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I had sooooooooo much fun working with these lovely ladies yesterday at TSU Band Power Day(when high school band members, DANCERS👯, twirlers, and flags🏳 come and learn the style of the Ocean Of Soul Band🌊)
#TxSu #OceanOfSoul #MotionOfTheOcean

We Came & We Conquered, Honda Was Such A Blessing. Headed Back To Houston #Honda17 #MotionOfTheOcean #OceanOfSoul #TxSuMotion

#tbt #OceanOfSoul bihhhhhh they called me "Gansta Lean"

@tsuoceanofsoul with their version of a #GeorgeMichael classic! Salute, to a music legend and respect to #TSU #OceanofSoul for their performance ✊🏾🎼👏🏾

Perhaps I am meant to swim in deep waters...better deep than shallow 🐋#mermaid #thoughts #oceanofsoul #betterdeepthanshallow

Band Banquet 2k17



आधीचा... नंतरचा...
हे असले वेळेचे प्रश्न पडण्यामधला
जो अखंड उभा आहे, तो.
जो चिमटीत येत नाही.
हे आधी नंतरचं सगळं तुमचंय.
तर्कांच,अगणित रचनांचं
असंख्य शक्यतांचं,अमूर्त आकाराचं
सारं चिमटीत येणारं
पण तो जो येत नाही चिमटीत
सबंध उभा आहे
आधी नंतरच्या मधे अगदी... तो...
#indianocean #oceanofsoul #dropinocean #iamnobody #inthismoment #noir #nostalgia #inbetweentimes #timetrveler #useless #sapiens #itstime #lastwords #wabisabi #seeyouonotherside #wearetalkingmoney #travelinginspace #abouttoday #rainbowgathering #gypsylife

Lioness Order

I'm a very love focused human. I'm so happy I kno this my 1st time bein human, cuz that informs me of y I love so drastically different than nearly every1 else.
My natal chart also informed me, I'm as contradicting as they come. Take the reality of me bein a lovingly, committed twerk instructor, 4 example. Some people think cuz I'm bouncin my ass I wanna bounce on their lap 😒😒😒... Baaay-bee 💨💨✋ #pass

Judgers of the Universe, stop judgin shit based off what ya think ya see. I done already proven how spiritual twerkin is. I just completed a 4 yr partnership w/the City of Las Vegas & the YMCA. They wouldn't check 4 me if I was just a hoe sellin fluff

I market the process of livin a healthy lifestyle 4 free online & in person cuz I literally care about every1 life on the planet. No bs. I am some1 every1 should be learnin from. Stop fearin & judgin me. I reject ur hate!

I have the hardest time believing people cuz I done been stabbed in the back so many times. So many judge me cuz I handle things differently than them, yet I won't judge. I couldn't take puttin this energy on some1 else 💔

Every time, I smile & hold back tears, while repeatedly sayin "I'm ok. Everything's ok" & avoidin eye contact so I can pretend they don't see my tears. Actually, I'm not ok. All this fake love has worn me out. I see there's no way 2 balance this equation, so I release all outside hate from inside myself. I love every1 & I JuSt started lovin myself. Imma stick 2 this. I appreciate my lessons. I relase everything that doesn't serve me & I welcome better feelin shit

All my healers, I am 1 of the physical examples of what a divine human is. Get like me so the Universe can be happy & healthy. Finally 💔🔆💜 #ElectricLady #TwerkNTone #TeamAlchemy #HealChallenge #LuvNLite
#selflove #depthofmysoul #deepthought #meditation #keepswimming #mindovermatter #myvitaminsea #oceanofsoul #fullmoon #thisthingcalledlife #periscope #fullmooninscorpio #fullmoonceremony #pleiadian #aliensex #scorpio #magictribe #letyourmagicout #crystalsingingbowls #soundhealing #galacticcenter #hunabku #soundbath #worklikeagoddess

"The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory" -Bob Marley

Did u kno that every last human posses both divine feminine AnD divine masculine energy? No matter what ya look like on the outside, ur both on the inside.
The trick is we must learn 2 balance. Society has done a BeAuTiFul job confusing tf outta us all. Women r more intelligent, attractive & resourceful then men, typically. Men r forced 2 make due w/women's left overs, feelings get hurt. Then enters ego 2 take us 2 war. Usually w/the very people we love most 💔

