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All I want for him is to be happy, healthy and safe. I love him so much. I hope I will soon be able to provide him the life he deserves and wants for me. #numberoneman #dad #love #family #likefatherlikedaughter

To the most silly, hard working, supportive and lovable man in my life. ❤️

Dear Daddy, no matter where I go in life, who I get married to, how much time I spend with guys, how much I love my boyfriend, You'll always be my #NumberOneMan 🥇 cindy ❤️ daddy

Behind Every Great Daughter is a Truly Amazing Dad ❤️
#numberoneman #amazingDad #king #superhero

Dad comes home with an early bday present ❤️ a big ass bottle of beer lol, love him to death!

Can't wait to be with my little man again 💕🐶🐶 #cocoa #numberoneman

If I'm gone too long he runs up to me and insists on being held 💞🍼#numberoneman #restingbitchface #momlife


Congratulations Raleigh and Tommy! It was a beautiful wedding. 💍💕@raleigh_rn #callusthecochrans #dad #numberoneman #lovehim #mountpalomarwinery #winecountry

Happy 8th Birthday to this kid! Always by my side when when he is looking the other way, "saying what are/were you thinkin' lady". Love ya bud! #hazzard #boxersofinstagram #boxerlove #boxerpuppy #boxerrescue #boxerdogsrule #boxerdog #numberoneman

Dear Daddy, no matter where I go in life, who I get married to, how much time I spend with guys, how much I love my boyfriend, You'll always be my #NumberOneMan 🥇 cindy ❤️ daddy

Dear dad, Before I go to sleep I’d like to thank you for 1) lending the helping hand on creating my life 👍🏽 & for keeping me alive for all this time! 2) Id like to thank you for the time ⏳ you take even when you’re busy to remind me to breathe, to wipe away my tears 😞, to make me coffee ☕️, to apologise for stressing me out & making me angry & for teaching me how to ride a bike & drive a car & cook French toast 🖤 3) Id like to thank you making me laugh 😂 for never failing to give me stomach cramps, for knowing exactly what to say to make me smile 😊 when you piss me off 😓 4) Id like to thank you for providing the roof over my head, the food in my fat stomach 😂 & the clothes on my back not to mention the countless other bullshit you buy for me. 5) I’d like to thank you for being the no.1 man in my life for being the shield when bullets are shot ❤️ for forever shining light on the big dark world 😊 for the forehead kisses and the late night ice cream 😋 6) id like to thank you for reminding me every year on my birthday 🙂 that I am your little girl no matter how old I get. 7) Id like to thank you for the life lessons you continue to bestow in me 😌 each and every day ❤️ that I will keep with me for the rest of my life 8) id like to thank you for the secrets 😗 & the special moments that you & I share that I will cherish until my dying days 🖤 9) Id like to thank you for teaching me how to be an open minded, accepting, strong & loving person ❤️ & for reminding me to love, laugh & live my life to the fullest extent 😌 & number 10 id like to thank you for slowing down time almost to a halt ⏳ and placing your hand on my heart 🖤 & reminding me that I am Kind, that I am strong, that I am loving, that I am caring, that I am enough, that I am worthy of happiness 😊, that I am beautiful on the inside and out, that I am this that and so much more 😌 that I am Abby ❤️. I can’t thank you enough for EVERYTHING you’ve done 😗 for everything you do and for everything you will do for me 🖤 I love you Pāpa 😗🤞🏽 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😗❤️ #happybirthdaydad #unconditionallove #numberoneman #notallheroeswearcapes #king #daddydaughterthing #wanderlust

One of the hardest things we go through as a long distance family is not being physically present for birthdays. It was our dad's birthday last weekend and it always breaks our hearts every year that we can't celebrate it with him. So as a special gift, we decided to vlog a day in our lives in which we showed how we celebrated his special day.
Daddy, Happiest 61st Birthday 💕 You are the best dad in the whole entire world (yes Ive said this a million times but it will never lose its meaning). You have raised mbak @reettapranari and I to become the independent strong ambitious women that we are. You have always been our shelter, our rock, our strength in this crazy world. Your love and support has kept us going every time we fall and continue to restore hope and faith for the future. Words will never begin to describe how truly blessed we are to be your daughters. You are and will always be our number one man. We love you so much daddy!!! 🙃😘
The Supratikto Sistewss .
#happybirthday #daddy #numberoneman #61yearsyoung #truelove #family

You will ALWAYS be the #numberoneman in my life!!! You #made me. You #love me. You #accept me. You've laid the foundation of a #hardworking #strongwilled #supportive #father and I can never #love you enough. You mean the #world to me. #iwasbornadaddysgirl I may be 30, but I'ma always need my #dad. #italian #unbreakablebond #mykindaguy

Nothing better than spending a night in with my number one man 💙 #auntieandnephew #family #numberoneman

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