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A new #daddysdevotional, "Who Needs Resolutions", just posted on #wordpress at daddysdevotional.wordpress.com. Check it out! #ObeyTheWord #BlessingsAwait #NewYearNewYou

I didn't respond well to something today. It's hard to watch your kids make stupid decisions. I can understand, finally, that pain of seeing them suffer from a stupid decision, especially after encouraging them to be careful who they trust. My response today was not with grace, I can assure you. I know some who say that we, as Christians, "think" we do everything right, when it's completely the opposite. I fail each and every single day, and why it's so important to have the Lord's grace in your life. I don't know how I could ever feel confident enough to move on after mistakes, without His grace. So even though my response today was because of a certain situation, ultimately I failed in my response to it. I know what the Word says, and I did not obey. ♡

Friday's Faithful Feeling-5/19:
A young person stays pure by obeying God's Word. #ObeyTheWord. #119Ps9.

Wisdom still speaks, any listeners?

#getwisdom #KnowGod #obeytheword #wisdomspeaks


Works for an old person too. #readtheword #obeytheword #beadoer

Friday's Faithful Feeling-5/19:
A young person stays pure by obeying God's Word. #ObeyTheWord. #119Ps9.

HAPPY HAPPY GRADUATION, Graduates!!! Change the world for Christ!! Adapt a Christian worldview!! Be different from the World!! #goagainsttheflow #bethechange #affect #influence #obeytheword #liveforJesus

The "Box" is precisely what we elect must get into.
"The Box" is THE WORD. The HolySpirit is the only one who gets us into The Real Word, not the surface level stuff. The Word must be masticated over and over and over again, day after day, week after week, and year after year until God is pleased to give us revelation of what the word means. Then when He is ready, He causes it to be distributed to the body of Christ. So if we get any understanding, it's only because it pleased God.
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