Barbara Kasten created a “kinetic projection” for her 2015 show at the Institute of Contemporary Art at The University of Pennsylvania. Kasten: “’Axis’ is stripped down to the actual architecture, so it becomes a component interacting with the video. It’s not just a surface- it’s about the actual physicality and structure of vernacular architecture rather than the image of architecture, which I have worked with previously. Architecture really becomes part of the piece.”

'Paint & Jewelry 7', 2013, Collage, Paint, Pastel on Sewn Papers, 30 x 20", #AlanNeider #NYCArtGalleries
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Barbara Kasten: “It’s interesting that people look at the work, especially the ‘Architectural Sites,’ and think, ‘Oh, this is done with a computer,’ and it’s like, ‘Take a look at the date! See what you think about it now.’ That blows people’s minds, especially young people, because [they] grew up with digital. It’s nice for them to discover that it doesn’t have to be digital and it’s different, actually, if it’s not.”

Barbara Kasten: “Light is the essence of photography, but it is not what I am after. The important thing about light, to me, is not how it falls on an object, but how the shadow is created. I am photographing the shadow, and not the object that is creating the shadow. I am after another form- one that defines reality, but it is not reality. I am after a phenomenological encounter.”

Happy Bastille Day from Amsterdam Whitney Gallery's French Painters, LAURENCE LHER & AUDE DE VOC. ⠀

1st Image: AUDE DE VOC, "The Cocade,” Acrylic on Canvas, 39.5” x 39.5”⠀
2nd Image: LAURENCE LHER, "La Cerise Sur Gâteau," Acrylic on Canvas, 20” x 25.5”⠀

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Barabara Kasten: “Geometry is important to the way I create an image, but you’re right, it’s not just formal. It has more to do with interaction and the different aspects of three-dimensionality. I don’t think of geometry as flat, but as three-dimensional. That is what’s interesting to me about space. Even philosophers disagree on what it is: Is space an entity unto itself? An entity between one object and another? Some part of a conceptual fabric of ideas? I think it can be all of these.”

Barbara Kasten: “When I make a photograph, it’s not in the traditional style of using a camera to capture reality or to catch a fleeting moment of life. I use the camera to document a moment, but everything that it records is something that I’ve made with my hands.”

The Klismos Gallery @klismosgallery showing a contemporary Empire style sofa, two portraits from the school of John Singleton Copley RA, a 1837 Hudson River landscape by Henry Peters Gray and “Ducks” by JF Herring, Sr.
To contact the gallery for further enquiries and to see a more detailed view of these and all items @klismosgallery

Image courtesy of Collier Calandruccio at Klismos Gallery
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For this week’s #601artgramaday, we will be focusing on Barbara Kasten, whose work, “Construct NYC 18, 1984” is in our current exhibition, “YOU STAND ON THE GROUND FLOOR” curated by Harriet Salmon and Jesse Penridge. The gallery will be open this week Thursday-Sunday from 1-6 pm.

Jeff Wall’s photograph “A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai)” is constructed from parts of more than fifty images shot over a year, which were then scanned and digitally processed. Wall has said that he enjoys going to extraordinary lengths for his work. Wall: “The artistry of doing something is just fascinating. If you don’t like the artistry, why be an artist? It’s fun.”

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