Each one of us has beautiful features, everyone is unique. I no longer think that there is imperfection. What is it? Who says so? Life is too short to worry about suchs things as imperfection. Either everything in this world is imperfect or then it's all perfect. I choose the positivity of the latter mindset. We are whole, not a single body part or feature. And yes, there are and will always be artificially created beauty ideals, customized for time and place. There are no absolute truths about what is beautiful and what is not, so we can modify the truth and decide not to agree to unrealistic ideals. ❤
Love, don't punish. Be kind and gentle to yourself. You are beautiful.

Mykonos was such a beautiful place to photograph. @villadaloli / @iwishmykonos

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Every body is beautiful, just like every flower is beautiful. The shape, size or colour do not matter, that beauty is innate and when we embrace it, it shines from the inside out 🌻

Have you felt free? 🦋 Você já se sentiu livre?
A liberdade é a coisa mais linda que existe. Liberdade de se descobrir, de se amar, de aceitar, de deixar fluir tudo que tem dentro e fora também.
Quando a gente se sente livre, a gente ama não só a nossa liberdade, mas a das pessoas ao nosso redor e principalmente a do nosso companheiro, já que o que mais une é a vontade de ser você mesmo, mas junto do outro.
Se você não se sente livre, tudo bem, ainda dá tempo de se encontrar e ser o que quiser.
Nesse momento, obrigada meu amor pela foto, por me ajudar a ser cada dia mais livre, por me ajudar e incentivar o meu processo de autoconhecimento, e por me fazer sentir infinita. 🐦
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This body is a part of who I am.
My faults are a part of who I am.
My strengths are a part of who I am.
My destructive thoughts are a part of who I am.
My happy thoughts are a part of who I am.
My yoga practice is a part of who I am.
My family is a part of who I am.
My friends are a part of who I am.
My enemies are a part of who I am.
My cats are a part of who I am.
What I eat is a part of who I am.
My job is a part of who I am.
My instagram account is a part of who I am. .

All these things define a little of who I am. But none of them ARE me. I cannot ignore their presence in my life. But I can choose how I respond to any of them. Given enough practise... .

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"Between two worlds life hovers like a star;
The outward rhyme close yet so far,
And let the inward cord by melody;
I twist right or wrong... Fools are my theme upon the headlines of song.

Upon this world a bundle of tears;
I only know we love in vain through years,
I let to vow grounded my head;
Our rhyming love live forever...
By romance of melody ended.
Have a great hour reading my beautiful soul😘💕.
With my rhyme of energy..

Which one of these photos do you like the most? 😊(1-top left and 9-bottom right)

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Happy about my new nose happy about my new lips not too happy about the last pose not knowing my x boyfriend secretly taking pictures 🙈😼😼 damn social media. I’m dreaming about a world without social media .
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Honor and appreciate your shadow side and everything that comes along with it to learn how to shine your brightest light🌞🌗🌚 ...
📸 @briandanielbaker_sawh

A new project is born. Thank you for letting me paint your beautiful body, @sarahhockla. Who’s next and what color should I use? 🧘🏼‍♀️🎨
🎶 ‘2’ @hermusicofficial

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I think that visiting the place you grew up and called home for so long is always such a complex and bittersweet experience.
On one hand, I miss my friends and family, the familiar shops and restaurants, and all the memories that traveling down each and every road bring. But on the other hand, I feel changed and different...like a visitor, a stranger, or someone who doesn't quite fit. And I miss my life in New Orleans almost immediately even though I'm only gone a short while. And perhaps that is how you know where you really fit. When the old seems new and strange...and the new feels like home.

Heute hab ich frei und werde einen feinen Entspannungstag einlegen 💆🏼‍♀️ da dürfen Coffee, inspirierende Bilder, Yoga, frische Blumen und eine Kerze natürlich nicht fehlen 💕 derzeit brennt bei mir die Eucalyptus Mint von @kringlecandle_eu {selbstgekauft} und ich sage nur 🤩. Thank you @nude_yogagirl for this amazing print {gewonnen} 🖼 🧘‍♀️ #yoga #nudeyogagirl #flowers #kringlecandle #americanheritage #illy #candle #candlelover #youarebeutifuljustthewayyouare #nelke #flowers #billa #art #motivation #inspire #europark

•W o m b - M a n•
Having a womb is one of the fundamental things that makes us a woman or "womb-man"
Of course we know that the womb is a hugely powerful place within us, where new life is conceived, grown and birthed. However the womb is far more than just a baby-growing space🤰
In ancient times when womens spiritual practices where widely permitted the womb was also a sacred spiritual centre a source of intuition, emotional wellbeing and physical vitality.✨
In spiritual circles we often talk about connecting with and living from the heart and indeed it's great progress if you can surrender your mind and follow the heart over our head, as our heart is the centre of immense love, peace and wisdom. We all need to grow this connection with our heart in order to heal our relationships and discover our true purpose. It is this sacred heart that represents unconditional love and compassion. However there is an even deeper place of connection for us to consider.
Yes....the womb! I'm not just speaking of the physical organ, I am speaking of the womb as spiritual and energetic centre that exists whether you have a womb or not whether you are fertile or not.
Our womb is perhaps our deepest spiritual centre that many have not yet consciously connected with and of ten a deeply wounded or fortotten place that we dont habitually connect with.
Yet it is the place where we harbour our creative power, birth ideas, and breath life into unmanifested seeds of possibility.
So how do we connect with our womb?
One way is through the breath. Placing the hands across the frontal part of the lower abdomin and imagine the breath as a liquid light, that with each inhalation you're womb receives this breath filling it up like a tea cup. As it fills you will feel grounded and it may eventually over flow flooding your entire pelvic bowl with luminous light. and eventually moving beyond your luminous womb and all the way through you.🙏❤
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When your ocean view balcony is so private you can practice nude yoga. 🍑🌴💛 Having the most romantic time at @hiltonnortholme! Thank you for the honeymoon upgrade, we LOVE our amazing room!! And thank you @nude_yogagirl for the pose inspiration, always wanted to try one of your beautiful shots! 🙏🏻💕

"You let me form by a divine shape of ugly;
By that shape I'm learning to contrast the path into beauty,
I form by language through in every object of what it may...
And you keeping me by a box of light and dark;
Then I glow..
To remind you,
That there's one shade could always contrast in life.

That can unlock mysteries
Can reveal darkness
I'm awaken you by your weaknesses....
I'm glowing by LOVE.
Enjoy reading my poem YOGIS💞😘.

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