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For your next dinner party, may I suggest these succulent lamb meatballs, braised and smushed in its own aromatic and sticky braising juice, then stuffed in between what I would call Ch-English muffins and mayo-lubricated fresh mints and cilantros, with sesame and peanut butter sauce. And after you make them, can you lovingly wrap one and send it over this way. I sorely miss it. The recipe is in the archive, link in profile. .
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Corey eating.... -
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Bazı şeyler hiç değişmiyor 😌 #numnumnum #🍜

Good morning 😋😋😋 #numnumnum

L❤️VE our last minute trip the the Fish Market! #sundayz #ahipoke #oystershooters #redondobeachfishmarket #numnumnum

Waiting all summer for this and it delivered. #CSA #peaches #rosemary @francesmckittrick making dessert with you is the sweetest @sarahmcnwilliams thank you for the @ottolenghi tips- rosemary peach Galette #numnumnum


This picture is pretty embarrassing for me. I never take my shirt off. But here goes.

So for the last 20 days I've given my very best to say no to my family and friends when it comes to food that doesn't align with my 30 day raw goals. Some were mad because I wouldn't eat their cooking and most were scratching their heads and asking why would I ever put myself through 30 days of torture?

I'll be honest with you guys, but my gout, IBS, and the lump I I have in my head has me stressed out for some time now. Working out hurts. Heavy lifting hurts. Eating "my normal" food is a pain in my gut. There are days I can't even see straight. So I've been on the down side for a few years now, kind of stuck in my own little bubble. I really wanted out. I just didn't know how. I saw Michael 🙏🙏🙏 started talking crazy 😜 about his RAWvolution and thought I'd jump on board too. When I saw him in person I was amazed by how much he changed. Then he introduced me to some other people who had some great results too. At this point I was already sold.

At the beginning of this program, I did struggle a lot because I was honestly lost in the market place. I didn't know what to buy for food prep. I didn't know how to check quality and freshness of foods (hint: make video). I didn't know what was priced well or over priced. My wife did most of the grocery shopping so I never made any decision on what to eat. Then I started my first raw week, the gas 🕺💨, the bloating and the grogginess 😩 that came with detoxing was killer. This lasted for about 7 days solid before any signs of relief. I literally wanted to give up at this time but I had already started and decided to finish out 30 days. So I didn't give up. I kept telling myself beachbody next summer 😵 but what really kept me going was that in the mist of the last 20 days I had a gout attack and it wasn't bad at all. It didn't last long. Yes I was limping but limping was much better than crawling around the house.

So far so good...down solid 14lbs. If I weigh myself in the morning though it'll be 17lbs😝. My gut is much much more at ease. Right now I just want to see how far I can go beyond the 30 days.

To be continued...🐟🐟🐟

My beautiful 15yr old son made this awesome organic white macaroni and cheese with jalapenos and chicken sausage @machomun #hegetitfromhismomma #mysoncookbetterthanmostofuhoes #achefisborn #numnumnum #theflavorsaidpow #mommasaidknockyouout

Craziest week in a long time finaaaally behind me + a busy weekend ahead + pure laziness :
Cereal for dinner tonight (on my 2nd bowl currently...) 🙊🙊
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