💪🏽🍂🍪😜🍁 GUYS. It’s just about damn #AUTUMNGAINZ time and that means time for a social media challenge AND some beastly savings! So whether you actually want to hit the gym, and/or hit the stacks with our sweet version Half Pound weights, we have a fun proposal for you! Enter the code AUTUMNGAINZ on our website for FREE USPS Priority Shipping on 8 cookies or more, or for within-delivery-range NYC friends, same code gets you FREE delivery on $15 or more (both expiring end of day on Sunday 9/23). Then whether you’re in NYC and want to play along, or order a batch delivered to home and accept our challenge, we want you to show off THOSE CITY CAKES’ AUTUMN GAINZ! Flex that cookie-to-mouth game on camera or legit curl a 5 lb stack like this meathead if you really want a challenge, heck, you can even grab a partner and come up with your own creative cookie workout! Just make sure to tag @citycakes @halfpoundcookiecompany and of course #autumngainz! Two qualifying entries will be picked - one at random and one for most creative: both win a pack of EIGHT half pound cookies shipped or delivered within range (or picked up) in NYC! Contest goes thru end of month of September. Smooth filming skillz by @andy_cakes25, flex by mystery chef. #citycakes #citycakesny #citycakesnyc #flexzone #fitfam #cookies #cheatday #halfpoundcookie #halfpoundcookies #bestcookies #instagramcontest #socialmediacontest #nyccookies #nyccontest #bestredvelvet #bestcookiesever #chelseanyc #basementbakery #bigthingscoming #foodies #foodiesofinstagram #swole #gainz #majorgainz #gymlife #autumn #beastmode

Rainy days call for comfort so I went to @chipnewyorkcity 🍪☔️ .
These cookies are bomb! HUGE! And they smell like butter🙃! Crunchy on the outside and almost “cookie doughy” on the inside. Delish!! .
I tried chocolate chip, funfetti, butterscotch, and triple chocolate.
They feature 4 flavors a day so check out their insta stories daily to see which flavors they’re offering.
#chipnewyorkcity #rainydays #cookies #nyccookies #astoriaqueens #astoriaeats #funfetti #triplechocolate #eatingitup #faithfullsweets @faithfullsweets

Sometime you just can't have it enough... #nycfoodie #nyccookies #perfectbite #🌗 #orblackandwhite

Hi guys! Just wanted to share some of the techniques and inspiration I used to create my Fall Fairies!
I spent a lot of time researching gingerbread recipes this past summer. I'll be posting the recipe I use soon. Feel free to share it. For 3D Gingerbread construction, I like to use a very strong cookie. In this video I am tapping it with my nail so you can see just how strong this cookie is! The last pic is my inspiration for my #cookiecon2018 #suagarshow entry.
I also want to thank some very special people:
1.) Thank you Sidney Galpern for being my first sponsor EVER! I am truly so grateful for your support and generosity. I discovered a technique and use @simicakes1 isomalt to glue my 3D pieces together. Someone asked if I hot glue my pieces and the answer is NO 😂! It's clear isomalt! I'll post more about this technique soon!
2.) Thank you @youcancallmesweetie for taking me under your wing and being both a mentor and friend to me. I'm a #sweetieacademy student for life. I used Sandy's painting technique for my Fairies, the wood grain window panes and her fondant sunflowers. Sandy's hand painting class is my absolute fave class ever.
3.) Thank you to Cookie Queen @juliamusher for all you do for the cookie community. I'm a #cookieconnection member and I urge everyone to sign up (it's free!). I learned how to create curved gingerbread pieces through her YouTube tutorials (also free!).

I'm over the moon happy!!!! My Fall Fairies received 2nd place at #cookiecon2018 #sugarshow "Autumn Time" category. Swipe to see the other winning entries! First place was awarded to my idol, the one and only Liz Adams of @artymcgoo. This entry was my absolute fave in the entire competition. Third place was awarded to @marianameirellesoficial, who travelled from Brazil!
Mini pumpkins from @dekoekenbakkers / Fairies hand cut / wings, fall leaves & grass are wafer paper from @icingimages / skirt is edible fabric also from @icingimages / 3D cookie adhered using isomalt from @simicakes1

The perfect cookie exists. You ever dreamt of that cookie that was soft, but not too soft? This cookie has made me a believer. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re 1000 percent missing out. #eatinglikesumo #foodnyc #foodporn #nyccookies #chocolatechipcookies #food #yum #goodeats #foodstagram #nyc #perfection

Happy Birthday to my Corgi loving 25 year old @libby.riddick 💕

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