Take me 4 example. I'm obviously a female, but I never felt connected 2 femininity. Gemini sun & Libra moon/rising means I'm 100% mascaline energy. Growin up, I wore baggy clothes & chilled w/the boys. I wasn't in2 dirt & all that, but I appreciated that dudes were kind. Girls were usually catty in my eyes so I avoided they asses like the plague. Most of them judged me, labeling me a hoe cuz of the company I kept. Little did they kno, nothing sexual happened between the boys n me. I just appreciated their candour

I didn't start explorin girly shit til I had a daughter, & even then in limitation. Both of my sisters have many lifetimes behind them, so they just GoT it. But me...I was hella lost.

U kno how beautiful it is 2 meet a man who doesn't reduce me 2 bein just ass, a brain or a womb!? I been searchin 4 my King since I got here & I ain't lettin him go. Unless he tells me he wants 2 leave

As a society, we should do a better job lovin love. It's not easy being in a relationship. Add kids, both y'all families & friends & u get the ReaL cocktail. It takes sooo much energy 2 stay in love. When outsiders talk shit, it inspires negative thoughts. W/thoughts come emotion. N just like that, ur energy is morphed & ur stuck livin ur worst nightmare co-starring the love of ur life 💔. No wonder Millinials leadin the pack in divorces. Tighten up Tribe 💔😪💔 #selflove #depthofmysoul #deepthought #meditation #keepswimming #mindovermatter #myvitaminsea #oceanofsoul #oceanoflove #myconfortzone #deepseadiving #oceans #beachs #rivers #fullmoon #thisthingcalledlife #periscope #fullmooninscorpio #fullmoonceremony #pleiadian #aliensex #scorpio

Let's Talk Chicago -vs- Miami
Mimai is a southern city, w/deep roots in slavery, witch craft, strippers & hustle men. Right off the Atlantic, u can still feel the souls of our ancestors in the water. Rumor has it, that's y the water's so warm. The city is hella flashy these days, but it's come a long way

Chicago's a major city in the Mid-West. Our roots r deep in music, dance, witch craft, pimps, hoes & food. Many of the families there 2day r the descendants of ancestors who escaped their southern roots in search of peace. My family in particular hailed from GA. We were soarin when 1 of our family members got caught up. Some caucasian men beat 1 of our men, lynched him, cut off his penis & burned him. We escaped 2 Chicago & 7 generations later, I'm sharin our story.

Chicagoans r spiritual af by nature. We play nice @ 1st doe. We RuN the dick n pussy game! U won't pull no slick shit over on us, cuz we kno psychology innately. Attempt 2 humiliate us & we will use ur tactics against yo ass quick. Chicago is about revolution, freedom & spirit. I been in Miami a long while now. My observation is this place is superficial af. Long as shit look & sound nice, natives seem 2 be cool. This reality don't sit well w/my folks

Chicago fed up, tryna get my attention 2 pull me away from this crazy mess I seem 2 be in. Miami annoyed cuz outsiders seem 2 be all in the kool aid & don't kno the flavor. Both sides have been brutally hurt by the things they fear, which inspires more fights 💔
Chicago, I'm ag. I connected 2 his soul & EvErYthing in there is exactly what I need. However, I'm no fool. I'm revealin his soul 2 him, allowing him 2 make the best decision 4 him. Wanna be helpful? Send love n lite. Otherwise, back up 💜😘 #ElectricLady #TwerkNTone #TeamAlchemy #LuvNLite #HealChallenge #selflove #depthofmysoul #deepthought #meditation #keepswimming #mindovermatter #myvitaminsea #oceanofsoul #oceanoflove #myconfortzone #deepseadiving #oceans #beachs #rivers #fullmoon #thisthingcalledlife #periscope #fullmooninscorio #fullmoonceremony #pleiadian #aliensex #scorpio #magictribe #letyourmagicout #crystalsingingbowls

Growin up, I spent most of my time w/my Granny. She's a retried celebrity chef & actually went on the road 2 cook 4 her fave artists. She loooooovvvved her some Patti & Luther Hunni 🎶😇 I remember the stories of injustice she'd come home & vent 2 her family about. She'd report 2 work b4 the crack of dawn, be a 1 woman show seasoning, cookin n producing ThE best food display u eva wanted 2 see/eat/smell, clean everything & the last 2 leave. Just 2 not get paid, or paid a fraction of what she was promised 💔😪 She was strugglin on the West Side of Chicago, attemptin 2 provide 4 her own 4 children & her daughter's 4 children. No matter how tough times got, her faith was always higher than the sky

