That TURN UP tea THO! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

I have been on a path of health & healing for over a decade. Some of it I was ready for, some of it I was forced into - but all were incredibly valuable lessons. Here are a few things I know:
✔️healing is not linear (because we are humans, not robots). Give yourself a break and know it’s all heading in the right direction.
✔️there is not one “right” way, despite what everyone else tries to tell you. ✔️lifestyle & nutrition habits are deeply rooted into who we are - it can take time to evolve. Be patient. ✔️it’s not just about food. It’s an important piece to a larger puzzle.

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Make it happen! Focus on your goal and attack it like your life depends on it!! We are made to be more than capable of everything we set out to do! The tools are given to you! We all get the same 24 hours! What’re u gonna do with yours?? #FueledByHerbalife #NutritionIsKey #JoinMyTeam #NoExcuses #ResultDriven

Who says healthy comfort food doesn't exist?? Buffalo cauliflower "wings", gluten free onion rings, dairy free ranch dressing, & celery of course 🙌
Wanna learn some of the tricks & tips I use to stay consistent with my nutrition?? We have a new mindful eating program coming out in May🥑🍓 I will be hosting a group for anybody who wants to do it alongside me. No measuring, no counting calories, no macros. just learning to eat in a way that nourishes you and you don’t even have to workout to join. 🙀 This is for people who really struggle with nutrition and nothing has worked for them. Or, people like me who enjoy continuing their education to see what other types of lifestyles are out there. 💡🥗 This is a unique opportunity to go through a program with me from day one and if you’d like more information, drop a 🙋🏼‍♀️ below or a direct message me your email address. #progressnotperfection #eatclean #nutritioniskey #healthyrelationshipswithfood

Don't roll your eyes.... yes, I know this is another annoying food picture, but I like pretty things! Pretty things make me happy, and well, this was my lunch on the run, today. ~
Starkist jalapeño tuna pouch
gourmet tomatoes
mini cucumbers
dash of seasoned salt
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Fiddlehead ferns are in season!
These little guys are packed with vitamin C and vitamin A and have a surprising amount of protein. You're looking at about 130 grams of ferns which contains about 6 grams of protein and only 45 calories. Thats almost as much protein as a serving of peanut butter!
You can probably spot these guys growing wild on your next hike! I personally don't trust my identification skills enough to forage for them, but luckily wegmans also carries them this time of year.

🌿 D I N N E R 🌿

Et oui on reste Clean, c'est pas le moment de craquer !! 😀
Ce soir c'était une julienne de Légumes des @paysanbreton_officiel et un filet de Sabre Poivré et Citronné 🍋
On se régale, on déguste, on prend sur soi pendant que les autres se mangent des Nems et des Samoussa !! 😐 Je vous dis pas l'odeur que j avais dans le nez !! 🤨 LOL aucun Respect !! 😂🤣

Bon appétit et bonne Soirée à tous!! 😘 😘
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Day 16/21 ✔. After a long day at work it's great to hear my wife @tierrastecher say "your pants look too big". That is a great compliment and real confidence boost for all the hard work I have been doing these past 16 days. I still have a ways to go beyond the 21 days; as fitness is a journey not a destination. I will be continuing my work out regimen and joining another challenge group in May. It helps me stay accountable to workout everyday, drink nutrient rich shakes, and stay on a healthy eating plan. If you want to join in let me know because I realized my waist band should not equal my age.
#nutritioniskey you can't work off a bad diet

Postworkout snack! A little soyrizo, egg, a little potato. I love that my nutrition plan doesn’t deprive me, but equips me with all the essentials I need to eat healthy, get results, and still have a treat once in a while 😍#notjustshakes #ilovefood #nutritioniskey #herbalife

