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Back into the swing of things now after being back at work for almost 2 weeks now. Finally getting back into an actual routine.
However, I cant deny that I do miss strolling around a new & unknown city ticking off all the sights I see! 🇩🇰
Roll on February Mid-term Break when I get to explore London for the first time in about 12 years! 🇬🇧
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Christiania has a part of their community called the #greenlightdistrict, which is where police turn a blind eye to residents selling marijuana. It’s a long path that looks like an outdoor dispensary. No photos are allowed, which adds to its edgy experience.

Had a tough time cøping with leaving Scand, so a 🇩🇰 layover was necessary #nyhavn #copenhagen

Nyhavn, lightship XVII “Gedser Rev” (1895). The more unknown “shadow” side of Nyhavn. The lightship “Gedser Rev” was in use until 1972. The crew had two shift, each consisting of seven men serving one month at the time: Skipper, telegraphist, carpenter, cook and three sailors. Apart from maintaining the ship, they made meteorological, climatical and hydrographic observations. After a collision in 1954, it sunk within few minutes. A sailor managed to alert the crew, but he himself fell overboard and drowned. The ship changed it’s appearance to the present day’s look. #Nyhavn #havn #fyrskib #lightship #harbour #arkitektur #architecture #architecturelovers #danskerneshistorie #københavn #copenhagen #visitcopenhagen #igerscopenhagen #cphpicks #mitkbh #canonphotography #nofilter #udenfilter #archi_focus_on #wonderlustcopenhagen #copenhagensworld #gottolove_this

Neither Jason or I like to eat out frequently, so when we travel we save our meals out for great traditional dishes that enhance our cultural experience (shopping where the locals buy food and learning how to cook their cuisine is a lot of fun, too). In Copenhagen, it's great to try traditional Smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches). For those with a more sophisticated palate, try the pickled herring! Pickling fish and meats dates back to the middle ages as a means to preserve food for the long winter months. Whether you fancy it or not you will feel like a Viking! We had fun trying the pickled herring and meat smørrebrød on traditional rye bread. Then for the pièce de résistance we loved visiting Conditori La Glace for a slice of cake. It was truly one of the most delectable things we've ever eaten. La Glace is the oldest and one of the most revered bakeries in all of Denmark. We'll have more details on our Copenhagen guide coming later this week! Bon appétit/Velbekomme!🍰

I loved this place. I need to go back in spring.

#copenhagen #nyhavn July 2017

Ньюхавн, я тебя ещё настигну! 💛 // #nyhavn #Copenhagen #street #colorful #view

"Yes....ia #nyhavn again, after a 🍺 or two everything look much more beautiful. Just picture perfect, really love that place 🙈😍"

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