Summer days have began! The water was a bit chilly but we still enjoyed it! Looking forward to lots of water fun this summer! #julicanale #summerbaby #8monthsold #nystagmusbaby #nystagmus #infantilenystagmus #nystagmusawareness

Happy Earth Day! We celebrated by getting outside. My son loves the teacup at the playground and will spin until he is dizzy and can't walk straight. This dizzy sensation is due to vestibluar stimulation that results in nystagmus, an involuntary jerky eye movement. This is fun for kids as it is self-induced and short lived. However, nystagmus with vertigo occuring randomly can be scary. Some common causes of nystagmus due to the inner ear are BPPV, Superior Canal Dehiscence, Meniere's Disease, Labyrinthitis, etc. .
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My oldest baby turned 12 yesterday!! .
What can I say about him except, everyone needs a Cash in their lives. He had the shortest time as “the baby” since he was only 8 months when we found out G was on the way, but truth be told, he was never really cut out for that role. This guy was born a DUDE and he has been such a blessing to my life ever since. He never wanted to be held, never took naps, and at 17 months when he became a big brother for the first time (and at 3 when he became a big brother to his sister) he just jumped into the role of helper , protector, and teacher to his siblings.
He and his brother Grady have a special bond; Cash is his brother’s eyes when G can’t see and he’s always super aware of Grady’s struggles with his vision and how to help without embarrassing him. But he is a fierce protector of his sister Kaija as well, and she knows that he has her back whenever she needs him. .
My hubby has always told him “you’re the man of the house” when he leaves for his shifts at the fire department, and Cash takes that seriously. He takes out the trash for his mama, brings in groceries, helps out with the pets and the other kids, and when I’m bordering on a breakdown he will always ask “mom, what can I do to help?” .
He is funny and witty and probably more sarcastic than I am, and he makes me laugh daily. I love just hanging out with him. He loves to fish, he loves his video games, and he is crazy about Jiu Jitsu and I’ve seen so much growth in him as a little (not so little 😱) human this year. But he will always be my little cowboy hat & boot wearing Woody. ❤️
. .
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All good words describe her and the emotions are running high today so all I can say is Happy 1st Birthday Vivian!
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Any one want to help me figure this out, it’s not BPPV. It’s been ruled out, so I set up a camera to catch it happen. This only happens in my sleep, only during sleep and wakes me. I will have severe #vertigo can barely lift my head, room spinning, with this now I see not only #nystagmus but also my head bobs physically when I try to lift my head. I’ll continue to record my sleep for a while. #sleepdisorder current medication #lithium 900mgs so is it the meds, or something #nuerological hope someone else out there has had something similar, again ONLY during sleep, and maybe got answers

Our eyes are like works of art – they are indescribably complex, infinitely adaptable and flawlessly beautiful – until they go wrong and then eye research has to come along and sort them out!  #GetOutside

Link in bio to support the #bigblindwalk

I was diagnosed with nystagmus and symblepheron when I was a kitten. My right eyelid is attached a little bit and both of my eyes have weak muscles but I can see just fine and don’t have any pain. Luckily they’re the prettiest blue eyes ever to compensate 😍

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There is something magical about this photo. Not just that they are all looking and smiling, BUT big bro #2 has an eye condition which makes his glasses necessary all the time, i had asked to just try one with them off, and boom! magic! "I need to write a more in depth post about why this photo is SO amazing (its coming 🙈) but in short for those reading the little guy has #Albinism and as a result #nystagmus. Basically in short his eyes “jiggle” he’s sensitive to light and often because of the lack of pigment in his eyes the light will result in a “red eye” effect that can’t be edited.
NONE OF THAT IS NOTICEABLE in any of our photos!!!! Ali is incredibly talented , and I wish I could say it was magic but I know it takes years of training and perfection to master the skills to make a photo like this happen ❤️❤️❤️" -momma of these beautiful little babes #siblingshot #bigbrothers #courtenayphotographer #courtenaynewbornphotogrpaher #weareyqq #yqqbabytog #comoxvalley

