21 Day Ab Challenge‼️‼️Day 2- Isometric Holds

Day 2 is all about Isometric Holds
You have 2 mins total of Each Hold.
If you can hold it 2 mins straight that’s great! If not break up the time until you do a total of 2 mins for each one
______________________________________________________________Day 2
2MINS -LT Side Plank
2MINS-RT Side Plank

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Strength and Conditioning Class was packed. Good job yall. And you had plenty to do 12 exercises.
here is our workout for today

assault bike 45s
staggard stance squat 5 times switch feet 45s

Landmine chest press 45s
Marching planks (aka high low planks) 45s

Renegade row 45s
thrusters (squat to shoulder press) 45s

Agility ladder lateral in in out outs 45s
Med ball burpee slams 45

woodchops 5 per side alternate for 45s
plank to pike 45s

kneeling squats 45s
squat jumps for height 45s

repeat 1-2 more times
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You’re always one workout away from a good mood. So get up and get busy! LETS GET THIS WORK! 😜💪🏾

Why I use kettlebell swings so much with my clients and I?
A couple of sports scientists from the University of Wisconsin wanted to see how many calories one-arm kettlebell snatches would burn, so they devised a formula and protocol.

here is what they found. "So they were burning at least 20.2 calories per minute, which is off the charts," exclaimed one of the researchers. "That's equivalent to running at a 6-minute mile pace. The only other thing I could find that burns that many calories is cross country skiing uphill at a fast pace."
Based on their use of oxygen, the trainees burned 13.6 calories
their blood lactate levels and found they were burning an additional 6.6 calories per minute.

kettlebell swings maximal and explosive strength.

The aim of this study was to establish the effect that kettlebell swing (KB) training had on measures of maximum (half squat-HS-1 repetition maximum [1RM]) and explosive (vertical jump height-VJH) strength. To put these effects into context, they were compared with the effects of jump squat power training.

here is what they found
strength gains found were no significant difference between the effect of kettlebell swings and verticle jump height training

The results of this study clearly demonstrate that 6 weeks of biweekly KB training provides a stimulus that is sufficient to increase both maximum and explosive strength offering a useful alternative to strength and conditioning professionals seeking variety for their athletes.

Basically its a low impact high intensity excercise that can melt body fat while increase maximum explosive strength


ACE Fitness Matters Magazine, January/February 2010, pp. 6-16.

Basics are sometimes better! If you are not sure what to do, please contact me with any questions you may have! I’m happy to always help! #oakland #oaklandhealth #oaklandfitness #oaklandtrainer #bayareafitness #bayareatrainer #hellafit #builtbynando #npc #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitness

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21 Day Ab Challenge‼️ for the next 21 days I will be posting a core routine of the day. If you have been struggling to get rid of the belly fat. Follow this 21 day Ab challenge. When doing Abs you have to hit them three different ways. 1) Body Weight Abs 2) Isomertric Holds (I.e. Plank) 3) Weighted Ab Exercises. Each day will one of the three. Share this post with friends and let’s lock in for the next 21 days and get rid of some belly fat!
Now eating plays a huge part of the next 21 days. Keep it clean!
Contact me for the complete program with nutrition plan.
LETS GET THIS WORK!———————————————————
Day 1 of 21
50- V-Ups
100- High Knees
100- Mountain Climbers

Marie my amazon warrior dumbbell rowing 40lbs. She also has increase reps on the pullup bar.
Kellie is showing excellent progression and is ready for the strength-power phase of our training

Power Cleans and Plyometrics great combo 👌🏾. They compliment each other perfectly. The more you pair these movements the more you will see your explosiveness increase. Aka Jumping Higher and Cleaning more weight! That was a 54’’ Box Jump 😱... LETS GOOOOO!!! 😈💪🏾. What’s the highest Box Jump you’ve hit? 👀

Here’s a simple and easy exercise to practice on your recovery days or as part of your wind down in the evening!

Here I’m focusing on expanding my belly down to the floor (inhaling) and gently pulling my belly button to my spine (exhaling)

Im barely squeezing my abs. I’m actually focusing on trying to actively RELAX my muscles and let things hang loose! Letting go of the abdominal tone that we carry. The abs/solar plexus carry A LOT of tension due to all the stresses. Emotional, career stress, familial, personal, etc. and to top it off, cultural stress of having a flat stomach. We actually create a lot of problems by not allowing our organs to move and dance in our belly. Our abs aren’t meant to be tense ALL OF THE TIME 😉•
Try 3-4 sets of 10-15 long breathes a day and let me know what you discover!

Cheers to happy organs!

Oh... can you hear the sideshow in the background!? 🚗🚗😂😂
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Proper Technique and form is everything. When performing a Deadlift, It doesn’t matter how much you lift if your form is bad, you will eventually hurt yourself and possibly hurt your back. Since Deadlifts are so popular these days. Make sure you’re form is on point. Get in front a mirror or have some one film a couple reps for you. Being able to see yourself helps a lot. Here are some tips to good form on a Deadlift...
1)when you get into position to lift the weight. keep the bar close to your body. Have the bar against your sheens.
2)Drop your butt. And keep your chest up. Look straight ahead
3)keep arms Straight
4)Push thru your heels, pull the weight and keep your chest up the whole time.

LETS GET THIS WORK!💪🏾 Drop a 💪🏾 if you do Deadlifts👀

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Do you hate your life?
Try these. #trx sit-to-stand.
Its an execellent finisher and metabolic conditioning exercise. Will help you shed tons of bodyfat.

Ladies kneeling #squats are an excellent variation for building up glute strength. Add this your arsenal of you want to build a Gigantic derriere. #allbootiesmatter #butts.

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