I just can't😂

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts, I'm very busy with school at the moment😕

How are you all doing, Losties?☺

Which of the numbers is your favorite? Mine is 4☺

Is anyone going to the Lost reunion/meetup in a year in Hawaii?🙈
Check out @thelostcon_ for more info!!🚨
(Credit to @oceanic815.lostie)

I'm on my way to German Comic Con in Berlin now! So excited! Is anyone of you going to be there?☺
In spring I will most likely meet Emilie de Ravin (Claire) and Ian Somerhalder (Boone) bc they'll be on the Magic Con in Germany😍😍😲 so excited! (Stolen from @lostmedia_)

Is anyone of you going to German Comic Con in Berlin?
I'll be there this sunday🙈

Finished Prison break on netflix last night after after a long time! So sad, such a cool show,I totally recommend it!☺ But I'm excited for the next season!
What show are you watching at the moment?

Is it just here in Germany or is anyone else already wearing a scarf because of the weather?
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Whoa I was do inactive but now it's autumn break for me so I can post more😜

I'm so sorry I missed the 12-years-of-Lost-day! I was on an exchange last week and totally forgot! I hope you all did enjoy it like @rominaleis, who took this amazing photo😄👍

Sorry for the lack of posts guys! My last year of school has started and it's already very stressful! I hope you understand that I often only find time to post at the weekend☺ I'll try my best to post as often as possible though ❤

Oh crap😂

Only Losties will get it😂

Tomorrow is my first day of school after 6 1/2 weeks of break😕 it's my last year of school as a student ever and I'm extremely sad about that😢😢
But I started something a year ago which is a diary I tried to write in every day(didn't work out every day but often) and it's very great bc you can just flat through the pages and remember certain things you were emotional about or any other events, which is very cool and I think it's the best way to always remember my final years of school!🙈❤

What was one thing you guessed right?🙈

I'm just reposting @matthewfoxroxx pics 24/7🙊👌

Drive shaft poster in the background 👌

When does your school start again?☺

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