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Happy Valentine’s Day to the ones that know love is a verb, to the ones that are loved and recovering undercover over-lovers too.

The real New York.

The cutest hidden resto at the end of an alley 🏡⠀

Perhaps today was a reflection of feelings. Forgive me for interrupting your regularly scheduled program with these frigid blues.

No, I don't miss you, don't act so surprised. I prefer living in a city so silent that I can hear the ticking of my wristwatch than to be woken up every night because of your ambulances and fire trucks. And I even, and this one is hard to accept, prefer being less awakened intellectually just for the sake of keeping my mental health in a place that brings me inner peace.

The few times in which I miss you, though, are just as intense as you, and momentarily unbearable. They catch me completely off guard, and sting so much that it almost hurts physically. In those moments I'd give anything to roam Central park and the Met again, I'd wander around you all night long, tirelessly. When I miss you my lungs anxiously long for breathing in your adventure-filled air, for feeling your descomunal magic just one more time. .

But I do have to say that what I miss the most about you when I do are the people that I met while in the city, and they left you too. You consumed me, like those mysterious but hurtful lovers we've all had but never want to date again, and I'm not forgetting that any time soon.
(To New York City)
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If I had to be a store in my next life I’d want to be @rwguild 🙆🏻‍♀️ Part cafe, part cocktail lounge, part home goods store, part flower shop... what more can you want? ✨⚡️🔥⠀

This week has been a long one.

Yes.. Manhattan is a "subway" pizza rat race.. it's noisy.. it's chaos..( but at least we all walk the same direction on the sidewalks), it's "don't talk.. just walk" .. BUT.. it's the most "HOPEFUL" place on earth. Millions come here to see it.. thousands come here to "start over".. because it's safe. Most accepting culture in the world, bar none ( Toronto.. you are too.. but this is NYC..you have to stand straighter, walk faster, think quicker.. but sure as the subways run late.. you will become a better human for the experience .. every day is a challenge .. and every day is an opportunity .. isn't that what life is supposed to be? NYC.. UWS.."Yes.. I got this," said this Canadian who proudly answers tourist questions in Central Park with "Yes.. I live here.. what can I help you find?" As I smile to myself.."I" live, love, and thrive in NEW YORK CITY.. wow!! (Pinch me..am I dreaming?) #ilovenyc #canadianblogger #torontotonyc #nycwomen #nyc #nyclife #manhattanlife #writeon #writersofinstagram #lookmaimadeit #nycwriter #nycblogger #upperwestsidenyc #centralparknyc #centralparkwest #centralparkreservoir #centralparkbarre #nycloveletters #saturdayvibes #makeithere #makeitanywhere

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