See my Facebook profile for the full length video. Couldn’t get it all on here as it is over a minute. Since the the "backhand banana flick" originated, table tennis has changed dramatically! Many players of all standards worldwide have turned this into a weapon/their main service receive.
It can also be used during a point (typically when players push short to each other). The banana flick certainly is a good one as it allows players to attack first/control the point from the get go. This can be scary to have to deal with!!! This shot has become such a weapon that players want to use it from everywhere on the table!
There are ways to counter/play against this shot when someone repeatedly does this. Typically, serving short to the forehand wide, long to their backhand, serving lower, etc there are quite a lot of ways.
On the other hand, there are also ways to get good against players trying to stop you from doing this.The purpose of banana flicking is to take control of the point. Players should be ready to follow up with another strong shot on the next ball, otherwise the purpose is defeated.. Lets visualise it with examples.. The video shows the following:
Point 1: Using this shot aggressively to win the point

Point 2: Serving wide, anticipating my opponent doing this shot, and blocking back really wide to win the point.

Points 3,4,5: Using this shot and being ready for it to come back to my backhand (it almost always does, but must be ready for the ball coming back anywhere), then trying to hammer the ball/be quick enough to cover it back quick.

Some clips of me building this set play in practice

Final point: Combination of this set play and some crucial footwork required (for discussion in future)

Highly recommended: Do fast but suitable multiball training fast. Ideally to the speed of your limits(where you can keep up but its difficult and feels quick for you). The idea is that it is faster than a match and come match time: you'll feel like the flash. #multiball #match #oceaniachampionships #flick #tabletennis #training #buildingskill

Throwback to the 2018 #OceaniaRoad Championships with Australian Champion @lukeplapp powering to gold in the time trial. Luke is in action on the track this week in Switzerland at #Aigle2018 Junior Worlds. #OceaniaCycling #Cycling #RoadCycling #TimeTrial #Tasmania #OceaniaChampionships 📸 @caity.j.photog

After one of the toughest weekends I’ve experienced, with a full day of competition on the Friday and then backing it all up again on the Sunday, I managed to come away with two Silver medals during my time in Tahiti - 2nd place at the 2018 Oceania President’s Cup and 2nd place at the 2018 Oceania Championships.
Disappointed to not take gold on both occasions but always truly humbled and very grateful for amazing opportunities like these, especially considering my decision to compete was extremely last minute! A massive thank you to my coach @aliglobal who in preparation for this test, pushed me close to breaking point but revived my hunger to win. Also a big thanks to the coaches who looked after me on the days of competition and sat in the chair: Karim Dighou, @shanewhiteway and Jerry Moraitis. Lastly, a thanks to my family, everyone at @globalmartialarts and all those who’ve supported me, as well as the good people of Tahiti who made us feel so welcome in their beautiful country! - P.s. apologies for the late post 🌴🏄🏼‍♂️🏆 #taekwondo #tahiti #frenchpolynesia #presidentscup2018 #oceaniachampionships #globalmartialarts #australia #teamaus

2018 Oceania Championships in Tahiti
Under 30 1st place. One more Gold medal
I have successfully completed Australian national team coach.
#frenchpolynesia #presidentscup #tahiti #poomsae #sparring #australia #coach #oceania #oceaniachampionships #national #team #training #malaysia #일상 #일등 #품새 #금 #메달 #금메달 #태권도 #kukkiwon #kukkiwon_kr #호주 #코치 #말레시아 #WTO

Our very own IR, Sir Colin currently refereeing at the Oceania Championships and Presidents Cup in Tahiti! We hope you are enjoying your experience and learning new skills along the way!
Sir Colin was also fortunate enough to meet our Team Taya athlete, Heaven's family, who also do Taekwondo in Tahiti! Amazing how TKD can bring people from different parts of the world together ☺️

Congratulations to Safwan, Emily & Tom; our 3 GMA athletes who have made it into the finals at the OCEANIA CHAMPIONSHIPS in Tahiti!
Be sure to wish them the very best of luck!!🇦🇺🇦🇺#GMA #globalmartialarts #taekwondo #oceania #oceaniachampionships #finals #aussieathletes

