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The kids had a great time making cookies at Hope Midtown church this morning! #wilsonsdonyc #nycchurches #hopemidtown

Meet Sarah Ryu! She's currently working as a corporate lawyer and she's part of the Intercessory Prayer team as well as serving as a YA small group leader (shoutout to "LIGHT CLUB"!)
"God has been reminding me that His wisdom is displayed, in part, in His timing--we think we know when we should know/have/be certain things by a certain time, but it's when He unfolds His plans in His own timing that we realize how short-sighted and faithless we were. We can trust our God who renews our strength as we wait for Him! (Is. 40:31)"
Be sure to wave hello or cheer extra loud when you see Sarah doing her Sunday Morning Announcements!!
#fridayfeaturette #nycchurches #servantofchrist #intercessoryprayer

Can you spot a bird?🐦
Pic from today of one of my fav NYC churches, at 802 Broadway (a couple of blocks from Union sq). It is beautiful inside and has a pretty little garden
#nyc #nychurch #nycchurch #nycchurch #nycchurches

Even in a big city ... it's good to get some Soulful time 🙏.....we stopped in to say a prayer for someone ❤️#nycchurches #sayaprayer #goodvibes

This stunning Roman Catholic Church is on West 132nd Street between Adam Clayton Powell and Frederick Douglass Boulevard. #nycchurches #romancatholic @thebolandteamnyc #harlem

Beautiful at night but hard to keep the scaffolding out of the pic. #NYC #nycchurches #churches

It's nice to look up sometimes, gems like this are just waiting to be seen. #lookup #hiddengems #nyc #nycstreets #nycchurches


Grace Church on Broadway and 10th, New York City. Built in 1843. Beautiful gothic architecture and stunning stained glass windows. #sueusa17 #nycchurches #broadwayand10th #episcopal #protestant

This passed Sunday at the Cathedral! We were blessed to have the Word “Lost In Paradise” delivered by our Elder James Street @jstreetmusic. Also, we were blessed in song by Min. Anthony Robinson @newday49 and the Cathedral Mass Choir! ♥️
📸: @lexappeal__

The kids had a great time making cookies at Hope Midtown church this morning! #wilsonsdonyc #nycchurches #hopemidtown

Feels like I'm in Paris when I'm still in my fave ole NYC 🎇✨ #nyc #fashionblogger

St. Patrick’s Cathedral... An architecturally beautiful haven of peace and quiet amidst the hustle and bustle of Midtown Manhattan... ⛪ ⛪️⛪️#NYCchurches #stpatrickscathedral

The Church of the Transfiguration, also known as the Little Church Around the Corner, is an Episcopal parish church located at 1 East 29th Street, between Madison and Fifth Avenues in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan. The Congregation was founded in 1848 by George Hendric Houghton and worshipped in a home at 48 East 29th Street until the church was built and consecrated in 1849. The church was designed in the early English Neo-Gothic style; the architect has not been identified. The sanctuary is set back from the street behind a garden which creates a facsimile of the English countryside and which has long been an oasis for New Yorkers, who relax in the garden, pray in the chapel, or enjoy weekday concerts in the main church. The complex has grown haphazardly over the years, and for this reason it is sometimes called the “Holy Cucumber Vine”. The sanctuary has a guildhall, transepts, and a tower added to it 1852, and the lych-gate, designed by Frederick Clarke Withers, was built in 1896. Chapels were added in 1906 (Lady Chapel) and 1908 (Mortuary Chapel). The church has been a leader of the Anglo-Catholic movement within the Episcopal Church from its founding. While this movement is often associated with elaborate worship, it also stressed service to the poor and oppressed from its earliest days. In 1863, during the Civil War Draft Riots, Houghton gave sanctuary to African Americans who were under attack, filling up the sanctuary, schoolroom, library and vestry. #nycchurches #historicplaces #midtown #nomad #viewsfromanyctaxi

Meet Henry Williams!
Henry currently works as an English Tutor and works part-time in museum education. He currently serves in Remnants Sunday school, Events, and Coordinators!
“God has been pushing me to be more obedient to Him in my life. He has also been showing me how important perspective can be. The more obedient I am, and the more I can see things from a larger perspective the more I have been blessed. I still have a long way to go before I can say that I am really obeying God’s call for me, but that’s honestly encouraging for me because it means I have so much to look forward to in the future!”
Be sure to wave hello when you see him around!
#fridayfeaturette #ServantofChrist #remnantchurch #remnantnyc #nycchurches #sundayschool #eventsministry #coordinatorsministry

We hope you can join us this Sunday Nov 19 for one of our masses. Fr. Cheng will be preaching on the Parable of the Talents.

