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The garage grind has been real lately. Here is one of the only times this year that all three machines were together! #OCDlife

Rp bc I didn't crop it properly 😩 #ocdlife. .only sometimes..|| don't forget to follow @poeticeight check our posts out 🌌 💫
#islamicreminder #islam #arabicquote

Drinking a margarita while I p-touch and reorganize my kit. What else would you expect me to do on a Friday night in Vegas? Also, yes I brought my p-touch (and an extra cartridge) because I totally preplanned this 💁
#ocdlife #makeupartistproblems

It’s the first snow since the that fateful day 😄❄️🌨💍
Stephen was a fabulous sport and recreated the shoot with me for our nearly 1 year anniversary 😍
#wedding #snowwedding #ocdlife

I gotta say the 1% pin from @ruinedrep looks mighty fine on my #GoldPin jean jacket. #OCDLIFE #PinCrüe While u keep it 💯, we keep it 💀.

Have you started using this new feature in Instagram??? I’m in love!! 😍 💛🧡❤️💜💙💚 #organizeallthethings #bestfeature #teacherlife #ocdlife

A perfect representation of my OCD! Fold in half, then in half again, lay with alternating waistbands. Performance tights, black tights, rehearsal tights. I embrace my crazy🙌🏻! #ocdlife #nycballet

I know how tough it is to struggle and not have anyone to talk to because of fear of judgement thats why I'm here to provide support to anyone who needs it. My DM is open to everybody. Please if you are struggling contact me, you don't have to go through this by yourself. 🙏🙏🙏
#Mentalhealth #bipolarshow


Love getting organised! Loving my new addition Si by Giorgio Armani perfume 🙌🏻 #kyliecosmetics #giorgioarmani #ocdlife

Drinking a margarita while I p-touch and reorganize my kit. What else would you expect me to do on a Friday night in Vegas? Also, yes I brought my p-touch (and an extra cartridge) because I totally preplanned this 💁
#ocdlife #makeupartistproblems

5⃣ After one of my trips to Maryland, I came home and Adam shared with me some really scary thoughts he'd been having. I asked, If this were me, coming to you, what would you tell me to do? He looked me in the eyes and said, I'd want you to get help.

So he did. He got help. He also stated a new job, and started on medication. We began to see the light return to him. It was incredible the transformation that took place. I had never realized how bad things had gotten until I started to see my Adam come back to me. It was as if we both breathed a collective sigh of relief. "Ahhh. THERE you are. I've missed you." However, he wasn't "cured" - he still isn't. The other day Adam insisted I park the car a very specific way into the garage and in exasperation and frustration I threw my hands in the air and said, "I just don't understand!" His reply, just as frustrated as I was: "Yeah, well I don't either!" stopped me in my tracks. It was one of many realizations that he'll be dealing with this from now on.

I also began to experience true anxiety for the first time in my life. It was as if Adam's symptoms were rubbing off on me - sympathy pains, if you will. I have felt depression before. Anxiety is NOT depression. I understand they sometimes go hand in hand, but I learned for myself this past year what exactly the difference is. I asked Adam, is that what it feels like? The tightening of the chest, dropping of the stomach, restricted breathing and airways. Battling reoccuring thoughts. What I experienced was nothing to Adam's anguish, but it was enough.

In Maryland, we lived in an 1100 square foot house. We tripled the size of our house when we moved to Utah. At first it was nice - especially in the winter, don't get me wrong - but soon enough it began to feel heavy. It began to feel like "too much," and suddenly I couldn't keep up. The big was overwhelming. Our house was too much, our things were too time-consuming. Things felt disingenuine. Not real. Not mine. (This is part 5 of the #mroseannouncement)

today at school happened something that was a little annoying I was eating a crepe with chocolate and after a little bit the chocolate started going everywhere and then I went in a place that I was alone to eat it so nobody was watching me eating the crepe
#ocd #ocdproblems #socialanxiety #ocdlife #socialanxietylife

