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@spvrtan Tundra supposedly had a Super Charger. I think I can take him. Good meeting up with Kris. Good guy. #spvrtan #tundrascom #tundralife #oc_overland

into the wild, lost in trees

Really fun obstacle course, made it through without any major damages 😎

Had a great time exploring #desertx in Coachella valley / Palm Springs . Found a service road that lead up to some windmills on a hill 🤙🏼 #toyota4runner #4runner #4runnermafia #toyota4x4 #toyotaoffroad #trailrunning #4runnersdaily #4runner #4runnernation #4runnertrail #yota #yotamafia #oc_overland #desertx

It's Friday!

It's been real @overlandexpo We are headed out around 7:00AM tomorrow to head south and do Schnebly trail on our way back to Orange County. It was great meeting everyone and enjoying some great conversations. Hope to see you on the trails! @overlandingusa @overlandempire @occupyadventure @team_overland @boldoverland @overlandbound @overlandnv @arizona_overland @adventuristlife @adventure_day @russy_619 @maytey_619 @thejeepcalledyeti @thewildyolo
#OC_Overland #MakeAdventureReality #WhatsYour20 #1020Lifestyle #WeMustGo #CampLife🏕⛺️


Ok... We won't ask for anything ever again, ALL we want is this monster. Photo Via @pacificbikerguy

An amazing turnout for short notice today! It was a great time out with friends and super glad we were able to get a few newbies feet wet. We even managed to get someone stuck, she was a trooper! If you missed out this time - no worries! We will be hitting more trails soon!

Staging area! Great turn out for the run today! Let's get it!

We will be hitting Santiago Peak tomorrow morning at 8am sharp! This trail is rated easy and is more of a scenic route to the top! The ride will be fun and is good for all levels of experience. Definitely a great opportunities for photo ops! This is to get the community together on some dirt and put faces to names! If you are looking for difficult benders this isn't that. We will be grabbing lunch after and a few brews. Meet up location will be sent to FOR SURE confirmed rigs. Shoot us a DM if you are in! Come out!!!!

This thing is definitely on our Christmas list this year 😛🤤! Please tag the owner!


TGIF! We know some of the guys are headed to Anza this weekend, where is everyone else headed!? Photo Via @79series

Mods coming soon!! CANNOT WAIT!!!! Follow @oc_overland for the latest 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼 📸@kcsaysngo

Photo Via @rorck_t4r

It's FRIDAY!!! We are itching for some dirt!! Pack up, head out! Photo Via @outworldhq

It's Friday!

Our good friend AJ with the crisp flick! 🤤🤤 @fotornr

This taco/trailer combo is super legit!! Thanks for the tag!! @mademan925

Where is everyone headed this weekend!?! We are planning an easy trail run and meet up at the brewery after! Info will be posted soon!

Our team was out at gorman this past weekend scouting some locations for future trail runs/campsites. It was a great time. Here's our buddy @davidhcrawford in his classic 4th gen.

About to get it...happy Thursday!

Flippppppin' out waiting for the weekend to come, Literally! Photo Via @cruisergear

Boy, OH BOY! Every time we see this thing we are left speechless. Photo Via @tacorunner_

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