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Bright colors, bright smiles and happy, beautiful faces. We are loving this special time at our #o2experience2017 to catch up with some of our #OrigamiOwl family!! 💕💗 We want to hear YOUR story! Comment below and tell us what being part of the Origami Owl family means to you!

This sky makes a 20 hour work day worth it. Convention prep is well underway. #origamiowl #o2experience2017 #mytimetoshine

The @origamiowl convention was amazing! In just 5 years this company has become so much. I've learned so very much from this experience and I'm extremely excited to show everyone not only what I've learned, but also the adorable new lines they have out for us to tell more of our stories! Thank you for this experience you've gifted me with! #o2experience2017 #livesparkly

I am OBSESSED with this new collection! 😍😍 #o2experience2017 #origamiowl #ineedthatwrap

Happy birthday @o2tyson Thank you for celebrating with us! #cofounder #origamiowl #o2experience2017

If you're here at the #o2experience2017, don't forget to check out the Jewelry Bars! How adorable is this set up for a Despicable Me Collection Jewelry Bar?! #origamiowl #o2despicableme


Work for a cause, not for applause, live life to express, not to impress #o2experience2017 #london #beautifulplace #spanishinlondon

I have to give a shout-out to my mentor @lana_van1!!! Thank you for always being there to cheer me on and answer my questions!

Sporting this cute little convention exclusive piece today! This year was our 5th convention and we got this adorable little plate to commemorate it! What will you commemorate with your plaque??

It’s the little things - like the fact that the floor in our warehouse being O2 blue! I loved going behind the scenes at convention this summer!

Alright, real talk. Origami Owl conventions are absolutely amazing. I've met so many wonderful people through convention (it's funny how you can meet someone from 10 minutes down the road 1000s of miles away!) and every minute is fun and exciting and just absolutely amazing. I can't believe I've been blessed enough to go to 2 conventions now and I always try to find one thing to be my major takeaway. By a landslide, this year's biggest takeaway was @thecoachdar's #levelup presentation! I was completely drawn in and it was such an amazing speech by a really amazing woman! It drove home some points that I've been working on and stressing to people for a while, while also helping me take that further! Thank's Coach Dar!!!

There is something so exhilarating about convention. Coming together with so many passionate, inspiring people is amazing. I have been so blessed to be able to attend both of the conventions since I joined the company and they're so educational and inspirational!!!

Happy #throwbackthursday! I've been thinking of all these beautiful ladies/teammates today! Let's go back to convention!
#origamiowl #origamiowllockets #origamiowljewelry #origamiowldesigner #lockets #livinglockets #locketsandcharms #locketsmakemehappy #jewelry #jewelrydesigner #nowthatshappy #charms #sparkle #girlboss #swarovski #crystals #whatahootlockets #forceforgood #livesparkly #O2Experience2017 #tbt

This has to be one of my favorite quotes from convention this year! What a reminder!

Once again @origamiowl took my breath away. I was in love with this #foundersfavorite from the moment I saw it on the screen at #o2experience2017 and even more now that it is in my hand. @bella__weems @chrissyweems @o2tyson @o2shawn this company is so much more than "just" direct sales. Thank you for your vision and sharing with us. This item means more to me than you will ever know, having my mom go forever home September of 2015. #allthefeels #didntstopcryingthatmoringinAZ #missmymom #alwayswithyou This item is available while supplies last, when it's gone they are gone. Just click the link in my profile and go to shop>trending and it's right there.

2 years has flown by but it doesn't feel like it's been that long. Patrick, I pray for you everyday that you have the strength to overcome temptation and continue building what we have.
#inspiringlove #joyfuljems #love #hooah #veteran #army💕 #armyvet #usaarmy🇺🇸 #armystrong #origamiowl #mytimetoshine #o2experience2017

When I went to Convention this year, I was fortunate enough to get to take a tour of our headquarters. This sign was there and I absolutely loved it. If I could summarize my experience with Origami Owl so far with one word, it would be this. It has been an amazing experience so far and I can't wait to see what comes next!

Fun Times @ Origami Owl Convention 2017 #o2experience2017

I was in shock, I actually did this...a small town, Canadian country girl actually won. I never thought it would happen and it happened! I won the award for 2017's most Inspiring Owlette! The emotions that night I experienced was like no other day I've ever had. Thank you to everyone that nominated me and believe in me. I have NEVER felt so much love and inspiration and so proud and happy to call Origami Owl my "Family" Love you all and feel so BLESSED to have met so many amazing friends and people. The O2 journey is truly amazing and if you think you will never get on the stage YOUR WRONG!!! I did it and have only been with O2 for a little over a year. So #dreambig and be a Force For Good and this moment might be yours. BELIEVE!!!! #❤️ "One Person Can" #skylits #origamiowl #mostinspiringowlette #canada #owlette #yeg #mytimetoshine #⭐️ #origamiowldesigner #blessed #throwback #origamiowlowlette #tears #love #joy #origamiowlcanada #family #happy #o2experience2017 #onstage #inspired #forceforgood #believe #onepersoncan

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