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Ok, real talk. We have big goals (like, donate 5,000 homeless care kits this year). But we're not a charity. We sell so we can give. Have you considered buying your next gift from us? Treating yourself and a homeless person at the same time? Tell us why (or why not) in the comments below!
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You guys gotta go follow @laceandscone and check out their beautiful products! I'm so blessed to personally know the sweet founder of this awesome lifestyle brand with a big heart to help serve the homeless of NYC: 💌
"We sell dresses like this so we can donate personal care items in these white #nyheartsu kits to the homeless.
Our kits include items like socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and (for women) feminine hygiene products.
Can you imagine living without just one of these basics? #whatsinyourbag ?"

NYHeartsU campaign kicked off this week! Giving to the homeless people. Check it out #nyheartsu and @laceandscone

@laceandscone Giving back to a good cause. With every purchase this #NYheartsu care pouch is given to someone homeless on the street. Talk about social good.
#Instagood #Popupshop #homelessoutreach #Givingback

We're SO excited to be partnering with a dear friend to make this holiday season more about giving than receiving. Help me help @laceandscone reach their goal of giving away 250 more care kits to New York City's homeless population between now and Christmas. To reach this goal, they'll need more followers, shares, likes, and gift givers. ***Every purchase over $10 from their online shop means a kit filled with basic necessities is gifted to someone living on the streets in NYC. #nyheartsu (follow the link in our profile to read more about the cause!)
Happy thanksgiving, friends! We're so very thankful for this community. 💛

A little clip from last nights Tuesdays Together meet. Put over 150 care packages together for the homeless with the help of #tuesdaystogether #risingtidesociety #nyheartsu #laceandscone #thebirthdayproject

So happy to have been able to contribute last night to packing 150 gift bags for the homeless men and women of NYC with @tuesdaystogethernyc for @laceandscone's #nyheartsu project!

#philanthropy #tuesdaystogether #laceandscone #nyc

ONE day left to enter both giveaways! Just in case you missed it.... 1 | We're giving away gift cards to TWO of our favorite local businesses. $50 Gift Card to @brooklyncandlestudio AND $50 to @pcbhome. Link in profile!

2 | Wedding Vendors: We're giving away one $50 gift card to @foxblossomco! To enter, simply sign up for our vendor newsletter, The Canopy! Already on the list? You're automatically entered, but feel free to tag your business bestie below so they can enter, too! www.redoakweddings.com/vendor-newsletter

TOMORROW we'll be back, raising money for one of our favorite local charities, @laceandscone, and their #nyheartsu Homeless Care Kits.

It's been such a privilege to be a part of the @risingtidesociety #philanthropyproject we partnered with @laceandscone who's provided these beautiful bags to be filled with toiletries for both men and women to be given to the homeless population here in #NYC!


Goals. In 2017, we want to give away 5,000 homeless care kits. That's a stretch, but hey, we've been going to yoga so we feel pretty zen about it.
You can learn more about what we put in our kits and how we give them away via the link in our bio.
Hint: it's a one for one kind of thing. You buy tea (or anything on our site, really), and we give away a kit.
Or just talk to us about how this is your idea of a great birthday activity with your friends. We're game. So were @redoakweddings and @imperishable.beauty #givers #goals #nyheartsu #dontwalkby #birthdayprojects

HOMELESS Just Looking 4 work COLD Please Hire me Will do any job. Really need to replace my glasses Thank You GOD BLESS #nyheartsu -
Do you ever stop to read the signs?
The nights have turned from bitter cold to sweltering hot in NYC and we're still giving away a homeless care kit with every purchase from our online shop. More details via link in bio. #alltheintroyouneed #fridayintroductions #dontwalkby #readthesigns
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Original; not necessarily first, but necessarily different. And better.
Be that today, darling. ❤️❤️
ps are you ready for your next vacation? We just took a much-needed break to Spain and Morocco and love that you stayed with us - catching up on comments now 😘. #originals #wordoftheday #encouragementgallery