On the toughest days, she'd blast this song, dance, praise, cry & cook. I observed & fell in love w/everything I saw. Although I was a child, I connected 2 my Granny's pain. B4 I could get a good prayer in, she was off praising, yellin 'Woooo' n stompin... What a site 4 soar eyes 😍! Then her blessings would come pourin in. Her incessant, consistent worrying forced em away just as quick doe 💔

If ur life is a bit tough right now. Give urself permission 2 praise anyway. 4 when u praise, u realize u have nothing 2 fear over or stress about. Energy's raised & blessins reign in. May this classic awaken ur soul like it always does mine 💜😇 Dear Patti, thx 4 always being a beautiful model of what a healthy , melanine-rich wombman should be. Seein u praise in public all my life,gives me the gull 2 try it out now. Been learnin from u since I got here n ur lessons NeVa get tired. We never met b4, but I have 2 say thank u. Ur voice has delivered the souls of 5 generations in my family alone. WoW! U r powerful & appreciated #ThankU 🙏😇💜 #ElectricLady #TwerkNTone #HealChallenge #TeamAlchemy #LuvNLite #selflove #depthofmysoul #deepthought #meditation #keepswimming #mindovermatter #myvitaminsea #oceanofsoul #oceanoflove #fullmoon #thisthingcalledlife #periscope #fullmooninscorpio #pleiadian #aliensex #scorpio #magictribe #letyourmagicout #crystalsingingbowls #soundhealing #galacticcenter #hunabku #soundbath #worklikeagoddess

Peace World

What ur about 2 read is gonna open ur mind. That's y I'm posting it.

I NeVa heard of most of the shit I learned from reading this book! So, it's only right I share pix of the most most insightful pgs.

Last yr, my Mom & I were talkin about God. When the Bible came up, I asked her who wrote it. She gave me some mature blow off, that basically meant she didn't kno. Our convo ended, but my search had just started.

The way I see it, the Bible is a book & all books r written by a human. Who wrote the Bible was what I asked the Universe. A yr later, I read a book that finally answered my simple question

2 all of u super religious humans, it behooves u 2 become more educated on Y ur instructed 2 do shit the way u do. This is my 1st life & I expected 2 learn religion from u. I was scrutinized, mistreated & talked about on a regular. Just cuz my glo was feared. Although I lack religious knowledge, realize I'm spiritual af & ur behavior is the exact opposite of what God expects from his children. Pls go deal w/ur pain so u can stop passin negativity around like candy.

Sheesh! It feels goid 2 teach others hiw 2 treat u 💜. Like I said, I was raised a Jehovah's Witness/Baptist Christian. That reality was as crazy as it looks 😵😳. I learned young that I get 2 have my own relationship w/God. Inspired by others, but led by me 😇. Regular Church goers (of whatever denomination) have been some of ThE most judgmental, love-less humans I ever encountered. Perhaps that's bc the very nucleus of what they believe in is formed on a lie... 😕

Do urself a favor & get right w/God b4 u go left. Time ain't 4eva. I'm ur sister & I love u. That's y this lesson hurts so bad. May the pain bring ur soul 2 life

#ElectricLady #TwerkNTone #HealChallenge #LuvNLite #TeamAlchemy #selflove #depthofmysoul #deepthought #meditation #keepswimming #mindovermatter #myvitaminsea #oceanofsoul #oceanoflove #myconfortzone #deepseadiving #oceans #beachs #rivers #fullmoon #thisthingcalledlife #periscope #fullmooninscorpio #fullmoonceremony #pleiadian #aliensex #scorpio #magictribe #letyourmagicout #crystalsingingbowls

The Ocean will perform Halftime at the Manor Vs. Hendrickson game this Friday at the Manor ISD SPorts Complex located at FM973, Manor, TX 78653. #TSU #TxSU #OceanOfSoul

Final Destination...... Westerly Rhode Island! 💗💗💗 #rhodeisland #ocean #beautiful #happyplace #beach #oceanofsoul

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