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There’s no way you can say no to this pile of goodness. 🤤 #elchapo

Idk if you've noticed, but the French really like their cheese (almost as much as me) 🧀😍 I walked 16 miles this weekend, so I deserve this #gratin with #bacon 🤰🏼🥓 ~not pregnant, just eating good~

Always lazy, but never too lazy to grab a slice 🤫

sunday plans: BRUNCH 😎😻 went to my go-to place & got the veggie stuffed omelette with gorgonzola cheese, potatoes & buttered toast- oh sooooo good 🤤🤗

Fried Artichokes with a Parsley Pesto! 👀👅💦🙌🏼 thank you for having me @altesinyc! I absolutely loved tasting your delicious menu! ❤️ TBH I have yet to master making artichokes (not counting spindip lolol) and damn is this giving me inspiration to try at it again!
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Fantastic job by @themccoollife she was able to whip this up without going to the store! Well done it looks amazing!! Recipe can be found in our bio! ・・・
@dutchovendaddy thanks for the recipe!! It's delish, was super easy and I didn't even need to make a trip to the store...
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@americancut@tipsyscoop funfetti funnel cake martini sundae 💯 🍸🍦 📸 @lets.eat.yall

Getting through the weekend, one crostini at a time. Gorgonzola dolce, toasted walnuts & aged balsamic 😋🧀🥖 #astoriaeats #astoria #ilbambino #myfav #brunch #nyc #nycfat #latergram @jimonetti

Another homemade beauty from @halliemeyer
🍦 Cream cheese ice cream
🌀 Blueberry swirl
🍞 Graham cracker swirl
The graham swirl is nice and rich but I can't help but miss that PERECT lemon curd in the last version!
#icecreamaddict #ICAhomemade

ICE CREAM stuffed in a DOUGHNUT!🤤🤤🤤
📍: @stuffedicecreamnyc
📸: @holyfoodz

Sundays were made for afternoon teas! 🍵🥂🍰 #pinkysup

The crispy star of the show 🌟

Joining the fun that is Sunday #CartSeries 🛒🙈 I don’t know about all of you guys, but I have a slight obsession with people sharing what’s in their cart. Honestly don’t know why, I just really get a kick out of it.🤔 I was inspired by @eats2know to share my own from this past week! Let me know if you would like to see more of these!

In the Cart👆🏻: @siggisdairy vanilla greek yogurt + cauliflower + spaghetti squash + bread + avocados🥑 + @perfectbar + honey crisp apples (BIG SALE on these and they were actually the cheapest apple🍎😮) + asparagus + baby carrots🥕 + mangoes + kale. Not shown: oats and bananas🍌.

Got this all at @freshthyme for a little over $30. The majority of the items I bought were on sale-that’s how I like to shop.🤓💵

You probably know by now that I love Piña Colada. In reality, I love any drink or dish with tropical flavors. Not only because I find it tasty but because they give me a particular sense of comfort and joy that it’s hard to explain. I’ve partnered with @DoleSunshine to share this Piña Colada Dulce de Leche Smoothie. It is ridiculously delicious! Give it a try. Recipe on the blog. Link in bio.
#VidaDole #ad

ShakshukDUH 🙏🏼

I can’t believe it’s my last day already in Korea 😭😭 I feel like I haven’t had enough time to check everything and see everyone that I wanted to.
I have a lot to write and share about (and post on the blog) but in the meantime, I heard you liked uni... so here’s a picture of uni. 😝
Ironically, this uni was part of an omekase meal in Seoul. I was meeting a college friend who I haven’t seen in at least four years; she was craving sushi and so we went.
Having just come from Japan, it was so interesting to see the differences in the preparation and presentation of sushi. While the omekase meal I had in Korea ( and USA for that matter) was good, the ones I’ve had in Japan exhibited a stricter attention to detail even in the less “fancy” sushi restaurants. And there seemed to be a stronger “bond” between the sushi chef and the diners in Japan... even with my rather non-existent Japanese communication abilities, the chefs would try to explain everything in detail and often would ask questions to get a better understanding of what I, the diner, wanted. And even though Japan and Korea aren’t too far apart, the types of fish they used reflected locality in both availability and in taste.
That’s not to say the Korean sushi was bad. It was quite good actually. Just different. .
It’s not just a one-sided thing. Many Japanese restaurants sell kimchi (they call it kimuchi) and while it looks similar to the korean version, it has a very different flavor profile. (But I’ll save that story for another day).
Anyways, just an observation I made and wanted to share!

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