Just waiting for this custom Ursula adult dummy to dry before I ship it out to its new owner. What do you think of it? Should I make any more villains ones?

Happy Tuesday! I have 2 of these super sparkly bow adult pacifiers available now in my shop if you missed out the first time! £19.99 + p&p and I do offer worldwide postage and do discounts on postage when purchasing multiple items. Link in bio!

These sparkly heart adult pacifiers are now up for sale in my eBay shop. Also available with a star on! Only £10.99 and worldwide postage also available. Link in bio!

I love this so much as I’m partial to a bit of blue! This is now up for sale in my eBay shop. Postage worldwide.

I’ve just listed 5 new types of adult dummies in my eBay shop including Squirt and Eeyore from the video. Link in bio!

A custom paci I made for @sweet.daddys.rose Love how it turned out!

I love these little ponies! These are now available in my eBay shop- link in bio. I have made a couple of new gem mixes but not had time to take photos yet.

This brand new Pinkie Pie my little pony adult pacifier is now up for sale in my eBay shop. Link to shop in bio. 💕

Apart from the blue one with the heart all of these are now up for sale in my eBay shop. Only £10.99 each and I ship worldwide. Link in bio! 🌈

Chip adult pacifiers now back in stock! 2 available!

I’ve just recently added these cute little butterfly adult pacifiers to my eBay store. Only £9.99 + p&p and I now ship worldwide. Please contact me for a postage quote if your location isn’t listed. 🦋

Small plate Stitch adult dummies are now back in stock! Available in pink or blue and will ship worldwide! Please contact me for a price if your country isn’t listed. These cuties are only £9.99 each. Link in bio!

Here’s a close up of another Stitch adult pack that I made the other day. Haven’t had time to list these yet- I’m hoping tonight is the night! This one comes in 3 different colours. 🌈

This beautiful unicorn adult dummy will be up for sale on eBay tonight.

Had a very busy night last night making more dummies! I love the pastel unicorn one the best :) 🦄 These will be up on eBay in the next few days. Please let me know in the comments if you want one and I’ll send you the listing id.

Having some issues with eBay at the moment and can’t list any new items as it’s not working right. Fingers crossed I should have this one up for sale tomorrow as long as all the problems are fixed. This is a Hello Kitty adult dummy for any baby kittens out there!

I’ve just added this little blue giraffe adult pacifier to my shop. Based on a custom design for one of my favourite customers 😊

This little baby elephant will be up for sale tomorrow hopefully! Just still waiting on more packaging materials! I love Dumbo 🐘

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