as I said in my second post i get sick when I have to do something for the first time or first day somewhere. This year the first day of school happened something really weird. I woke up in the morning and I couldn't drink my milk because I was sick and I said okay I don't have to worry every time happens this to me. The second and the third day happened the same thing and then was when I started to worry.The days were passing and every morning I was drinking milk it made me feel sick.I also tried in the weekend but nothing was changing. Then I tried other types of milk but nothing. From that day and then I can only drink soya milk in the morning but other hours I can normally drink milk.
#ocd #ocdproblems #socialanxiety #ocdlife #socialanxietyproblems

today didn't happen much that annoyed my ocd so instead of writing something about today I will make a list of little situations that I hate.
1. typing when someone is watching me
2. earing in public
3. when I have to order food at a restaurant
4. when I have to order food by calling them
5. when a teacher tells all the names and have to say I am here
6. when a teacher asks me to tell my homework
7. cycling a answer in a test but the cycle isn't perfect
8. I can't walk without socks it really annoys me
9. having small conversations
#ocd #ocdproblems #socialanxiety #ocdlife #socialanxietyproblems

100% 🙋🏼‍♀️. I’m gonna bitch if you don’t ask to help me, and I’m gonna bitch when you do it wrong. And just so you know, your way is always wrong, so don’t even ask to help! 🤣🤣🤣#myway #ocdlife #loadingthedishwasherisascience #nonotlikethat #kidless

I will tell you some of the fears that I have and some that I don't have
1. I want to count every thing that I do or touch and I want that the number is 1,3,5...... 2. I want to touch specific things
3. I want to double check things
4. I think that every thing I do has got to be perfect because if I do a mistake I will remember it for a really long time
5. I get really nervous about making conversation or order food
6. before doing something important like travel or first day somewhere I get really sick I have stomach ache and I vomit ( I know it is disgusting but I will write the true )
7. I had to write 7 ( to see why go to number one)
fears that I DON'T have but are common
1. germs
2. natural disasters

#ocd #ocdproblems #ocdlife #socialanxiety

Refuse to get this truck dirty #cummins #fisher #xv2 #ocdlife #twootherigstogetdirty

That's the only reason!

Honestly, the primary reason for why I make these posts regarding my mental health is because I need somewhere to vent and let out my frustration. However, a small part of me also does it because I hope that someone, who is going through similar problems, can find solace and comfort in knowing that they are not alone - and so it warms my heart everytime someone messages me and tells me that my posts did just that.

About a week ago I was contacted by a group of people who run a page called joyforjan. Sadly, their mother decided to end her life and now they are honoring her by shining a light on mental illness. They said that they liked my content and asked me if I would be interested in giving my best advice to other people suffering from OCD. Obviously I agreed to it as this is one of the things that matters most to me: helping others with their mental illness. Go check out mine and a ton of other peoples videos on their page and drop them a like to show them just how awesome they are!

(Don’t forget to swipe right👉🏻📱) @jonescreamer battles #severeocd & shares with us his single best tip of advice: REACH OUT 🙏🏻🙏🏻
✨It’s hard enough to have a mental illness, it’s almost impossible to fight it alone.....you don’t have to 🐶👭💑#letpeoplehelpyou #givethemachance 💚💙

It’s the first snow since the that fateful day 😄❄️🌨💍
Stephen was a fabulous sport and recreated the shoot with me for our nearly 1 year anniversary 😍
#wedding #snowwedding #ocdlife

When the messy tree skirt gets too much for your ocd 🎄🙈 ✨Mostly I can’t wait to re-use it as a miniature bath tub for Wolfe 🛁👶🏼💦
#ocdlife #christmasdecor