Have you met @desreebarness? Des’ree is crushing it in 2 sports for Australia! As a BMX rider she is stepping up to race at the Superclass level this year while also repping Australia at the recent Oceania Weightlifting Championships and picking up bronze.
#Australia #bmx #bmxlife #weightlifting #lifter #oceaniachampionships #ausbmx

#Repost @desreebarness with @get_repost
Downing that @kanguru_energy before practise sessions, tastes good, makes me feel good! What more could you ask for? #bemore #smartenergy #cleanenergy #kanguru #kanguruenergy

Oceania Taekwon-do championships Wellington 2018 ! 🎉Well done to Kevin who took home a gold & bronze medal. 🥇🥉 #oceaniachampionships #taekwondo #hardwork #dedication #medals #nzfitness

Thanks to Straun for some awesome photos of the crew in action at the Oceania Championships! #archery #coach #earned #oceaniachampionships #investinexcellence

First Oceania champs done for 2018 and what an experience 🎯 Going into this competition I didn’t know what to expect and had the goal to have fun, which I can say was achieved 😁 The first day was getting used to the new range, seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones and getting into my rhythm 🏹 The completion came with a lot of struggles and I can say that I didn’t shoot as well as I wanted, but never the less I was able to pull it back and finish each day with a positive note 🇦🇺 This tournament has taught me so much and helped me to become a stronger person. And one thing I can take out of this, is that you learn more from a bad day than a good one 🎯 Thank you to my family for travelling to this beautiful country with me, Thank you to Callan for helping me talk to new people, thank you to my coach and sponsers, Thank you to my teammates and friends back home, Thank you to New Caledonia for holding such an incredible event and a big thank you to all my fellow archers for helping me enjoy this tournament ❤️ This tournament is another step in my journey, and it won’t be the last one 😊 #archery #oceaniachampionships #girlswhoshoot #keeptraining #nevergiveup #australia #newcaledonia #australianteam #archeryaustralia #athlete #staystrong #nottheend #slickstrings #hardworkbeatstalent #headheldhigh

Wow what can I say that hasn’t already been said? 2018 NZ Nationals/Oceania Championships are over and what an amazing tournament it was!

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to my instructor @teammarktrotter Mark Trotter for all of your support and encouragement!
To my TMT Squad mates, thank you for pushing me and supporting me you guys are truely the best!

To the results!
I had a fantastic tournament! 1st Dan Patterns Gold 🥇 Senior Power Silver 🥈 Sparring Bronze 🥉
To my Auckland North Female Team, guys we did pretty good!
Gold Team Specialty (yea this chick can totally jump!)
Gold Team Sparring (whoop whoop)
Silver Team Power! (MVP @piphenry 7 years!!) So once again a huge thank you to ITKD and the tournament organisers for running yet another fantastic tournament and to all the officials and volunteers who made this weekend possible!

And finally I want to say thank you to my first instructor and coach Mr Terry Edwards, thank you for your continued support and for telling me I had to enter my first tournament when I was a white belt!
#watchthisspace #tmtlegacy #itftkd #tkd #goldmedal #oceaniachampionships #thankyouteam #worldcuphereicome

Super proud of these two archers today. Liv won Silver in U17 Woman’s Recurve Matchplay at Oceania Youth Championships and Brady Foster won Silver in U21 Men’s Recurve after a tough match against Struan.

Both archers have put in so much work leading into this event and I am proud of them both.

Also Bradley reminded me that this month is the 18 Month mark of his archery career. 18 months of shooting and he has already come this far! I look forward to seeing what else he has in his future.

#archery #coach #athlete #oceaniachampionships #greenteamdreamteam18 #ndtdreamteam #goldendragons #investinexcellence

So in the Semi Finals of the Cadet Woman’s Recurve Match Lil Liv gave me a heart attack. I was standing behind one of our junior men and I looked down the line and notice Liv wasn’t where she was meant to be. I went running to find her, told her was shooting and she ran down to the target now in hand and I followed with scope and score board.
Liv steppes onto the line with 39 seconds left in the last end, Shot a 7 high and then followed with a 10, and a 9 to Win her first set. The match then continued with one of the finest displays of shooting by not Liv and Her opponent with Liv eventually taking the match and advancing to the Gold Medal Match.
Proud of her ability to pull that out, it speaks strongly to the ability she has within her to be a champion.
I hope never does that to me again though! 😂.
#archery #coach #athlete #oceaniachampionships #investinexcellence

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