We have a special night planned! This session will be about planting seeds of intention. We'll take a few minutes at the beginning of class to think about a healthy shift we'd like to make over this spring and summer. It can be simple, geared toward inner work, or a life changing leap! Each person will receive a carnelian stone to rest near their mat. This stone emits the vibration of endurance, motivation, and can help us increase our personal creative power.
We will dedicate our yoga practice and reiki healing to charging our intentions. It feels so good to take time to reflect, flow, and focus on our own healing, so we hope you will join us! Sign up with @numvmntny

This month’s class @numvmntny is going to shift your energy & empower you! We’re even including some crystal work! 💎✨ We love coming together with you in this space 💜

I can't wait to hold space for you to explore acceptance within your experience moving through yoga shapes💗 @numvmntny #numvmntny #experience #behere #selfacceptance #selfcarefirst #selfcareSunday #mbodiedyoga

I got this sign maybe 2 years ago, to consider this perspective regarding the many challenges in my life then. 2 years of this sign in my face daily. 2 years of gradual transformation from stuck in slogging through life, fighting through situations and circumstances to get my needs met - to choosing to meet my needs first, through inner guidance and exploring situations and circumstances that best support what's best for me each moment. #selfcaresunday #mindfulness #numvmntny

Resistance to getting out of bed is what I experience a lot. I'm a rebel.. my first side brain rationalizes the choice to stay in bed, doing what I want. Distinguishing needs from wants. I go deeper, to my body inquiring..how do I feel right now? Not sick ✔ . I've made commitments to others I love. I need to show up strong, especially when it's hard for me, when I am resistant. This is my self care this morning, hauling my rebellious ass out of bed.
"I am on my side"

Self- care for me doesn't "look" like luxurious basking and yet- it often FEELS like that during and after- experiences shaped in empowerment.
Today, I practice checking in with my inner experience as I move through making choices in creating moments.

Twisting wrings out the b.s.in me. It gets me narrowing moments down to my breath...being ..breathing...awareness
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Experience #selfcaresunday in All areas in real life this Sunday 12:30 - 1:30 #numvmntny

Join me Sunday’s after my yoga class for some mindful meditation 🧘‍♀️ #numvmnt #numvmntny #nota #yogawithlinda #mindful #meditate #donthatemeditate

Yoga with Linda 9:00-10:00
Meditation 10:00-10:30
At NuMovement #numvmntny #namaste #numvmt #grounded #smile

"Embody your fire, ever mindful of discovering that which fuels meaning and purpose toward truth in creation."
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It isn't easy; there are times of doubt, fear and discouragement. I acknowledge these times and allow whatever I'm experiencing to just be. I slow down, simplify and only do what's necessary right now.
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I spent much of my life limitting my availability to experiencing it. I learned early that others approval of me felt safer than their disapproval. I thought certain events of my life were so painful and shameful that I should never allow them voice or presence. They began to haunt me, these unacceptable truths, through patterns of my choice and suppression. My life was not really my own at all. I lived to please everyone, losing more of myself in disconnection. In my mind, life was external and the way to stay safe and find happy I must control everything happening by doing myself perfectly. There was no internal life that didn't touch on pain that must be suppressed to play happy. My mind knew nothing, other than protecting and reinforcing my thoughts.
My mind has very limited ability to experience what is actually true. It is only through bringing compassionate awareness to myself and accepting all that is true for me can I directly experience right now and make choices in discerning within moment to moment experience, to create with all I am and am not.
I have found healing is always available. My work is my gift. I hold space for myself and others, in the process of experiencing ourselves with compassionate awareness to whatever is happening. #mbodiedyoga #rochesterny #numvmntny #compassionateliving #beherenow

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