" kalau takut dilambung ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai " - Kurrawa Beach, Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Ignore the typo, you get the idea.
BTW, I'm a Leo.
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How do you usually want these beauties?

Harleys and Subies 🤘🏾#mostwanted #nuffsaid #bikenight

Friday nights with @missdianale ❤️😍😋 🍹🍣 #nuffsaid #sydney #australia #aussielife

Of course I miss your physical presence but I’ve grown to understand fate, that universal principle that shows up at the wrong time even though we expect it to come. I’m still pissed but not bitter because your spirit is alive which allows me to see you everyday in the faces of our dynamic children. Chloe has your style, Gabriel, your compassion and Sophia has your fire and if you were to morph their faces together a portrait of you would appear. They all have moments that stop me in my tracks because they do something only you would and I take that moment to share a memory with them; sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry but all the while grateful.
Thanks for always being present.
Happy birthday.

Why call Uber Eats when you can call me. #NuffSaid

REST.IN.POWER. @prince. 2 years have past & lots of reflection. He was a mentor to myself & many. Prince always wanted the best for us. In hindsight, I now see how special that is to know that someone truly roots 4 u & wants the best 4 u. He had nothing but love & was/is a true cheerleader to all that crossed his path. The last words he posted were :“Just when u thought u were safe...”. These 7 words since removed; however I finally get it now. We have to continue doing the work & not get snagged by negativity, or our life “ story “ or whatever may be. Whatever u think IS true & words ARE things. No one is safe from many worldly things so proceed with love in one’s heart and surround yourself with loving people. May we all live 2 c the dawn. #prince #mentor #thanku #nuffsaid


Happy 420 Amsterdam!

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