October 16-22 began with a glut of ocd anxiety over the need to clean the house, which isn’t that unusual for me, and ended with seeing the Carolina Ballet do an stirring and creepy rendition of three different Halloween pieces (The Raven was amazing. A darn clever interpretation.). If you’ve been reading my feed then you probably know that getting to actually attend the events I️ have tickets for *is* highly unusual. What happened in the middle? I️ let my doctor take another stab at some epidural trigger point injections. I️ was zooming on steroids for a few days post, but sadly just like the other times doctors have tried to perform epidural magic on me, the spell only lasted about 3 days with the follow up injections only serving to make my pain and my obsessive compulsive behaviors worse and worse. So it goes. Planner kit by @stationstickers, cute polar bears, etc by @lovepipsticks #chronicpainsucks #chronicpain #chronicbabe #plannerlove #plannercommunity #pipsticks #stationstickers #carolinaballet #ocd #ocdproblems #ocdlife #stickersstickersstickers #stickerlove

Snow day ☺️ Watching the Office with pup and love ❤️ .
#real #snowday #ocdlife

💧So today I gathered up all my oils and updated my inventory sheet. This is such an easy way for me too keep track of the oils that I’m out of, low on, or have extras of. Especially great for when we have promotions, bogos, and all the other fun stuff going on. 💧You can download and print this for FREE from @shareoils. So amazing that they made this list for us, it even includes the new oils. ❤️
💧Here’s a little oil tip for you all... laminate your sheet! It’s so easy. I just laminated mine with my laminator, but you can buy self-seal sheets from amazon. Just wipe clean and re-write anytime you need to update your list. Thanks to my girl @hillarylamay for this amazing idea and keeping us all oilganized!
#shareoils #laminate #feedtheocd #ocdlife #listmaker #oilganized #essentialoils #effective #getstarted #healthy #natural #naturalsolutions #naturalalternative #oils #essentiallyinlove #doterraoils #doterra #manifestation #lawsofattraction #sharethelove #wellness #leader #inspire #selfcare #Christmas #givethegiftofwellness

⚫️💎⚪️ Family Kitchen Goals ⚪️💎⚫️ who wants to come home to this? #cleaning #ocd #cleanlife #homelife #homegoals #decor #interiordesign #kitchen #kitchengoals #homedecor #ocdlife #grey #black

Not sure what the book’s about, but the cover was so aesthetically pleasing that I had to snap a pic 😄
#ocdlife #real #wildwood #judgingabookbyitscover

People like to say "everyone is a little autistic", "everyone is a little bit OCD", etc. No this is not true. Autism and OCD is not just some personality trait that's just thrown around. EVERYONE IS NOT A LITTLE AUTISTIC. A loud noise bothering you in a loud environment does not make you instantly understand autism or any other type of disability. And being organized doesn't make you understand OCD. We have autism and OCD, you don't. So stop acting you you understand because everyone is a little autistic or OCD. #autism #autismspectrumdisorder #asd #autistic #autismlife #ocd #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #obsessive #ocdlife #actuallyautistic #actuallyocd

Literally me 🤣🤣 there are so many things about me people don’t know and one of them is I️ am a clean-aholic OCD freak. I️f you think your place is clean I’ll find somewhere that hasn’t been touched. Only close friends and family know. Just to be clear I️ am still cool and young. But a vacuum that can clean every square inch of my house and hard to reach places is even more cool 😎 😏. #momlife #ocdlife #cleanfreak

Swipe👉🏻👉🏻 This is something I normally don't post or talk about because it's more for the customers satisfaction to me but I've spent about 6 hours just pressure washing the whole underneath of this truck, the frame caked with mud and oil from typical truck problems and uses. From where I'm gonna be adding, to where I left off from the front kit install and man does is show. These are the kind of things that you get when you come to #estfabrication for your wants and needs. I'd rather spend a few extra hours cleaning up the truck all around for a better overall outcome of the build and vehicles look itself then to just do my task at hand and return it. I take 100% pride in my work and most of the time I exceed what I would even expect to have on my own truck (everything as perfect as possible). I want you to get your vehicle or whatever it is im doing for you back better then it was, and these are the things the owners notice and that's what matters to me. This is what makes your customers permanent. The best part about it I just foam cannoned it and detailed it just to get it dirty, grind the frame in spots and cut the bed up 💦💅🏻🤙🏻🇺🇸💯 #gotheextramile #thatswhatido #meticulous #ocdlife #thisiswhatpridelookslike #craftsmanship #takeprideinyourwork #itshows #passion #iliveforthisshit #nohalfassness #thisiswhatmakesmestandout #watchmebethe #gamechanger #imjustflexin #estbuilt #estfab #estfabrication #esttreatment #luxuryprerunner #prerunner #detailed #takecareofyourcustomers #nowtobuildsome #racetruckshit #offroadtruck #bigshocks #alotoftravel #madeintheusa #itsanestthing @kowa18 @wicked_builds @wicked_prerunners @ultimateprerunners @prerunnerdaily @chevy.prerunners @prerunner_army @prerunnerkings @got_prerunner @luxuryprerunner @dirtkingfabrication @atlassuspension @kingshocks

