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We're super impressed by this drawing from @artistiq_gurl! If you've drawn, created or snapped something amazing share it with us & you could see it in the mag! #nzgfinbox ✌️💖😊

Drawing of @arianagrande ❤️🙈 it doesn't really look like her but I'm posting it anyways 💕💕
#girldrawing #tumblr #art

"Make peace with you reflection"
Society teaches us that we are not good enough and that we need to lool like a photoshopped girl out of a magazine when really nobody is perfect but we are all beautiful in our own unique way. We need to learn to accept the flaws we can't change about ourselves and love ourselves for who we are. We should be looking in the mirror and smiling because beauty isn't only about looks. Being your true self is the most beautiful thing you can be ;)
Think about it like this when you look at other peoples lives (especially on social media) you only see their peaks like the fact that they are pretty or successful, talented or seem to be good at everything they do but behind the scenes everone has valleys, insecurities and most have to work hard to be successful and will have things they don't like about themselves the only difference is the you know yourself inside out and often when you compare yourself to other people you compare your valleys with their peaks.
We all have things that we are good at but we all have flaws too. There is no such thing as a perfect life! So stop striving for one and start seeing that bumps in the road help you grow into a better person :) So next time you look in the mirror smile :) and make peace with the amazing person you really are!

Sorry for posting lots of pictures of my sabrina drawing but guys could you follow my backup account @noursdrawings ' just incase anything happens to this one ..I hope not tho😁 '

I'm in @nzgirlfriendmag October issue 🎉🎉 thaaaaaaank you! #foxdrawing #girlfriendmagazine #pendrawing #mademyday #nzgfinbox

Here is the finished drawing. Sorry I haven't been posting lately I am getting more time to draw now so I will be post more often. 😊😛 almost at 1.5k😆#NZGFINBOX#

Loving this #spongebob sketch by @kristie.thompson.art! If you've ✏️drawn, 📷snapped or 👠styled something amazing, share it with us! #nzgfinbox #readergram

Hey guys I was ment to post this yesterday but I was kind of busy. But anyway here is the coloured version of my drawing inspired by @kristinawebb @colour_me_creative
Pleace tag her I would love her to see it :) Qotd: Who inspires you? And why?


@hair_razor reposted the original pic of this drawing of mine today which was really nice but seeing it again made me realize the quality and lighting on it was really bad.
So I am reposting this drawing from May last year to show you all what it really looks like as the original pic does not do it justice. I had phone with a poor quality camera at the time 😂 #repost

Anyway what do you guys think?

"Wake up and smell the roses" 🌹🌹🌹 This drawing is inspired by a pretty photo by @yourfriendandre
I did most of it with fabercastell pencils while I was at a market today and then finished off the face anf hair at home with my prismacolors 🎨✏ Anyway what do you guys think?? Btw I reposted cos the other was blurry on my feed

I finished my drawing of @selenagomez this morning :) This is photocopy of my sketch which I coloured in and I am really proud of it! I'm going to finish the original price by just shading it more. Also may i just mention how amazing it is that she has over 100 million followers now!! Anyway what do you guys think?
And please tag her!!!

So late last year i drew this drawing of my amazing idol @kristinawebb !! (Could you tell?) It was for the #inspirationchallenge in her @cmcbook
As she has inspired me so so so much over these past couple of years! Her art broadend my horizons of what art could be and helped me stretched my creativity further than i even thought i could! After seeing her art the first time in was like my passion for art exploded and i just had to start colouring my drawings and experimenting with new ideas, i would draw all the time and worked on pushing myself further and further and it has payed off so much. Kristinas beautiful art and amazing ideas have inspired me and helped me to believe in my art and never give up on my dreams! And Kristina Webb still never fails to inspire me with every new drawing she creates, i will forever be thankful i found her :)
I love you Kristina!! Please please please tag @kristinawebb guys! (Update: she liked omgg!! I hadn't added my caption then though so i really hope she sees it again *fingers crossed*)

Olaf and Anna from Frozen are now complete!
This is a commissioned drawing and I still have Elsa, a little girl and a background to go. I'm really proud of it so far :)
What do you guys think?

