as Milly’s story is, I can’t help but feel she was my animal guide without me realising it at the time. Love you Milly Moo!! •

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We're snowed in, so I'm using this time to look for an #ocelot #🐅 I had found a beautiful ocelot at a rescue, but I couldn't fly her out because we were coming back and forth to Philly so much from the mountains... Now that were about to move further north, I'm really excited about finding another one. I freaking love ocelots and I plan to mate our new addition with Anubis (my orange tabby manx) to create a new #breed of cat 🤗🐅🐈 I wanted to catch my own ocelot in the #wild because they're so friendly, but I would love to help rescue a #kitten

Chatting with peeps on discord. #funkopop #rainydays #collector #ocelot

So! Yesterday we went out again, we braved another walmart, horse store, clothing store, gaming store and grocery store! Perfect the entire time with no treats 💖We handled many points and stares and "ohhh puppy!" like pro's 😜especially from little kids or too young to know better- most parents quickly tell their child its a working dog or service dog though and thats so appreciated 💞however we did encounter an interesting situation, a lady had stopped with her daughter to ask a bit about Cai, which i dont mind I was in no hurry. She starts asking how to get her dog to be an ESA (esa's are not recognized in Canada), this woman beat cancer 3 times I hinted to her about service dogs instead changing the topic she tells me "well i bring my dog pretty much everywhere for comfort the problem is hes really nervous and gets scared of people easily" .... 😭plz stap i told her the correct way to get a service dog and she will be looking into it... 😅(btw like our ocelot?!) Cai also endured a quick trim from my hands (sorry boy) the mud his legs and feet flung up was too bad thankfully this helped and doesnt look too bad until you look close at a certain angle... hehe... we shall use shaver next time for legs. #servicedog #sd #servicedogintraining #sdit #pyschiatricservicedog #psd #psdit #workingdog #dog #goldenretriever #esa #fakeservicedog #educating #ocelot #minecraft #shopping #walmart #kids #distractions #grooming



THERE IS NO WAY AROUND AUTHENTICITY ☀ (2000's netiquette hates me for all the caps now hihi)

Getting ready for an art show!
BFA show a the Kansas City Art Institute's Art Space H&R block is coming up.
See my flannel animal collection in person.

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