He gave up trying to set up the tree; he gets it | #ocdlife 🎄😇 @christopherjohnhession
#youcandotheangel #fambam #nodogs #christmas #xmas #christmastree #simplethings

Three things occur for me every year at Christmas. 1. Rory and I host a turkey dinner for his Dad and family. 2. I am a part of (this year I’m hosting) a cookie exchange between friends. 3. My extended family ( 7 siblings, their spouses and kids and their spouses and kids and even some of them, like myself, have spouses and kids) rents a hall and has a massive pot luck Christmas dinner.
Another thing that occurs this time of year: spend $225 at superstore and receive a free fucking turkey. You bet your ass I budget the entire month of November and December in order to spend enough to get my free turkey. This week is my week. I have a list of my supplies that I’ll need for the rest of the month and I’m getting that tasty turkey. I’ve written this list out three times making sure I go up and down every aisle in order, not forgetting a single thing. Yes, I’m that person, I make lists for my lists! #ocdlife #christmasshopping #christmasfoodshop #itsabiggie #lovegroceryshopping #lovelists #lovehosting @michellekat876 you’ll be proud.

It's the little things that make my heart 💓 #OCDlife #thelittlethings

I'm back and more feisty and passionate then ever and this week I'm going to be discussing the stigma surrounding mainly men who suffer with mental health disorders.
I'm exhausted from trying to educate people and I can live with stigma and ignorance towards me and my suffering but I really have this fire inside of me, pure anger for all the men out there because the stigma is so real, I see it everywhere daily and I cannot stress enough how important this is to me to talk about. There is such a high percentage of young males that suffer in complete silence because so many other people, mainly other men cannot comprehend or understand why this man isn't acting like a 'man'
First off we need to fuck off the stereotype that men are supposed to be strong, and have their shit together and keep everything private.
Fuck off, because do you know what happens then?! Higher suicide rates
Men are scared to openly talk about their mental health because of the most common response 'man up'.
I fucking hate that sentence so much, I can physically feel my blood boiling.
No one in this world can turn their mental health on and off with a switch.
None of us chose to suffer at any point in our life.
Even if it has developed through trauma or events later on in life. NO ONE CHOOSES TO BE POORLY AND NO ONE CAN JUST 'STOP'.
I know a handful of males that suffer and I also know a handful of males that have taken their own life.
If you are a male, who does not suffer then it may be more difficult for you to understand why a male may be showing these 'odd' behaviours, but it is so important that you open up your mind and you see mental health as something that is so equally important as physical health.
We need to help our men.
We need to protect our men.
I will scream and shout for the rest of my life doing whatever I can to break down this absolute piece of shit stigma and I will stand up for every single man on this planet that have not yet reached that point where they can openly discuss how much mental pain they are in.
We need to save lives.
I hurt for you all.

Is this a Self OCD obsession ?
#ocd #ocdproblems #ocdawareness #ocdmuch #ocdlife #sarcasm

Meeeee 😅 #ocdlife

The Speak Series : DECEMBER
Featuring: @awaywithocd. OCD Themes: Contamination & Reassurance. Check out how our girl Sara copes and what resources she finds useful. #thespeakseries

An older food throwback because I've been lazy and I like to keep my IG symmetrical, somewhat 😂
#fishandrice #healthyeats #foodporn #food #homecookin #chickenislife #cooking

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