•Muscles of the dinosaur•

I got really sick of looking at this for so long so I'm glad it's finished now 😁
Ugh and then I accidentally got fly spray on the bottom of the page and now there's a mark there 😑
#pointillism #stippling #dinosaur #muscle #dots #dotart #dotwork #dotting #detail #drawing #pen #pendrawing #penandink #penandpaper #blackandwhite #instaart #art #iblackwork #blackflashwork #nzgfinbox #prehistoric

I printed my old eeyore drawing (from last year) in black and white, then coloured it in again for a friend and i actually kinda like it better than the original haha

Any thoughts?

Hey guys i finished my drawing of rapunzel today!! :)
I have always loved drawing disney charecters its really fun! Especially rapunzel haha.
I'm really happy with how this drawing turned out :)
What do you guys think?

I completed another challenge in @colour_me_creative 's amazing #cmcbook today!
I had started the #facepaintchallenge awhile ago and decided to finish it today. I was gonna paint it but i decided it would be easier to draw the design how i want it with pencils :) Also i know so many people have drawn a butterfly on her face but honestly i drew one on there as soon as i looked at the challenge before i even saw other peoples designs haha.
Anyway here it is :) please tag @kristinawebb and @cmcbook!!! And comment what you think :)

So i did a drawing of this girl awhile ago then last week i cut out her dress and found that poster and put it behind the drawing to make it look like the pattern on her dress :) The idea was inspired by the amazing @colour_me_creative and many other artists who have used the cut out dress idea.
What do you guys think?

Hey guys heres a #repost of one of my old faves inspired by the amazing @vivianhitsugaya Check out her account if you haven't already cos honestly she's amazing!!
New art coming soon btw :)

"As the music starts to play, all my worries fade away"
Here is my finished drwaing in colour :) What do you guyd think? (I'm still not quite happy with the quality so i may post a better pic sometime)
But anyway music is an incredible thing! It takes you off into another world ... a bit like art :P You can forget about all your worries for awhile and just be happy in the moment. I know that when i'm sad uplifting music never fails to cheer me up :)
I couldn't imagine life without music or art these things have always helped cheer me up when i'm feeling low!

Qotd: What couldn't you imagine life without?

I finished my portrait of the absolutely amazing @kristinawebb @colour_me_creative today :) Its actually coloured but i'll post it in colour when i get a better pic.
Anyway this drawing is for the inspiration challenge in her #cmcbook because honestly she is my biggest inspiration her art is phenomenal, it has indpired me to use coloured pencils, improve more on my art and be more creative. kristina is also such a kind, generous person and shes always smiling! I love her so much and her book its so awesome!!
I really hope i get to meet her one day because she has changed my life!! Anyway i hope you guys like my drawing and please tag kristina!!

Happy new year guys!!!
I hope 2015 was a great year for you all and that 2016 is even better!
Btw in New Zealand it has been 2016 for 22 minutes haha :D
Anyway even if its not 2016 where you live yet i hope you all have an amazing new year bursting with great opportunities, plans and lots of fun :)
Much love Yasmin xx

Why can't I just draw all day everyday???
Honestly though I think i could actually do that (with a food stash within arms reach of course!!) Anyway the quote was kinda inspired by @paint.my.life who used it for one of her drawings (her account is great btw check it out!) And she was originally inspired by @colour_me_creative
Art is a constant chain of inspiration from one person to the next and its great :) I hope you guys like my new drawing I'd love to hear what you think of it!!

Mery christmas again!! Heres a christmas card I made for one of my lovely neighbours!
Ps. her dogs name is Duggy :)

Okay sorry I haven't posted in like two weeks!

Anyway here is a drawing I started working on awhile ago then left for ages and only got back to it recently. #wip
It's still not finished but what do you guys think so far?

Btw it's actually coloured the lighting was terrible though so i used a filter :)

#repost of a drawing from awhile back

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