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Day 11
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🌿BioMedicine - Thoroughly went over the steps of Glycolysis (the breaking down of glucose into pyruvate, which can ultimately be used to synthesize ATP). Highlighted the enzymes responsible as well as regulating factors for the irreversible steps of glycolysis. Then we went over the Gluconeogenesis pathway (essentially the reverse of Glycolysis) and learned the three bypass routes to convert pyruvate back into glucose (as well as other molecules that can be used to make glucose)
🍃Nutrition - Identified lipids and triglycerides. Differentiates between saturated fatty acids (no double bonds, saturated with hydrogen), monounsaturated fatty acids (one double bond, slight kink in chain) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (more than two double bonds, liquid at room temperature, prone to oxidation). Learned the nomenclature of fatty acids, as well as how to determine whether or not a fat is an Omega-3 or an Omega-6

Suffering from #anxiety #stress or #sleeplessnights? Magnesium plays over 300 enzymatic roles in the body including metabolising the food we eat, to helping with PMS symptoms can even help in the prevention of migraine headaches and relieving anxiety symptoms.

Good news! We can get magnesium from the foods we eat. Great sources include nuts and seeds, avos, and dark green vegetables.
If stress has you burning through your magnesium levels, then it’s time to focus on whole foods to help you get back to feeling 💯 again. And if you need help with this... Reach out!

The number 1 concern for every mother in this world is - Her child's diet !!
is she eating enough ? is she getting enough nutrition? what about her immune system ? how do I make it strong? Well, with 2 kids 9 and 3 respectively - I have the same worries.
I never force feed, they eat when they want to, what they want to, how much they want to.  BUT I do ensure that their food is natural, wholesome, packed with nutrition and is good on taste buds.
For on the go nutrition with busy school schedules, examinations, outdoor plays, growing age, constant sibling fighting - for the optimum fuel for my children's body - I use dry fruits powder from @hungrybumskolkata.
Benefits of Dry Fruit powder -
> High in calories and helps in healthy weight gain
> Improves immunity in children
> Excellent for brain development and good memory > Versatile - can be added to pancakes, idlis, dosas, paranthas, sabzi/curries, homemade sweets, kheer, milk or shakes.

Why Choose products from @hungrybumskolkata > 100% free from preservatives, salt & sugar.
> No colors or artificial flavors added.
> 100% Made of organic certified ingredients.
> Products are custom made as per the order in the home rather than in factories. > No plastic packing !! Packed in sealed in an airtight glass container - Keep using from the jar directly <3
> 100% Lactose-free - hence excellent for lactose intolerant kids.
> Travel-Friendly > Made with love by a mom just like you!
Get your jar at - Rs. 375/- for 300gms.
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Cleaner, smarter, stronger Rev3 Energy® Drink is a refreshing way to recharge your energy levels. It’s all the power of an energy drink—refined.

With an advanced formula developed by USANA’s nutrition experts, Rev3 offers two superior alternatives to crash-and-burn energy drinks.

Rev3 Energy Drink
Rev3 contains L-carnitine, an ingredient that has an important function in energy production. L-carnitine helps shuttle fatty acids (fats) into the mitochondria where they can be turned into energy.
Rev3 also contains coenzyme Q10, which is involved in the production of 95 percent of the energy required by the body.

A Revolution in Energy Drinks:

Rev3 is low glycemic and formulated to provide sustained energy. With a high glycemic load, typical energy drinks spike your blood sugar levels, giving you a quick feeling of energy but soon leading to a crash that leaves you feeling drained. Rev3 has a total glycemic load that is three to four times lower than traditional energy drinks. This means that Rev3 does not lead to a debilitating sugar crash but rather leaves you feeling a sustained level of energy throughout the day.

Proprietary Energy Complex:

Rev3 was developed with a complete and proprietary energy complex that includes L-carnitine, malic acid, citric acid, Korean ginseng, and rhodiola. These ingredients are broken down and eventually enter the Krebs cycle (citric acid cycle) and electron transport chain where they help refuel the body’s energy stores.
The USANA Difference
Rev3 has a crisp, all-natural taste. Rev3 is unique among most common energy drinks because it has no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, and no artificial colors. It contains naturally derived caffeine from a blend of teas for improved mental alertness and stamina. Rev3 also includes additional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support energy metabolism at the cellular level.

Click on the link in my bio for up to 20% discount @shirleywu_health

I've put on weight lately and now my favourite jeans are uncomfortably tight.
There are a few reasons for this:
1. My job is very sedentary. I'm either sitting at my desk, sitting in a car or sitting on a couch talking to patients. I'm much less physically active during the day, then I used to be.

