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Hours slipped by rapidly here this afternoon, soaking in a glorious organ recital while capturing images of almost every side altar, in between Masses. #stpatrickscathedral #stpatrickscathedralnyc #nycchurches #manhattan #americancathedrals #beauty #ourladyofguadalupe

(swipe left) You're invited to join us as we celebrate 33 years of ministry! Our time of celebration will commence May 3rd through May 6th with nightly services. We look forward to having you worship with us during this great milestone in the history of our church!

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The Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary was established in 1853 to serve German Catholics in the Melrose neighborhood of the South Bronx. Plans were made in 1886 in Romanesque Revival style and built directly behind their original building. The original building, a two-story wooden building on the corner of 150th Street and Melrose Avenue, built in 1853. This is their complex built over the next two decades, a rectory, a school hall to accommodate 800 children, a convent adjoining the church occupied by the Sisters of Charity. Over the years, the demographics of the Melrose neighborhood changed. The Germans moved out and were replaced with Spanish speaking residents. Sadly, the tall steeple, an area landmark for over 100 years, was removed because of deterioration. Plans to replace it has never been planned. #bronx #melrose #nycchurches #viewsfromanyctaxi

The Church of St. Francis Xavier
16th St. & 6th Ave.
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The alter at Our Lady Of Good Counsel, New York New York

The Church of St. Barbara is a Roman Catholic parish church under the authority of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, located in northern Brooklyn, in the Bushwick-Ridgewood neighborhood. The parish was established as a national parish to serve the German Catholic community, which later became Italian then Hispanic by the 1960’s. The Church was built in 1910 to the designs of the architectural firm of Helme & Huberty. Looks like the Church is going through some renovation or clean-up now. #nycchurches #churches #romancatholic #romancatholicchurches #architecture #nycarchitecture #brooklyn #bushwick #viewsfromanyctaxi

You can't build a great building on a weak foundation; you must have a solid foundation if you are going to have a strong superstructure. -Gordon B. Hinckley ❤️💬 if you agree
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Trinity Church, NYC


St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery is located on East 10th Street, at the intersection of Stuyvesant Street and Second Avenue, in the East Village. The property has been the site of Christian worship for more than three and a half centuries; it is New York’s oldest site of continuous religious practice, and the church is the second-oldest in Manhattan. In 1651, Peter Stuyvesant, Director General of New Amsterdam, purchased land for a bowery or farm and by 1660 built a family chapel at this site. Stuyvesant died in 1672 and was interred in a vault under the chapel. Stuyvesant’s great-grandson, Petrus, sold the chapel property to the Episcopal Church for $1 in 1793, stipulating that a new chapel be built to serve Bowery Village, the community which had coalesced around the family chapel. In 1795 the cornerstone of St. Mark’s was laid, and the fieldstone Georgian style church, built by the architect and mason John McComb Jr., was completed in 1799. Alexander Hamilton did the legal work incorporating it as the first Episcopal parish independent of Trinity Church. In 1828, the church steeple was built in Greek Revival style. In 1836 the church was renovated, and the original square pillars being replaced with thinner ones in Egyptian Revival style. In addition the current cast - wrought iron fence was added. While the 19-Century saw St. Mark’s through numerous construction projects; Parish Hall, two-story fieldstone Sunday School, a rectory and outside the church, the cast-iron portico. The 20-century was marked by community service and cultural expansion. Today, the rectory houses the Neighborhood Preservation Center, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation and the Historic Districts Council. In 1978, a fire nearly destroyed St. Mark’s. Citizens to Save St. Mark’s raised funds, Preservation Youth Project undertook the reconstruction supervised by architect Harold Edelman and craftspeople provided by contractor I. Mass & Sons completed the restoration in 1986. The Landmark Fund developed from the Citizen’s to Save St. Mark’s and continues to preserve the church for future generations. #nycchurches #stmark’s #oldestchurches #viewsfromanyctaxi

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