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Forgot sunscreen? Don't fret. These sunscreen dispensers are along the boardwalk this summer as part of a 2-year pilot program #rockaway #usesunscreen #nycparks #brightguard #impactmelanoma

OCD in the digital age 📱❗️🛎

Today is opening day for all NYC #beaches! And this year, we're helping New Yorkers stay sun safe by offering FREE sunscreen at dispensers located at all our beaches. For sunscreen location details, please visit on.nyc.gov/2rYqi97. #memorialdayweekend #nycparks #beachlife

"Just breathing can be such a luxury sometimes" - Walter Kirn 🌿 #longislandcity

Boardwalk season is open, and Coney Island remains iconic. Come to this part of Brooklyn for a small East Coast ocean town vibe; a day here feels like a getaway from the city: beach, boardwalk, raw seafood, old school amusement park🎡.
💬Ask me what else to do in this part of Brooklyn and I will gladly share.
Пляжный сезон в Нью-Йорке открыт, как минимум сезон прогулок по променадам. Одно из всеми любимых мест города, куда можно выбраться на выходных за глотком свежего воздуха - Coney Island. Здесь деревянный променад, старомодный парк развлечений @LunaParkNYC , устрицы с пивом. Здесь кажется, что выбрался на выходные за город, в один из крохотных городков Восточного побережья на берегу Атлантического океана.

Pond #reflection

Saturday is my cardio day. I love to do all sorts of cardio. I take dance classes, go on bike rides, a run through the park, play volleyball, or go for a swim. My favorite type of cardio are my dances classes, though. Dance gives me a chance to destress and escape into a completely different world for a while.
How do you like to get your cardio workouts in? Do you stick to one certain way or like to change it up as well? Anyone a dancer here?

If you want to know how I train daily check out the link in my bio and get your FREE trial today
Happy weekend, guys!

Bushwick, Brooklyn


One of our favorite Children's Art students found us @conferencehouse #park #art #artist #artlab #artlife #arttable #nycparks #makingart #createsomething

A little less concrete, a little more jungle 🍃🌿🌤 #getoutside #upstateny

Sunday's in Washington Square Park #nyc #nycparks #washingtonsquarepark #musiconsundays #manhattan

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