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Forest’s reflection on the lake which nurtures it, the green of the trees and the blue of the water are blending, showing a mixture of water and life.

When there's a downpour, my ground floor neighbours put out buckets like these to collect (free!) rainwater, to water their plants on dry days. We can all get creative in saving water and bringing more life and beauty to our world. Small efforts of water conservation like these goes a long way in reducing our wastage of water! .
#nussaveourwater #waterislife

Water is a necessity. It is the majority substance of our bodies. In order for our synapses to fire, our muscles to contract, our blood to flow we need water. It is the medium in which our biological system operates. It is the carrier or our hormones, the solute of our enzymes. It is our lifeblood. But beyond the confines of our body, it was water that brought boats across the oceans. It is water that enables the trade industry to function. We often take it for granted, we open our taps and we instantly have access to clean fresh water. We take this privilege for granted, and yet many around the world still lack access to clean water. But I challenge you to think even bigger, that as you look at this image you will understand its importance. Water, on top of making our body click and function, has been the foundation of civilisations. Water ought to be cherished, not a drop should be wasted. #nussaveourwater

Never neglect those who can't take charge of themselves

In a distorted reality, what if we are left with the last wilting flower on Planet Earth? 🥀
Water is life, save our water, save our lives.

#nussaveourwater #nikonsg #Nikon

Snapshot of a dampwood termite quenching its thirst. Known as a ‘silent destroyer’, it is feared for its ability to consume wood structures. However fearsome, even the toughest of species are susceptible to the lack of water. Savour every drop 💧
#nussaveourwater #waterislife #nus #macrophotography

Is water from a manual pump in Cambodia safe for consumption? No, they are groundwater not suitable for drinking! Not everyone has the privilege access to potable water that is vital to life, the true price of water is priceless. 💧 #NUSSaveOurWater #NUSLoveExportVIII #MakeEveryDropCountSG

Water is life - let's learn to save it 👍🏻 #nussaveourwater


It's #WorldWaterDay2017! 💧 Come find out how 🦁 NUS optimises use of water on campus at a carnival in UTown, happening now till Friday! 🎉 #NUSCares
In the photo carousel; Staff from the Office of Environmental Sustainability seek to encourage #savingwater, WateROAM founder & NUS alumnus Chong Tee with their novel filtration system, robotic swans to monitor water quality, top picks from the ‘Water is Life' photography competition, and the NUS Water Management Task Force consisting of NUS staff!
#Singapore #NationalUniversityOfSingapore #NUSSaveOurWater

Made it to shortlist and page 27 of #nussaveourwater campaign. And that too on an old photo from a HTC phone camera.
So, gear doesn't matter upto a certain extent. Keep clicking people :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#jaysphotography #singapore #mobilephotography

'City in a garden' working towards becoming self sufficient in terms of water.
Singapore depends on Malaysia for most of its water and the water treaty is to expire in 2061. The country plans to become self sufficient by then, so they have started conservation efforts and recycling of water. One such drive is going on in NUS. #nussaveourwater ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#jaysphotography #singapore #mobilephotography #oneplus3 #nus #newater

About to meet or destroy each other! :( #love #twins #destiny #nussaveourwater

Water is Life. Save our water. Save us.
#nussaveourwater #worldwaterday #waterislife

In a distorted reality, what if we are left with the last wilting flower on Planet Earth? 🥀
Water is life, save our water, save our lives.

#nussaveourwater #nikonsg #Nikon

"No water, no life. No blue, no green." Water, the very essence of life 🌱 #nussaveourwater #krka #croatia

#nussaveourwater Sunrise on the lake marks the birth of a glorious winter day - where the sky, the snow-capped mountains, the forests all come into life - where me and my true love will surely meet again - on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond!

What is water still a scarcity ? Is there hope for my future ?

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