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#nzeb new build looking at old Thatch.
Current project nearing completion. Airtightness test complete today. 2.02ach. 🤔🤔 #willdesign #newbuild #louth

•Barco NZEB•
Diretta dal cantiere: realizzazione del solaio interpiano
#NZEB #newhouse #energysaving #architecture

Ξύλο και πέτρα! Ο τέλειος συνδυασμός για μια έξυπνη και υγιεινή διαβίωση!

Wood and Stone! Best combination for a smart and healthy living!
#papalitsas #papalitsasengineeringservices #nzeb #smartandhealthyliving

Today's #roadtrip #greendoorfestival Una, Gerry and Ceaser ready to welcome you next Sunday 1st Oct #thinkinglivingdwelling #nzeb #passivehouse

⭕️ تعریف nZEB:

ساختمان انرژی نزدیک صفر (n)ZEB به ساختمانی گویند، که بازدهی انرژی (تولیدی/ مصرفی) بالایی دارد. انرژی لازم برای یک ساختمان انرژی صفر یا نزدیک به صفر می‌بایست با میزان قابل‌توجهی از منابع انرژی تجدیدپذیر شامل منابع تجدیدپذیر متصل به ساختمان یا نزدیک ساختمان، پوشش داده شود.

تعدادی از مهم‌ترین انرژی‌های تجدیدپذیر که می‌توانند با ساخت سیستم‌های انرژی در ساختمان گنجانده شوند، به شرح زیرند:
• انرژی خورشیدی ولتایی یا فتوولتائیک (PV) • انرژی حرارتی شامل انرژی آب گرم خورشیدی (آب گرم خانگی و گرمایش محیط)
• انرژی زمین گرمایی
• توربین‌های بادی
• سیستم‌های زیست‌توده

#ساختمان_انرژی_صفر #zeb #nzeb #ساختمان_هوشمند


Una delle nostre postazioni di lavoro nei nostri #uffici di #ConeglianoVeneto :)

Great Progress in Delgany. Ground floor up in four days, no crane required. Sip structure withstood hurricane winds with no problem at all:) Ecohouse is only company in Ireland exclusively using super strong glue laminated timbers in all our structures.
#Ecohouse #FlanaganArchitects #NZEB #PassiveHouse #LowEnergy #EnergyEfficient #FutureProofHouse

We are so excited about this beautiful publication of DISAPPEAR RETREAT in DESIGN DETAIL Magazine September 2017 issue!

DISAPPEAR RETREAT dissolves our living footprint to zero energy, zero waste, zero water and provides seamless living with nature.

The innovative design by the architecture firm COULSON strives for a paradigm shift where low-tech, low-cost, sustainable building is attainable now without sacrificing aesthetics, comfort, or transparency.

The dwelling is designed to meet PASSIVE HOUSE and LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE, the most rigorous targets in the world, for cold climates from Seattle to Buffalo, Chicago to Calgary. Three models are available with identical exterior enclosure and alternative interior layouts and functions.

DISAPPEAR RETREAT insinuates into the landscape with a jewel-like form and mirrored glass that takes on the identity of the site in its reflections (transparent ultraviolet color prevents animal collision). A mosaic pattern of thin-film PV integrated into the south glass wall generates all the energy needs from the sun and camouflages the building into the surroundings like a spotted forest animal. The universe, stars, and northern lights press close through a frameless glass roof.

www.coulson.co/disappear-retreat/ for detailed information about the design and features, to follow the project progress, or pre-order a model.


89% - that’s our overall portfolio-average energy savings (pEUI) for all the projects at COULSON since we started.

We are so pleased to be honored as 1 of only 6 AIA Signatory Firms exceeding 2030 for our portfolio and we’re excited to be featured in ARCHITECT Magazine October 2017 issue focusing on climate change!

We do rigorous energy modeling – seamlessly integrated into our design process for every building. As an AIA 2030 Signatory Firm we report the results of our portfolio every year. Our portfolio-average for 2016 was 100% pEUI.

In the United States, buildings account for over 45% of the total U.S. CO2 emissions (75% in urban areas). Architects are in a unique position to lead on emission reductions which is why the American Institute of Architects (AIA) supports the Paris Climate Agreement and asks all architects to meet the AIA 2030 Challenge where all new buildings built today have a minimum 70% reduction in energy demand and by 2030 shall be carbon neutral.

COULSON is dedicated to meeting the highest level of sustainability and design excellence. This passion for the environment is not only technical, but extends to the experience of nature, which is an essential element in our design work and life. We insinuate architecture into the landscape to live seamlessly and lightly with its mysterious beauty.



Una nostra realizzazione, tra tradizione e modernità.

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