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Satania Mc Dowell Kurumizawa

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia ke-72!

Veresa's new reff
☆Name:Veresa trixca
☆Age:15 y.o
☆Height:165 cm
☆Weight:50 kg
-Lemon tea
-Bluberry pie
-Collecting accessories
-Bossy people
-Bitter tea&food
-Her cousins
-Veresa have serious personality
-She doesn't really seems to smile at all
-She talks very little
-Spend her money on buying cute stuffs
-Keep all the problems by herself
-Do not want to interfere with other people's problems
-Can learn something in a short time
☆Backstory:another post~
#meiji_adm2ref #kyomillkoc_veresa #nyaanoc

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