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I can not stress this one enough. I do not feel you should rush into anything once you leave your abuser. Focusing on yourself, your self worth and well being should be your main goal of course. But do not be afraid to let love in again. If you do, your abuser is still having some type of control over you. Now as you focus on being a better version of yourself, by the law of attraction you will attract a better person for you also. I sincerely believe it.
I wasnt focused on being with anyone I was focused on myself and building my self worth so I never settle for a wimp like my abuser. And 11 months after I left God put an amazing man in my life. So respectful not only to himself but to others. Very protective over the people he cares for. And since meeting him I finally know what it is to feel safe with someone. With all my goals he encourages me and motivates me to chase after my dreams. Never belittles or degrades me. I am blessed to have him, but had I been biter because of what I went thru with my ex I would have never found him. And I refused to allow my abuser to still have any type of control by having a jaded heart.
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