Dear Instagram. My name is Danielle, and I'm the founder of @laceandscone That's me on the left, in what may be the most anonymous and grimy intro/profile pic ever, which is ok. But for the grace of God, I could be the person on the right. Who is, indeed, sleeping in a midtown subway station on the coldest Saturday morning of 2017. I didn't wake her up, but I did leave one of our little #nyheartsu homeless care package for her, hoping that it didn't get stolen.
I've never been in her position. I don't know why she's there. I don't know where she is today. I only know that with my interest in fashion and entrepreneurship, and having seen through my travels that hardship is the same in every language (and so is kindness), I've set out to try something I've never tried before; I'm trying to make something out of a little creativity, imagination, investment and hustle, so I can give to those who truly have nothing.
It's a study in contrasts, and I don't know if it will work. But I had to try. I had to try using social media for the business when I avoid it in my personal life. I had to try working with artists and designers when I'm wired as a banker. I had to try selling online only, when I'm really better in person. I had to try selling beautiful, intimate, gift-able luxuries so we could give away kits to people in ugly, publicly shameful situations.
If you'd like to read more about our homeless care kits, you can find it under the #NYHeartsU section of our website (link in bio). If you'd like a normal introduction to me, you can also find that on our website, or drop me an email at danielle @ laceandscone.com and let me know where your favorite spot is for coffee in NYC.
I love quotes, so I'll leave you with this one:
"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something."
I truly believe that we give not because it is everything, but because it is something.
What can you give this weekend?
#nyheartsu #homelesscarepackages #oneforone #fridayintroduction #thisisme #juxtaposer
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"Serendipity happens when a well-trained mind looking for one thing encounters something else: the unexpected." ~ @margotleeshetterly in her book, Hidden Figures.
This is Marina, and she's a super accomplished fashion lawyer. Turns out, she's also a super gorgeous fashion model! Go check her out @thewarnerfirm and her dress @laceandscone
Photo: @chichi_220
Makeup: @hairbyjennamarie
#quotesofinstagram #blackgirlmagic #wiwt #fashionlaw #allbodiesallminds #serendipity #hiddenfigures #expecttheunexpected

Celebrate; to drop everything and make a big deal out of something or someone, just because you can. 🎉
We love to celebrate the little things...do you?
#celebrateeverything #wehavelingerieforthat #weliketoparty #happyhumpday🐫#wordoftheday

Help her steal the show.
Share free shipping code L&SFIRSTORDER with your bestie so she can get her first Lace & Scone dress. #stealthelook #stealtheshow *Bonus: tag her below and you'll both receive a free gift with any order! #tellafriend #dressedtoimpress #littlewhitedress #lovedoes
Models: @debracartwright @hairbyjennamarie and Farah
Dresses and jewelry: @laceandscone
Art: @artbymegan
Photo: @katealisonphoto
Hair and Makeup: @hairbyjennamarie

Wonder; to desire (or be curious) to know something. May we never lose it.
What are you most curious about?
#wordoftheday #wonder

Giving generously since 2016 ❤❤
#justthebegining #nyheartsu #laceandscone
📸: @impressenshi

"I wonder if I'll ever get used to seeing myself on the internet in my underwear?" ~ Kate, impromptu @laceandscone lingerie model. We hope so, darling. #duvetday
#gorgeous #wehavelingerieforthat #unbothered #bodypositivity #weekendvibes
Lingerie and jewelry: @laceandscone
Photo: @chichi_220
Model: @katealisonphoto
Art: @artbymegan
Hair: @hairbyjennamarie

"There is nothing more beautiful than a fearless woman." ~ @lisabevere
Fearless; having fear and yet choosing to live life to the fullest in spite of it. In. spite.of. Not instead.
#wordoftheday #fearless #shetheroar #encouragementgallery

Ok, real talk. We have big goals (like, donate 5,000 homeless care kits this year). But we're not a charity. We sell so we can give. Have you considered buying your next gift from us? Treating yourself and a homeless person at the same time? Tell us why (or why not) in the comments below!
Join our mailing list for free shipping on all first orders. #nyheartsu #realtalktho #dontwalkby #giftsthatgive #lovedoesntquit
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100% sounds good, but it could not be. The #greatone said it best, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." ~ Wayne Gretzky
Go for it, take a shot, darling. #wordoftheday #gretzky #encouragementgallery

When you're modeling the dress and your hair steals the show. #blackgirlmagic✨ #checkherout
Model: @debracartwright
Dress and jewelry: @laceandscone
Art: @artbymegan
Photo: @katealisonphoto
Makeup: @hairbyjennamarie

New thing: we're sharing an encouraging word a day. Because, why not!?
Today's word is:
Build; the effort of forming a new thing, especially with the vision of improving upon an existing idea or relationship.
What are you building this week? Who can you build up?
We're building a business that is making a difference in the lives of homeless New Yorkers. Join us by checking out our awesome (very gift-able, highly rated) products. Link in bio. #buildmode #justthebeginning #nyheartsu

Pretty enough to gift.
Tasty enough to want them all for yourself. #tealovers #wantthemall #giftsforher
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