Summer is always been my favorite season🌻🔥#obong

A Nigerian man based in the United States, Thomas Takoh Obong, who recounted how his wife, Eze Purity has been a blessing to him, reportedly bought her a 2018 Lexus RX Sport 350 as birthday gift.Sharing photos of the birthday gift on Facebook, Thomas wrote;“Happy Birthday to My beautiful Wife Gosh, Allow me to do shakara with my Queen, My Everything, My Soul mate.. I have always loved you and will always do forever and ever.. you complete me, you are the best thing happening To me, you have sacrificed alot for me Nd you deserve everything my beautiful.. Here is a 2018 Lexus RX Sport 350 “whoop whoop”
As a gift from your kingto you My Queen. Am so proud of you, and am blessed to have you as My wife.. May God continue to bless you, you will be great, you will excel in every area of ur life, your life will be a testimony, God bless your new age.I will celebrate you everyday of our lives, i have you and i have everything..You complete me and I Love You now and Forever.. .
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..#obong #bestwifey #love #birthday #myeverything #tomatojos #akwaugo #powercouple
On her own part, the excited wife who appreciated her husband for being every woman’s dream, wrote;
April 14th 2018, was my best birthday so far. My husband surprised me with a brand new car 2018 SUV LEXUS RX350, Apple Watch with many other beautiful gift. What more can I ask for, I have everything that I want, my husband is a total package, I bless the day I met you, you are really indeed a blessing to my life, u complete my worldYou are the best husband and every woman’s dream man, husband material, handsome, muscular, tall, God fearing, hardworking, caring, loving, Nice , humble, Smart and above all u understand me so much more than any other person. I thank God every day for bringing u my way, u are best thing that has happened to me.
I love you so much my Obong , my best. Me and you forever God in heaven wil continue to bless you.I really do appreciate everyone that wished me well on my Day.Thank you so much.To my mom, u re the best, I love youMy 2best friend that came from another state to be with me on my birthday, you gals are awesome.My friends and family I really appreciate ur lov #jenjempire

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#Obong 😊😘❤

A man is defined by two things..ur patience wen u have nothing, and your behaviour when u have everything.. #Obong

Nek kene iki werno werno,
1 onok sek pling ayu
2 onok sek pling mbarik
3 onok sek paling pinter
4 onok sek paling ceblang ceblong
5 onok sek paling pekok
6 onok sek paling suarane nyelekit
7 onok sek pling mutungan
8 onok sek paling sregep mangan
9 onok sek paling sregep mider riwariwi
10 onok sek sregep turuuu
11 onok sek paling sregep sinau
12 onok sek paling wedinan
13 onok sek paling sregep keri
14 onok sek paling sregep sinau
15 onok sek hobi kunjungan mushola
16 onok sek hobi kunjungan uks
17 onok sek hobi kunjungan kantin
18 onok sek hobi kunjungan wc
Pokoke kue ki kabeh sek paling.. paling ... Poll
mileho dw ke nomer piro !
Tapi tetep aku seng paling poll gendutt😎

#obong obong 🔥
#salam kuaci 👋
#pencela beriman 👮
#exlusive yuhuuuu....

Yang namanya pacar pasti ada mantan pacar . Tapi tidak akan ada yg namanya mantan SAHABAT 😇😁 #bakar"crew#obong"#paseduluran

Murub maning.....😊

Leg of pork....smoked to perfecyion...#Obong

Age is just mind over matter, if you dont mind, it dont matter.
Happy birthday to this big headed person, if I do say so myself...
#Aries #Ak47 #Obong #BirthdayBoy #Birthday #+1 #AkLicious


Over twenty years ago i was extremely sick, in fact the ugliest person, back then would have rejected me if I was dashed out.
According to my mum, it was this same teeth (I am shinning right now) that made me almost lost my life.

The last day I left the hospital, was when my mum was blasted by the doctor, who said "it's not her fault, it's just because she (my mum) has a good H.M.O

My mum went home, sat me down and said (prophecy) to me "YOU THIS BOY, YOU WILL NOT DIE, YOU WILL LIVE, AND TODAY MARKS THE END OF THIS SICKNESS!

Forwarding to today, I will say I am glad, that I am living the path of greatness. That I have not let the foolishness of being a youth swiped me away. That I am impacting and willing to never stop.

Our patents wishes us well, unfortunately, not everyone wishes themselves well. They see us as saviour, but some of us do not see ourselves as Messiah to conquer what they could not achieve or become.

This is not me fulfilling my mothers prayer nor faith alone, this is me not neglecting the plans of God for my life.

Have you neglected the plans of God for your life, do you know the plans he has for you, or have you started fulfilling those plans?

Don't you know, that you are MORE THAN A #CONQUEROR

Hai hai...kabar gembira khusus wilayah Ruteng dan sekitarnya ☺
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Happy Sat Nite all 😘😘
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