2. I've started going to the gym and doing strength training (so its likely I've put on muscle as well as fat). 3. I've been under a lot of stress lately (increases in stress hormones, like cortisol, can lead to weight gain). My daughter got hit by a car 3 months ago and her recovery journey has been long and is ongoing. And then her bff passed away a few weeks ago. So it's really been a horrible time.
So what am I going to do about putting on weight and moving up a dress size?
Well, I will tell you what I'm NOT going to do about it!

I'm NOT going to worry about my weight. I know I'm healthy, my thyroid, liver function, kidney function, iron studies, cholesterol, blood pressure etc are all EXCELLENT. My GP has given me a clean bill of health. My weight gain has no reflection on my health status.

I'm NOT going to calorie restrict, diet, eliminate foods I enjoy, skip meals, water fast, juice fast, only drink detox tea, weigh myself, take appetite suppressants, join weight watchers or any of that stuff.
So what am I going to do?
Make sure my meals are fulfilling and I am well fed.
Continue to listen to my body. My body's appetite regulation system is far superior, in terms of knowing what my body needs, then any external rules I place on it. Plus it's totally normal for an adult body to fluctuate in weight. I trust that my body will keep my weight at a level that is good for me.
Keep exercising cos I love it and it makes me feel good.

Buy new jeans.

Pictured: Me in my favourite jeans (and Ash, Miss 11's kitten)

Here’s the Watch Me Eat to Live season so far guys. I’m just SLIGHTLY losin it over this lineup 😍 check out the Eat to Live Daily Facebook page for event details. For those who are new, this is our free interview series that takes place live on our ETLD page and will be broadcast in the following groups: ✔️Eat to Live Support Group ✔️ Plant Based Mom’s ✔️ Book Club for Plant Based Eaters ✔️ Plant Based Accountability Group
We’ll see you next TUESDAY at 11am PST WITH @therealchefaj
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Laughter through humor therapy is a great way for patients to cope with the stress of brain and its treatments.

Follow @GoMedii for more Health Tips . Read our interactive blog through the link in the bio. #GoMedii
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What's the best thing to snack on to keep those blood sugars stable? Any high-fiber carb paired with a protein! Fiber and protein slow digestion and can prevent spikes in blood sugars. So next time you reach for a carb, ask yourself if it's a high-fiber carb. What are your favorite carb + protein combos? 😋
If I have to choose, my usual go to is 🍎+🥜, but I adore 🍓 when in season paired with literally anything!

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Trying to take the guess work outta my diet, I started weighing out my meals and tracking everything on the MyFitnessPal app.
Today’s lineup.... just shy of my goal for the day right now. I’ll add a lil something to hit my mark.
Knowing that my diet is 80% of the equation towards reaching my fitness goals, this will allow me to see where I’m at daily, meal to meal.
This is a simple step to take to ensure you hit your goals. You can buy a scale to weigh out your food for $10-25 and the app is free unless you go for the premium option.
Another tip: protein is 4 calories per gram, carbs are 4 calories per gram, and fats are 9 calories per gram. You can track your diet without the app that way, but it is a lot easier.
The point here is this, if you want to make it somewhere you have to know where your at. This is true in life in general, and your health is no different. Nutrition is key to being healthy, physical activity is a small but necessary part of the puzzle.
Get out there and do what ya gotta do, do what works for you!
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Folate and other B Vitamins make Vitamin B12 more bioavailable. Alcohol, smoking and lack of stomach acid (try drinking celery juice) can hinder it's absorption.
**If you are a Pescatarian Oysters, Sardines, Tuna and Prawns are great sources of B12.
Why do we need it? Essential for energy (helps the blood carry oxygen). Needed for synthesis of DNA. We need it to make use of protein as well as for our nerves and brain.

Day 19 (09/22/18) - Half-marathon (21Km @ 2:47:14)

Day 20 - Rest

Day 21/90: - Glute Ham Developer Situps 3 x 15
- Bench press 225lbs 3 x 7
- Glute Ham Hip Extensions 3 x 15
- Pullups 3 x 7
- Back squats 225lbs 3 x 7
- Front squats 195lbs 3 x 7
- 5 x 400m runs (rest 30 sec)
- Pushups 100
- Pullups 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

PS: "What's your diet like?" The #1 question on fat-loss that I get asked.
So now I just wear a T-shirt that lists 87% of my nutritional intake. .
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Lunch today was delicious! Bbq and salad leftovers from the weekend - marinated tempeh, capsicum, red onion and mushroom skewers with mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion and alfalfa sprouts with a turmeric and hemp seed dressing ❤️🌱👌🏻

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#LiteStyleEDU : 如果你決定10年內每天都想要吃代餐減卡,而不是改善整體的飲食習慣,即管去試試這個方法是不是真的有用😂

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