Been so busy haven't really had the chance to officially congratulate @pomade27 on his HUGE accomplishment!!! He started the 60 day challenge with me on 4/19 weighing at 324 lbs. He weighed in last week on 6/19 at a whopping 295 lbs!! #29Lbs !! Seriously couldn't be more proud of him!! Extremely late nights and very early mornings. Didn't matter. You made sure you got your workout in and MORE IMPORTANTLY you stuck to our meal plan ! Your commitment and dedication to reach your goals is off the charts 👐🏽And that's exactly why the rest of this journey will get easier. Trust. Been there and it just gets addicting after seeing the results you want 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Nutrition is key and Its one if the easiest things to manage! In with the good and out with the bad!
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Eat healthy, don’t use pills, move as much as you can, remember your genetics.
If every one in your family is apple shaped don’t be too hard on yourself.
You are perfectly fabulous the way you are.
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Who's excited for the SUMMER Farmers Markets to open?!? 😍🌽🍆🥒🙋🏼 We save SO much 💰 during the summer on our grocery bills just by going to the source of our foods! It's picked THAT morning and is so FRESH! I can get all of my family's veggies for about 1 1/2 weeks for $20! 😃👊🏻🎉 #farmersmarket #summerfoods #loveveggies #eatlikeyourlifedependsonit #nutritionmatters #nutritioniskey #makegoodchoices #healthylifestyle

Do you know about the 10:1 rule? To keep your nutrition in check and to get the required amount of fiber in your diet, simply eat 1g of fiber for every 10 grams of carbohydrates. You will reach 30g, no problem at all. Just make sure to get the majority of your fiber from greens.#carbohydrates#fiber#iifym#foodismedicine#foodisnottherapy😢#feedyourbodyright💚#nutritioniskey#foodisfuel#foodie#foodiegram

The 10 BEST Actionable Steps to AMAZING Healthy-Eating Success by Dr Greg Skelly- 10 Days of actionable steps! .
5- CHOOSE HEALTHY FOODS YOU LOVE. Healthy eating should be enjoyed, not endured. No grown adult should be forced to eat foods they hate. Instead, for every meal, choose a healthy protein, carb, and fat that you love. This is the very nature of a balanced diet: having a balance of the proteins, carbs, and fats you need for complete and total nourishment. In our free nutrition classes and/or our Step-One Nutrition Consultations, we help to guide you to identify the foods you most love that will also advance your goals. If you need the guidance and accountability, click over to CrossFitEdwardsville.com/membership and sign up for the Step-One Nutrition Consultation to hire a coach to guide you.
We provide a premium fitness & nutrition coaching experience for busy people with active lives. Our mission statement: improve EVERY area of your life, and give you the BEST hour of your day!
New to our gym, or to CrossFit? Visit our website (link in bio) and click on "Are You New" or "Get Started" to see Step One. #awardwinningbestgym #3yearsinarow #Nutrition #nutritionist #nutritionCoach #nutritional #nutritiontips #nutritionable #nutritionplan #nutritionalcleansing #nutritioniskey #nutritionfacts #nutritionmatters #nutritionschool #nutritionalyeast #nutritionaltherapy #NutritionZone #nutritioncoaching #nutritionstudent

Many people work it the other way around and wonder why it’s just not working 🤷🏾‍♀️🧐😫
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All i want is To Be Fit 🔥 Before Herbalife i used to workout the same way and never see results.. well now i am more consistent.. The fact is that You Can’t Out train a Bad Diet .. In Herbalife I learned everything i know about nutrition and workout tips im not perfect, im not a personal trainer but i know and i feel that i must be doing something right to have the results i have and help others have their results too 🤗🔥 #letsgetfittogether #fueledbythebest💚 #nutritioniskey #healthyissexy

They go together like eggs + bacon

Coffee + Keto KREME, the #BEST way to wake up!! Who doesn’t wants to start the day with a physical and mental BOOST?!?!

How do you start your day?

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Shout Out to @kelsey_burrell_ !
Couldn’t be more proud of this lady right here!! Mamma, wifey, holds down a job. But she had a goal, and was determined and she is crushing it!!
She kills her workouts but with my Nutrition guidance keeping her inline. In 8 weeks She dropped 2% body fat and lost 7”!!! So proud of her for sticking with it 🤗
Keep going! Your amazing !

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