Happy #SPECIALTEST Friday!! 🤓Today, we are featuring the Dix-Hallpike maneuvers. This test challenges the #vestibular system, particularly the posterior canal. 👂The above video demonstrates a test for left benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. A positive test can provoke the sensation of vertigo and will reveal the presence of up-beating torsional nystagmus🎢. Step #1: Have patient seated on table in upright position. As the clinician, you will want want to position yourself so that you can see their eyes clearly upon transition to supine. Inform the patient that they need to try to keep their eyes open for the entire test and that they may experience discomfort.
Step #2: Rotate the patient's head 45 degrees towards the side that you are testing (for example, 45 degrees to the left is testing the left posterior canal). Step #3: With the head fully supported and while maintaining the 45 degrees rotation, transition the patient to a supine position allowing 20 degrees of neck extension. Again, make sure that you are able to see their eyes. Look for the presence of nystagmus!! Step #4: Maintain this position for at least 30 seconds, regardless if patients are reporting vertigo. From here, you can either return patient to an upright position (if results are negative) or continue with the modified Epley maneuver (if results are positive). 🕵🏻‍♀️Sensitivity up to 82%, specificity of 71% (Lopez-Escamez, et al.). 🌟Positive Predictive Value= 83% and Negative Predictive Value= 52% ** ⚡️If the nystagmus is NOT up-beating torsional direction, then it is not the posterior canal! ⚡️ #choosept #specialtest #dixhallpike #vestibular #bppv #themoreyouknow #physicaltherapy #differential #diagnosis #vertigo #dpt #dptstudents #clinic #probono #pt #nystagmus #posteriorcanal #eyes #ears

Pleased to announce I will be running the London Royal Parks half marathon in October as part of the team for Nystagmus Network.
Please donate if you are able the @nystagmusnetwork 👁 do amazing work! ——————————————
You can donate through just giving (page link in bio) or via text - Text “NYST90 £10” to 70070. Let the training begin! 💪 🏃‍♂️💙✌️

I met up with Jeroen Perk and his fiancée Nanda in Cornwall as part of the pre #bigblindwalk media promotion. Jeroen is a remarkable patient using the Argus II (retinal implant) technology created by @second_sight_argus , which induces visual perception with patterns of light and gives him greater mobility, navigability and independence.

Another stunning example of what eye research can deliver! Look out for the BBC South West coverage during the week starting 22 April!

We often hear the expression 'Game Changer" now, After being introduced recently to the OrCam MyEye 2.0 artificial vision device, and having started to use it in my day to day life, i would actually use the expression 'Life Changer"
I am very excited to share how this tiny device is changing my life and helping so many others with visual impairments...
Watch this space.... #orcam #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #camera #throughmylenses #nosuchwordascant
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Let's talk about #magnesium . It's a mineral that goes hand in hand with #calcium. While calcium plays a role in contraction of the heart, magnesium helps it to relax. The number's differ but roughly 60 to 80% of the entire population is thought to have #magnesiumdeficiency. The number escalates to at least 80% for those who suffer from #heartattack or any kinds of heart problems.
What are the symtoms of magnesium deficiency? Try to picture a person who can't relax mentally or physically. Cannot #sleep properly so likely #insomnia , will get #irritated easily, will get #hyper easily, #constipated #cramps #hypertension #palpitation, #arrhythmia #spasm , loss of #memory , #learningdifficulties, soft tissue #calcification - #arthritis #tartar #cataract , twitching of the eyelid #nystagmus- Why calcification? Because magnesium helps to get rid of excess calcium
Why do we lack magnesium? 1. For one, #STRESS. Magnesium covers a receptor in between #synapse of neurons which is stimulated with stress. As the receptor is stimulated, we lose magnesium. 2. Not taking in enough magnesium- trying to lose weight #diet or not taking in enough #veggies -is also a cause. 3. Drinking #alcohol , taking #diuretics will make you lose magnesium as well. 4. Using #antiacid, or low stomach acid will make you absorbe less magnesium. 5. Lack of vitaminD can also be the cause.
It kind of seems too academic right? But you can relate to this in real life. I don't sleep well. I get irritated easily. -> Do I drink a lot of alcohol? Do I hardly eat veggies? Do I have digestion problem? Do I have a lot of stress?- > if you answered yes, then you lack magnesium. You can make an assumption that if you keep it up, you will have higher chances of getting #arthritis #tartar #cataract and other #heartproblems. .
If someone you know has any of the above mentioned, tell them you are sure they had been under more stress, drinking more, losing weight and you can be called a psyche.
And followed with a question, what can I do about it???

I am noticing a trend in the shirts going out today.

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