Today I learned a great lesson that I will carry on throughout my Future Nursing Career. Ready for it? You aren’t going to please everyone, no matter how hard you try to be kind and for fill their needs. Today I had a patient who refused vitals, Accuchecks, CHG baths, hourly rounding, pretty much EVERYTHING. He wanted to be left alone and would call out when he needed something which I respected. Well toward the end of the day he wanted his insulin. Well, in order for him to receive his Insulin we needed to get his blood sugar... so I politely ask him if it’s okay to check it and he FLIPS OUT. He says I am trying to trick him. He is more intelligent than me. The entire 9 yards. So I just nod my head and walk out of the room. Then he tells the charge that he doesn’t want me to be his tech anymore 🙂 I went out of my way to another unit to get him ice cream, got him ice when he wanted it, I genuinely tried really hard not to piss him off, the best part is he never even asked for the insulin when the nurse came in for his blood pressure meds and his BP was well over 200 systolic 🙃

I have such wonderful friends ❤️

Going over the video chapters from the Hurst Review, finally activated my two weeks since I will be taking my NCLEX in September hopefully 🙏🏼

Day ✌🏻 out of 3

These are the books that helped me be successful in Fundamentals of Nursing! I highly suggest Test Success! It helped me get in the mindset for NCLEX style questions! 10/10 would recommend 📚🤓

Today is my last day doing my Labor & Delivery Nurse Apprentice Externship. Wow, what an experience it has been. These past 10 weeks have been challenging, yet so rewarding! I have gained a lot of knowledge from my amazing preceptors. I am so grateful to St. Luke’s Magic Valley for giving me this opportunity!

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First 12 hour clinical is in the books with my girl. OB is a blast! Births and babies. ❤👶 #obnursing #clinicals #postpartum #laboranddelivery

I finished my last OB clinical on Saturday. This was by far one of the most supportive groups of women I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I’d be proud to work beside each of you and I’d feel so relieved if you were my nurse. ❤️ 🏥👩🏻‍⚕️

Feeling sentimental tonight after finishing my last shift in Ohio and tossing my badge in a box (along with my carefully chosen Catholic hospital passing buttons). I've been so lucky to have a super supportive group of colleagues and I've learned a ton practicing here the last two years. #primarycare #obnursing

I got a Nursing job! I will be working in a Mom/Baby unit! 🏩👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍🎓👶🏻👶🏼
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When former patients become lifelong friends. SO MUCH LOVE. 💛 This outing beats out months and months of hospital dates...but that’s how some great friendships are born. As well as a kid with an amazing belly laugh.🌿✨// Mikro, Hamden, CT •

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I did not know @staples had a sock section!! If they were compression socks I probably would have bought them all

First of all can we just talk about how beautiful my roses are this season!? 🌹

Second of all I definitely recommend this pocket book to nursing students! I tutored OB/LD at my nursing school and always told my students to get it for clinical and studying! I feel like they need a dash or slash between OB/GYN and Peds 🤣 but other than that I love this little book!

For my residency program starting next month I’m going to remove all of the OB/GYN pages and keep this little book on me during my shifts for a quick Peds reference!

#obnursing #laboranddelivery #peds #pedslife #pocketguide

I finally bought a new car after complaining about my Nissan Altima for so long 😅 now I have car payments for the next 5 years but it’s soooo worth it 🤤 #fiat500x

Today we visited Threads of Love and made “lovies” for NICU babies !
Threads of Love is such an amazing organization that makes and accepts donations of quilted blankets and fabrics to create outfits for premature babies, who are too small to fit in normal newborn clothing, and comfort items like “lovies” for babies who cannot be held or touched by their parents. They also accept donations of wedding dresses to create burial clothing and make linings in caskets for babies who have passed. {If you guys want to donate please please do! HMU for donation details!}
Today I was reminded that, even through the struggle of early AM clinicals, pressing care plan deadlines and upcoming hell month with ATI exams {haha shout out to April}, I chose one of the most rewarding and amazing fields. I chose nursing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 💕 #dowhatsetsyoursoulonfire #nursingstudents #youdoyou

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And just like that another era has ended. Last night was my last capstone shift. 😳 Next time I work I’ll be the real thing, doing the things. #futureRN #futurenurse #obnursing #capstone #lastsemester

It’s been a hell of a work weekend.. And when you love your colleagues you know they deserve treats.... So you get up at 4am to make them your famous granola bars ❤️ #granolabars #homemadetreats #healthierthanmost #healthytreats #obnursesrock #obnursing #workweekends #nurselife #obnurselife #loveyourcoworkers

Love when I work as the unit secretary because then I can study and get paid at the same time 🤑

Yesterday on my first day of preceptorship I put I my first IV ever on baby 👶🏼 I was so proud of myself 🙂 I literally had the best day ever and love my preceptor so much, I’m so excited about all the things I’m going to learn about during these next shifts ahead 👩🏻‍⚕️

My mom made beanbags to show how much weigh a woman gains in pregnancy! These weigh about 30 lbs! #OBnursing #nurseautumn #nursingschool #nursingstudent #maternity #maternalhealth

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