This is one of the few times I’ve actually agreed with Rich Dad. Do you know what your “financial planner” charged you for your investments? Hint: it is NOT based on how much he/she earns for you (i.e. your portfolios performance doesn’t matter) - it is based on your portfolios value.

If you have $10k and it earns a 0% return this year, your portfolio is now worth ~$9,800 (depending on the commission rate) because the advisor always gets paid, usually 1-3%. Ask your person.
There is a better way to invest where YOU control your investment. It’s called “real estate” and it’s easier to participate in that you might think! Ask me how!

My first beer at home in months... couldn’t think of a better option than Tennent's Lager from The Lion Rampant Scottish Pub & Private Liquor Store! #scottishbeer #scottishpub #maplebay

Trying out the pup on a short camping trip... to the inlaws’ backyard. Forgot about the rooster. #Camping #LongWeekend #IslandLife #AwakeAt430 #TheRoosterDiesAtNoon

View from the new office
#nocomplaints #view #oceanfrontoffice

Here it is... the challenge of the century!!! My business partner, Andrew, and I are involved in a 6 week fitness challenge with @skillzcan to raise money for @kidsport.cowichan and lose some weight!! Support #TeamBruce as I kick #TeamAndrew ‘s butt all for a great cause, kids’ fitness!! Want to support? Please DM me!!

Working from my mobile office this afternoon💙 Thank you @apple iPhone. #girlboss #oceanfrontoffice #perks #workingnotworking #apple

Time for some “me” time, supporting my boys in Vancouver!! Going retro for the win!!

I don’t care what anyone says, It’s not work when your office looks like this!!!
We have the luxury of running our business from our cell phones from anywhere in the world! Ask us for information if you would like to learn how you can too. ReneandBrenda@gmail.com or Rene and Brenda’s Pura Vida Marketing on Facebook #puravida #laptoplifestyle #lifeonourterms #costarica #oceanfrontoffice #onlinework

@lasvegasgoldenknights vs @edmontonoilers at @tmobilearena on Thursday was a blast!! Great atmosphere (too many Oilers fans for this Canucks fans liking!), great show plus we got entertained and got to be part of a legitimate Elvis-officiated wedding!! Ah @vegas you never disappoint! Our first @lionrampantpub #pubtrip was awesome!!

Found Rocky on the top of this 3-story beach front home rooftop deck.....haha said he was looking for new customers #Perritteservices #oceanfrontoffice

Because even when you’re crazy busy in business, you’ve got to take time for the things you love!!!

Sneak peek at my new venture...

A bit more about gurus and their traveling “free seminar” crap. Seriously... get out there and buy real estate, but you don’t need $thousands for stupid weekend events or cash flow board games from “gurus” - many who haven’t done what they claim! You need direction. Hit me up!

Real estate gurus or not? You decide.

The perfect homemade, stuffed crust pizza... oh.my.

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