@hair_razor reposted the original pic of this drawing of mine today which was really nice but seeing it again made me realize the quality and lighting on it was really bad.
So I am reposting this drawing from May last year to show you all what it really looks like as the original pic does not do it justice. I had phone with a poor quality camera at the time 😂 #repost

Anyway what do you guys think?

Today I decided to finish off my drawing of the amazing @tastefullytash ! 👑 🌹
I had so much fun finishing it off since I got to use prismacolor pencils this time! And I am really pleased with how it turned out!! What do you guys think??

"Wake up and smell the roses" 🌹🌹🌹 This drawing is inspired by a pretty photo by @yourfriendandre
I did most of it with fabercastell pencils while I was at a market today and then finished off the face anf hair at home with my prismacolors 🎨✏ Anyway what do you guys think?? Btw I reposted cos the other was blurry on my feed

Hey guys I am colouring the flower icecream page in @kristinawebb 's colouring book at the moment and it's so fun :) I decided to make a little video of me colouring this is my first video I have ever made for instagram so sorry it's a little cringe 😂 Anyway what do you guys think?
And does anyone have any reccomendations for video editing apps I want a good one gotta be free though haha.
Also please tag Kristina!!! I might delete this later though, comment if should keep it up :)

I finished my drawing of @selenagomez this morning :) This is photocopy of my sketch which I coloured in and I am really proud of it! I'm going to finish the original price by just shading it more. Also may i just mention how amazing it is that she has over 100 million followers now!! Anyway what do you guys think?
And please tag her!!!

These are all my finished painted stones that I have at home at the moment. I haven't posted any pics of like half of them so here you guys go :) I also have like 20 on display for sale at an animal kennel place down the road from me. Anyway I am really proud of these and I find them really fun to paint so I will definitely start making many many more in three weeks (after I have finished all my exams). I also have another market day coming up on the 12th so I'm excited for that :) Anyway what do you guys think? (Ps. Zoom in if you want better look :P )

I have a new obsession...
This morning I really wanted to create some new art but I had no idea what to do all I knew is I wanted to try something new. I came accross my pastels I got like 2 years ago both never used and thought 'omg I should draw a sunset with pastels!' So here it is and I am actually really proud of it especially because it was my first time using pastels in forever (I always mind a avoided them because they were so damn difficult haha)
I definitely ain't afraid of no pastels no more haha. So there will be more where this came from :) Also I really encourage you guys to step out of your comfort zone with art, try a new medium, draw something you have never drawn before or even just give art a go! You can do amazing things when you break out of your comfort zone never underestimate yourself but also remember to get good it often take a lot of practice but don't give up you'll only get better and better if you keep going :) Anyway what do you guys think?

I'm not far off finishing this painting :) and tbh i think this is one of the best galaxies i have painted. This is paint with acrylic btw :P
Anyway what do you guys think?

So late last year i drew this drawing of my amazing idol @kristinawebb !! (Could you tell?) It was for the #inspirationchallenge in her @cmcbook
As she has inspired me so so so much over these past couple of years! Her art broadend my horizons of what art could be and helped me stretched my creativity further than i even thought i could! After seeing her art the first time in was like my passion for art exploded and i just had to start colouring my drawings and experimenting with new ideas, i would draw all the time and worked on pushing myself further and further and it has payed off so much. Kristinas beautiful art and amazing ideas have inspired me and helped me to believe in my art and never give up on my dreams! And Kristina Webb still never fails to inspire me with every new drawing she creates, i will forever be thankful i found her :)
I love you Kristina!! Please please please tag @kristinawebb guys! (Update: she liked omgg!! I hadn't added my caption then though so i really hope she sees it again *fingers crossed*)

I painted this realistic eye on this rock today :) it took about two and a half hours and i am extremely happy with it.
What do you guys think?

I painted my friend @vinessabraxton 's chromebook laptop with acrylics today! It took so long but it was so worth it, i am really happy with it and she is too :)
I painted the back of my phone like this too last week but i'll post a pic of that later this week.

Anyway what do you guys think?

Im sorry if you guys get sick of my rock paintings but i am just completely obsessed with making these lately (they are just so fun to paint!) so you are gonna see ALOT more where this came from (i've already painted like 12 and drawn up even more haha) but i shall save them to post later. I can't wait to sell these haha
Anyway what do you guys think?

Also jw who would be interested in buying a rock i painted? I don't think i'll sell them on insta or online but im just curious. Especially if you know me irl, comment below haha

Zentangle owl :)
I drew this fully in black pen and i did use a reference (i hope to create my own designs in the future though)
All up this probably took me a few hours working on it here and there and im really proud of it.
Anyway what do you guys think?

I finished painting this galaxy hair today it was kind of inspired by @colour_me_creative 's latest amazing drawing and im really please with how it turned out :)
Im not entirely sure what i'll do with the rest of the background yet though, and yes that is a dream catcher on the left of the girl :P

Anyway what do you guys think?

Olaf and Anna from Frozen are now complete!
This is a commissioned drawing and I still have Elsa, a little girl and a background to go. I'm really proud of it so far :)
What do you guys think?

Hey guys, here is my finished drawing of purple and blue hair :) I finished it the day i started it but i didn't want to post it straight away :P

I am really proud of how this one turned out, especially because i did something that i like never do; i just did a quick rough sketch before colouring this one in when normally i would spend ages drawing it trying to make it perfect then finally colour. I'm so glad i just did a sketch though it saved me so much time and it was alot more fun! i'm never going back to my old ways when it comes to drawing hair (unless im doing it hyper realistic but thats hardly ever)
Anyway what do you guys think?

Heres a close up of a drawing from late last year :) (its also a better quality pic)
And i also just downloaded a watermark app and i had to try it out on something haha

Anyway I'm still really proud of this peice! What do you guys think?

Heres a better quality picture of my Rapunzel drawing :)
(I also wanted to bring some colour back into my feed before i post more b&w pics haha)
Anyway I'm really happy with this drawing,
What do you guys think?

Here is a sketch i just did :) I'm going to paint it later. I have been so obsessed with @dimitramilan 's amazing paintings lately, i can't stop looking at them! Honestly check them out she is so incrediblely talented and shes only 16! She has inspired me to start painting more often, i have been dying to paint for ages so i'm really glad its the holidays because now I have plenty of time to do it :D
Anyway what do you guys think?

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