Abogados. Brownsville, Texas. #immigration #texas #nytassignment

Portraits of Trump voters in Virginia recently describing their support for the President, for @nytimes.Story at:


Happy to see this photo going viral, but not happy to have it not credited 🤦🏽‍♀️ #saudiwomendriving #saudiarabia #nytassignment

Funday Monday..not.. Not looking forward to this. #nycsnow #virginsnow #slush #ice #school #nyc #dirtysnow #garbage #nycparking #nycwinter #nytassignment

New Jersey became the second state to implement sports betting last week after the Supreme Court lifted the twenty five year nationwide ban. With this latest development, for @nytimes, I explored the current scene in Atlantic City, still reeling from years of economic decline, five shuttered casinos, the hemorrhaging of eleven thousands jobs, and decreasing tourism, in advance of the historic first day of sports gambling at the bayside Borgata Casino. Opposing signs of both continued malaise and encouraging revival are visible. Once a boardwalk mainstay, Trump Plaza Casino, still sits vacant; but another, Trump Taj Mahal, has since been sold, undergone extensive refurbishments, with fevered final preparations before opening as the Hard Rock Cafe. Abandoned lots almost border luxurious condos nearing completion blocks away from the shoreline. After covering the plight of “America’s First Playground,” these last six years across myriad assignments, and still crafting a long term photoessay, these indications of positive change are heartening. Only time will tell if sports betting, some experts estimate to be an influx of more than a billion dollars to the state annually, will ameliorate Atlantic City’s future. #nytassignment #DOAC #tough_to_edit_down_to_ten_pictures #another_post_of_ten_would_clog_your_feed

#Repost @sarahyltonphoto From The Demigods of Mumbai series Now playing on #RealPhotoShow ・・・
Rajni, 20, and Puja, 23, from Orissa pose for a portrait while waiting for the train at the Bandra station #thelooknyt #hijra #nytassignment

Another rainy day on Capitol Hill, photo for @nytimes

Posting a wide take of images shot for the NY Times this week of families seeking asylum at the border in Tijuana. It's been an inspiring time lately being a visual journalist seeing how much a picture can influence actual policy as well getting the opportunity show the public what is really going on outside of the D.C. bubble. There have been so many amazing images from some fabulous photographers contributing to this ongoing issue. Kudos to ALL the journalists who are showing us the real stories, even far from the border, that is affecting real peoples lives. #immigrants #asylum #keepingfamiliestogether #onassignment #refugeeswelcome #worldrefugeeday #photojournalism #streetphotography #nytassignment

I love big trees. Whether it's the sequoias in the Sierras or the redwoods on the North Coast, it's a magical experience to wander through them. So it was pretty awesome when @crista.chapman asked me to shoot the reopening of Mariposa Grove in Yosemite for @nytimes last week. The NPS ripped out all the pavement, moved the parking lot further away and got rid of the loud tram that carted people around. Now there's more nature and less manmade stuff out there in all that beauty. @prime_ collective #nytassignment #nature #Yosemite #bigtrees

Last night at LGA: AA flight 7216 lands from DFW, carrying seven unaccompanied minors from the US-Mexico border. They were dressed in matching dark hoodies, and carrying DHS-labeled belongings. AA told us the feds assured them they were reuniting with family members in NY. But still no confirmation on their status. #nytassignment
For full video, check out our coverage of the resulting protest here: https://nyti.ms/2ywllvC

Hannibal explains it all. #hannibalburess #nytassignment

#Repost @nytimes ・・・
Trenton, New Jersey, a capital city of more than 84,000 people, can often feel like 2 urban areas rolled into one. On State Street, beyond the State House with its golden dome, sit clean brick buildings that house deep-pocketed lobbying firms. Yet a short drive in nearly any direction reveals boarded-up houses, sagging roofs, vacant lots and cracked roads. Trenton faces a host of issues, including a poverty rate of nearly 28% and a median household income of around $34,400. So an annual art show called Art All Night has been a bright spot, showcasing the paintings of children alongside works by the city’s growing artists’ community. But that light was dimmed on Sunday, when the festival became the site of a mass shooting that killed 1 person and injured 22. As officials investigated, the shooting raised questions not just about the future of Art All Night, but the well-being of the city itself. @markmakela took this photo of the scene of the shooting. #nytassignment

"Sentí ese llanto  de ella dentro de mí como si estuviera exprimiendo el trapo de nuestros pecados". -Juan Rulfo #chiapas #mexico #nytassignment #juanrulfo #shotoniphone

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