It’s nice to know your update to NYC. Hope everything goes smooth and wonderful for your new life there. See you in NYC soon.
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Congrats Leticia Quezada for graduating from NYU Law School!! “It all started in the Bronx. Juris Doctor!! Thank you to my family and chosen family for all that you’ve done.” 🎓🎉⚖️ #Lawtinx #Latina #Lawtina #NYULaw #SiSePudo #LatinaExcellence #BX #NY #LALSA
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In the spirit of last month’s reunion, here’s some throw way back to this day 5 years ago! My version of winning the lottery: got to wholeheartedly say how much the LLM peeps meant, and got to surreally witness my Mother and my AFS Mom started to cry when they saw each other for the first time even without saying any first word. Having my parents and my AFS parents stand by me. Cloud nine material. Should we go back to school then?! #nyullm2013 #nyulaw #archivingmemories

(Рус👇) Doing LLM is a big investment in your future. The cost of the most popular programs in the US is around 60 grant per year, and this is only tuition fee.💰In the UK the tutition fees are lower, top universities would charge approximately 20-25 000 GBP. What else you need to consider? 🔹Cost of accommodation
🔹Visa fees (if applicable)
🔹Medical insurance (for the US, in the UK your medical insurance will be included in your visa fee)
🔹Cost of transportation – for instance, you may even need to buy a car if you plan to study somewhere in LA
🔹Prices of textbooks
Would you like to know more detailed comparison of costs in the US and the UK? Like if you do ❤️ // Стоимость LLM, конечно, очень высокая, причем многие не осознают, насколько, пока не посчитают все потенциальные расходы. 💰😱Само обучение стоит около 60 000 долларов в США и примерно 20-25 000 фунтов в Великобритании. Что еще нужно учесть?
🔹Стоимость общежития / квартиры
🔹Сборы за студенческую визу
🔹Медицинскую страховку (для США, в Англии для оформления страховки необходимо будет оплатить фиксированную сумму в процессе получения визы)
🔹Транспорт – например, если вы собираетесь учиться где-нибудь в громадном Лос-Анджелесе, вам может понадобиться купить там машину
Хотите более подробное сравнение стоимости для США и Англии? Лайк если да 😊❤️ #studylaw #studylawabroad #llm#studyabroad #lawstudent

Monkey Hats forever. #themonkeyhats #thebitterend #nyu #nyulaw

One week ago I graduated from my “dream school” - NYU School of Law. After I finished undergrad I really didn’t know what to do with myself. My GPA sucked. My sociology and Spanish degrees didn’t exactly offer me opportunities I was excited about. Law school seemed cool, but I didn’t think I was going to be able to get into a school that would make the time and loans worth my while. Those days of doubt are long gone. I invested time, money, and energy into myself and the results don’t lie- it was worth it. I could not be prouder to have gone to an amazing school where I met such awesome, inspiring people. Nothing about the last 3 years was easy, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun. Trust the process. Onwards and upwards. #NYULaw #classof2018 #grind #trusttheprocess

Photos from my last week in NYC. It was the perfect way to go out. Four hour recording session + Barrister’s Ball right after my last final, graduation at Madison Square Garden, playing a gig with the greatest band ever in the Village the night of graduation, and four consecutive nights of partying and after partying. This includes coming home at 6 AM from House of Yes in Brooklyn the day of my flight (not the best idea in retrospect since I still had to pack, check out of my apartment, and get to JFK). Would not have had it any other way. I am thankful for all the amazing friends that made my last week (as well as my entire time in NYC) so memorable. Thanks for the memories. Til we meet again. Am also looking forward to The Monkey Hats reunion tour.
For now, it’s chilling in LA with trips to Vegas and San Diego in between before the big move back to NorCal for work and my next big adventure. #themonkeyhats #nyu #nyulaw #thebitterend

HOLY SHIT!!! I just got accepted to the Harvard of Tax LLM programs! #1 Tax Law program in the world, here I come!
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meanwhile Latina women are killing it and winning all the awards at @stanfordlawschool. we don’t just belong here, we run the damn place.

proud of all the brilliant, beautiful new lawyers of color the world acquired this week. the legal profession (and the world, tbh) are better for it. 📸 @chistory_

One of my favorite places in NYC is the mews behind Washington Square Park. Although it used to be more charming- it’s looking a little generic.

I can’t get over how proud I am of this man. If you know his story, it will truly motivate you to keep pushing for your dreams despite the odds. In a system that puts our black men in jail, he managed to get out of jail, pursue law school and now is an NYU Law graduate !! Well done, my love-You are my daily reminder that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible #NYULaw #BlackLawyers #HBCUGrad #HamptonURaisedHim

She did it!!!! So proud of your accomplishments, commitment and passion for your craft #nyugrad #nyu2018 #nyulaw #masters 🍾👩🏻‍🎓😘 te amo @catabravoc que orgullo!!!

We’re now counting on you and your classmates to make the country – and world – a more just place, especially now with truth itself devalued and tribalism, in all its forms, taking hold. Three years of law school made you prove you were ready for the challenge...and you are! Now go do it! Huge congrats, Adrian. #NYUlaw #proudbrother #waitsoareyouguystwins

When you like your overpriced grad pictures, but don’t want to pay for them #nyulaw#graduation

Had to repost bc SO happy to have seen this amazing #workingmom!! #NYUlaw 💜💜💜

Nathaniel A. Mooney, J.D.
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Ball, Barrister’s. 15 May 2018. 💫⚖️ #nyulaw 🍾#feteaccompli

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