keep me forever, tell me you want me

She danced in the afterglow🧚🏽‍♀️

now (and still) young and prosper

this movie will always be close to my heart and especially this scene. It focuses on when you love someone it becomes more than a relationship. True love brings out a territorial and no-bullshit side of emotion that forces you to want to know every detail of the offense, no matter the emotional cost. I remember watching this, and realizing the character “Alice” wanted so badly to hold onto a man she loved, regardless of what it was doing to her. This shows us as humans, we want an enlightened form of gratification and are always looking for the next thing to make us happy. It showcases our impulses, whether we act on them or not, in the context of love/relationships. A line that she says “she's the one who's supposed to leave” shows that she's not hurt because “Dan” has fallen in love with another girl but that he was the first to fall out of love, or infatuation when really it's supposed to be Alice who is the one who leaves because she doesn’t want to feel vulnerable or worthless. She states “leaving people you love, and how she can't do it, no matter the consequences.” But in this scene she knows in herself that she has changed by letting her guard down which she never expected to do, because she loved this man who was going to stay with her forever. she wanted love, real love, consuming, unconditional love, and she was trying her hardest to hold onto that feeling yet she couldn’t handle it anymore. - j 😢💕

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stick your fingers down my throat so I know what it’s like to be close to heaven. - j 🥀

you've got a mouth like a razor blade. it cuts so deep, so kiss my wrists, my neck and give me eternal sleep.

“Ecco cosa facciamo noi esseri umani:ci trasformiamo in oggetti. Trasformiamo gli oggetti in noi stessi.” (Chuck Palahniuk- Cavie) #chuckpalahniuk #cavie #italianbook #vans #hair #latex #book #englishbook #chocker #skull #buffalo #music #mirror #gothic #black #tumblr #picoftheday #italiangirl #nymphette #babydoll #girl #likeforlike #follow4follow #like4like #vintage #photo #tumblr #reading #italy

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