Today = Ribena, Cheds and sewing binding on to Bronte's quilt! The race is on as her parents come back tomorrow! I made this for Bronte from things in my craft stash - to keep it thrifty and avoid leaving house. Instead of quilt batting I used a doubled up op shop sheet and I made the binding strips from some Spotlight fabric I had in the cupboard and the patchwork is bits of Liberty (and other) fabric left over from my book Craft For The Soul! ⚡⚡#BrontesConvalescentHome #SewIngBeatsSpewing #nursebrontingale #CatCraftClub

Bronte's been playing nursemaid to Ari and I after several peaky days. She confirmed that my post-tummy-bug diet of 1 million eps of Million Dollar Listing New York, 3 Cheds and a glass of green cordial was acceptable under the circumstances. Here she is helping me to get back on my feet and get to work on her scrappy-cat-quilt. #pipscathotel #onwardandupward #thecovfefevirus #nursebrontingale #shesnotascrappycat

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