The great influx of German immigrants into New York City did not happen until the 1850s, there was a significant population during the 18th century. On August 22, 1941 a group of German Lutherans were organized by the Rev. F. W. Geissenhainer as the “German United Evangelical Lutheran Church of New York.” While the bulk of German immigrants settled on the East Side, in what would become known as Kleindeutcand, or Little Germany, this congregation established its church on the West Side, at the corner of 6th Avenue and 15th Street. Two churches were built and razed on this site. Under the leadership of German-born Rev. Leo Koenig the parish grew and prospered and he spearheaded a move north to the Chelsea neighborhood. In 1897, congregant Jacob Klingenstein purchased 3 old buildings on West 22nd Street for the new building site. The cornerstone was laid July 4, 1897. German-born architect, Francis A. Minuth designed the new church building. Minuth used Indiana limestone which gleamed like marble against the streetscape of brownstone rowhouses. Dedicated on February 13, 1898, the church, which could accommodate 650 to 750 worshipers, cost a total of $150,000 - leaving the treasury an endowment of $50,000 from the sale of the old location. With the dedication, the church changed its name to the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Paul in the city of New York. It was Gothic Revival with a visually-appealing symmetrical facade, its balance broken only by the divergent heights of the two steeples. The tallest measured 126 feet from the street. In 2005, the church began a five year, $1.6 million restoration and reconstruction of the structure. Included was steeple repair, structural steel work, and masonry restoration. At the same time, electrical, lighting, heating, and air-conditioning were all addressed. This impressive stone church stands as a living monument to an immigrant population that continues to thrive in its new home, despite hardships and obstacles the faced through two World Wars. #historicalchurches #nycchurches #viewsfromanyctaxi

Every Sunday is a family affair. The next generation receives the Word every Sunday in the CYM Youth Room -- which they are outgrowing already!

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Beautiful architecture in the Church of the Heavenly Rest... ⛪ ⛪️⛪️ #churchoftheheavenlyrest #NYCchurches 📷: @whalebeacher

Beautiful ceiling inside the entry way of Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan. Had I not just happened to look up.... I would have missed it. So glad I didn't!. Happy Sunday!!
#nycity #streetphotography #nyc #nikonphotography #vreecenc #unlimitednewyork #trinitychurch #wallstreet #lowermanhattan #sunday #sundays #sundayvibes #nycity #nycprimeshot #nycphotography #nycphotographer #nycchurch #nycchurches #bigapple #bigcity

"I was a fatherless child. I was broken inside. I had so much resentment within me toward my father, which eventually grew into anxiety, low self-esteem, and anger. On January 8, 2017, was the first time my daughter and I first came to CCF. The moment I walked in I immediately felt the love. It was as if the Lord Himself was waiting for me at the door. I said to myself this is where I belong.

A month later on February 6, I get a phone call from my father, that he is in the hospital with terminal lung cancer. All I could remember was that I was holding onto the floor crying and screaming calling out to the Lord, "Oh, Lord, I need You. Please give me the strength." That same night we rushed to the hospital to see him. It had been 5 years since I had seen my father. But the moment I saw him, my heart was filled with so much peace and joy. The best feeling was to see how happy and excited my daughter was in meeting her grandfather for the first time. I knew my dad's heart melted when she hugged and kissed him and said, "Hi, Grandpa. I love you." I saw my 8 year old self through her and remembered how excited I would get when I would see my dad come to visit me. I was so blessed to be able to spend his last few weeks with him, and to finally hear my dad say, "Forgive me for not being the father I was supposed to be. Forgive me for what I did not know.

On March 1, my dad passed away. Since that day, the Lord has not stopped showing me how much he loved me. Today I can say that I am no longer broken inside. I no longer have resentment. I am not a fatherless child, and I am free. #calvarny #FridayNightLIVE

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